Regional Stability

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October 28, 2014 - 4:02pm
When the core four meet each other, there are initially no wars.  Despite the relatively aggressive cultures of humanity and the Yazirians, somehow everyone manages to get along (for the most part).

Over the course of the timeline, many other aliens are introduced.  I was wondering if anyone had caused the introduction of new species to upset the balance of power in the region. 

This does not necessarily mean war.  It could mean just enough to make things interesting.

Likely candidates:  Humma, S'sessu


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October 28, 2014 - 5:52pm
The sathar invasion helped to bring them together.  I'm sure the fact the human's surprized the other three with the fact they just happen to have a fleet of war ships made them happy and suspricious.

I bet if it were not for the Sather attack evenetually the humans true nature would have caused them to attack something and start a war between the three other races.

So... thank the worms for the unity of the frontier.

In my fledgling game I have the core four get along together and on bigger planets are mostly peaceful, but there are still pockets of racial tension.

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October 29, 2014 - 12:01am
In my campaign it changed a lot! 

Mainly, Ifshnit, S'Sessu and Bokar have made the Corporations fearful as most of these newcomers have no morals. This has jeopardized their trade and the lifelyhood. 

1) Humans and Yazirians formed a large part of Landfleet. Now more and more Humma are enlisting.
2) Many Ifshnit are plying the spacelanes as merchants. This has increase the number of starships and put more strain on the SCCs for overhauls. Th Capellan Merchants have also pushed the Corps back a step.
*Osakar fit in nicely (movies, music and translators). 
*Boon'Sheh, Gorlian, Jakar, Nagana, Tyleri and Yinni are minor, background races. No major disruption.
*Vimh, they spread like wildfire and will eventually be on almost every planet. Nuisance.
*Vulturnous races stick to their own system - except Mechanon! They harass people with terorist attacks (the lifeform haters) or stay quietly on their own world (those wishing to join the UPF).
*Saurian - spread to Theseus, Timeon and now White Light Much prejudice as they seek for a new planet to settle on and receive a lot of "Not in my backyard!!!"
*Notui, Heliopes and Mhemne stay on their worlds.
*Bora-Kai receive a LOT of prejudice as they were a slave race of the Sathar.
*Hunde - helpful, like humans and great Star Law Rangers.
*Iguanoids - migrants to Capella. 
*Zethra - much mistrust as they are different.
*S'Sessu and Bokar - morally ambigious merchants. They make the Corps run for their money.

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October 29, 2014 - 12:21am
I could see fights in bars and in spacelanes breaking out concerning: Ifshnit, S'Sessu, Bokar, Vimh, Saurians, Bora-Kai and Zethra.

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October 29, 2014 - 6:08am
Interesting that you mention bar fights in relation to Zethra. I think I used a bar fight analogy in the Zethra race revamp in the SFman. Either that or in a discussion.
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October 30, 2014 - 10:57pm
I'm putting together a new adventure for my boys where a zethra is the astrogater on the ship they get passage on.  The ship owner/captain enticed the zethra to join his crew as astrogator to avoid the cost of the advanced computer and to have a navigator that he knows is his own man.  The captain pays the zethra in all the free information he wants from hacking the plantary networks of planets they visit.  The zethra likes the position as it gets to hack systems from the safety of a starship and leave the system before enough evidence is built up that it was around to hack.  Before it joined the crew it had been caught a few times hacking government systems to learn new things and disregarded the fact that it was going into private data and even secret data.  I take the line that zethra are near uncontrollably curious and want to know everything.  They have no other motivation or control over them by others.  They are just constantly curious.  The captain gets this and sometimes leads the zethra's curiosity to find out things he might want to know indescreetly.  However the zethra is not malicious in its desires.  It does understand the concept of being used to do anothers dirty work so the captain has to be very carefull to not get caught leading the zethra or the result can be shocking.

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October 31, 2014 - 2:46am
Iggy - nice to see the Zethra getting some action.

Jaxon - I love to hear about other people's campaigns.  Very cool.

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August 22, 2016 - 7:16am
Jaxon wrote:
In my campaign it changed a lot! 

Mainly, Ifshnit, S'Sessu and Bokar have made the Corporations fearful as most of these newcomers have no morals.

*snort* IOW, they're perfectly capable of fighting them on their own terms... *evil*

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October 19, 2016 - 11:34am
Another old discussion worth resurrecting!

I don't assume the Core Four races got together and started singing Kumbaya.

Rather, as Zeb's shows, there were conflicts between the Humans, Vrusk, Dralasites and Yazarians but they fell short of open war -- except maybe the Madderly's Star revolt.

With the Yazarian's propensity for fighting and the Human's expansive desires -- to go forth and seek new worlds -- they would have come into conflict early.

In my campaign, the Humans had contact with their homeworld -- i.e. Earth or Terra -- for a period of time before a great galactic war back home cut off contact. The Terran Empire, with its more technologically advanced ships, had scouted out much of the Frontier, but all of that information was held by its colonial governing organization known as the "Laterial Federation."

After contact with the homeworld was cut off, the Human colonists eventually overthrew their Laterial overlords. The LFs fled the Frontier, taking with them their more advanced technology and star charts.

The Humans had set up outposts in systems that were later claimed by the Yazarians. Despite denials by the Family of One, it is believed that early Yazarian military scouts slaughtered these Human colonies or took them captive back to Yazaria. When the Yazarians had to evacuate their homeworld, they claimed the "empty systems" in the Frontier that had been promised to them by an ancient prophesy.

Tchklinxa even had an idea that Gollywog (i.e. Clarion) in the White Light system had a Dralasite outpost that the Human colonists overran. Later Clarion rulers denied that the Dralasites were even there.

Anyway, all of these battles would have caused the Core Four to build fleets and defensive measures, but tensions never escalated into full scale war thanks to the efforts of the Pan Galactic Corporation.

Not only did the PGC provide the Frontier with its Pan-Gal trade language, it successfully fostered trade and diplomatic contacts with the various colonial governments. An organization called the Free Trade Federation was established on Gran Quivera (Prenglar) to help serve the needs of trade. This was a precursor to the UPF and lacked military powers. Think of it as a League of Nations.

The names "Laterial Federation" and "Free Trade Federation" come from the old Massconfusion module, Trouble on Janus.
Joe Cabadas