The UPFS Nightingale

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May 4, 2014 - 8:29pm
The MSO had reached the point where it was determined that it could use a hospital ship for its mission. At a time when the expense of the naval budget had come under fire (the period between the two sathar wars is a very long interval) this ammounted to transfering the cost of a ship to the MSO and yet retaining its for recall to Space Fleet service. There was also a bit of a propaganda motive too in that it would appear that the politicians were doing something to prune back the naval budget and were doing something along the lines of a social service.

A Portecteur Class UPFS Fast Supply Ship (FE #8) was decommissioned and became the first hospital ship of the MSO.

Its load out of munition stores was removed, a morg, labs, and expanded hospital wing was added.

The small craft handling bay was redone to service a HS2 shuttle (most of the small craft were lost)

the water tanks were retained, as well as most of the work pods (6) Some of the space for spare parts was used for medical and emergency supplies.
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