How far to take sathar bioforms with plants?

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June 6, 2015 - 9:49am
How far would you go with sathar bioengineering of plant form?Cannon sources gives us the slithered which IIRC is part plant and the ivy bio from from the Sundown module which just gives off a gas and is more of a nuisance as I remember it. Would you go in for a garden of evil animated topiary or more of the ivy kind?
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June 7, 2015 - 2:24pm
You could take a gander at plant mutants and mutations in Gamma World and base a few off some of the not too extreme or silly examples.
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June 15, 2015 - 6:26pm
Barsoom: it seems to me there was a talking face/flower plant thing, the cyclops giant plant men who eat and hunt animals/people and where sacred to some cultures. Japanese Ultra Man had, a walking blood sucking plant man species that wanted to turn humanity into cattle. There is a movie from Japan Attack of the Mushroom Men (I have not found a copy yet to watch, but based on the picture I found walking homicidal Fungus). Lets see Little Shop of Horrors... carnivorous plant, that is intelligent(psionic) that flowers it's victims faces. Stargate the human/fungus people, not violent in the show. Star Trek had that happy plant that made everyone into happy hippy types but also immune to a certain radiation... but no drive to do, all the livestock being dead was never adequately explained. Though we think of Sathar plants as being weapons, not all their bio-forms need be that.  They probably have plant life they find valuable for other reasons... 
I have an idea of stinky giant carnivorous plants Satharoids use to break down meats into a putrid smelling muck that they love to yum up, yes big nasty fields of plants smelling of decaying flesh! Gourmet Foods Sathar style. These domestic plants must be tended & fed, but a smaller wild version might have tentacles and be maintained for lab use, pets and Sathar gardening enthusiasts. Maybe they have some highly psychedelic inducing plants too? If Sathar see heat or in different light wave ranges they might have plants that generate heat or light in patterns... it all not be deadly.

Barrier Peaks had plant pygmies and that rabbit decoy carnivourous plant that hunted predators it's self. (I need to work on some more conversions from that module).
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