My HM Creations

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May 7, 2014 - 3:35pm
I just downloaded some "save files" of some of my HeroMachine creations. They require version 3 to work. Who you use them is by loading up HeroMachine v3, then press Load, followed by Text, and after you select all from the .txt, you paste the text into empty white area. Press OK and you are finished. With this files, folks here would have ready-made figures. You can alter them in any way you see fit.

I use them as simple flashcards for my own fantasy RPGs. Although, most of my game deals with nudity in a casual way akin to Barsoom or the Greeks, so you might find some "objectionable stuff" if you peal away the clothing and/or armor. So heads up! Otherwise, I hope guys enjoy the looks of my creations.

If you guys want to share your own creations — not just a simple pic most people do, but the entire code — then by all means, do so!