Hull size, hull points, and internal space

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November 4, 2014 - 1:11pm
First question: when designing a civilian ship, how do you determine its hull points?

Second question: when adding weapons or defenses to a civilian ship, you do a calculation (Limits, Knight Hawks Campaign Book, p. 19) to determine the effective internal hull size of the ship not taken up by the weapons or defenses. For instance, if you put a laser battery and a reflective hull on a hull size 3 ship, it is internally equal to a hull size 1 ship. So does that mean that you should look at the Hull Specification Chart (p. 11) to see how much internal space you build your deck plans on? That hull size 3 ship would have only 10m × 2m (diam.) of living space, not counting miscellaneous equipment?

Bonus Question: when designing a civilian ship, how do you determine its damage control rating?

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November 4, 2014 - 4:55pm
For the HP and DCR of civilian ships it's right there in the rule book on page 8 (original KH Campaign book).  HP = HSx5 and DCR = (HSx3) + 20.

As to the internal space, I always have treated that as a reduction to the cargo capacity.  i.e. it could only have 1 cargo unit of space instead of 3.  I've never really thought about it for passenger liners but I'd do something similar.

The truth is that the KH volume/HS relations don't make sense based with some of the rules.  A HS 3 ship is 80 times larger than a HS 1 ship or 2513 cubic meters compared to 31 cubic meters.  Adding in a 25 cubic meter laser battery is not really going to make any difference.  It's just a way they used the rules to limit the weapons.
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