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March 20, 2014 - 1:33pm
Since no one else mentioned it guess I will start. Caught the premere of "The 100" and seeing how it could apply to SF. Obviously you could go with a group returning to one of the quarantined planets and the things they find there.

On the show I am gonna give it a chance. Of course huge plot holes have already come to light. Not Star Wars sized but still not a great sign.


So the Ark is dying and we need to get back to Earth. Send the juvenile delinquents. This was explained by they were really just getting rid of the most expendible and that every crime committed by someone over 18 is punished by death so there are no over 18 criminials to send. Besides they don't really want to go back they just need to give the engineers enough time to fix the life support so really just need to cut the population down enough.

BUT supposedly they didn't overcrowd the Ark when they first took refuge on it. They limited everyone to one child and if caught with more than one you were killed. So after 100 years on the thing and depending on what you consider a generation (20, 25 or 30 years) they should only have 50% to 25% of the original population left. Given their joy of throwing people out of airlocks (more so than the BSG people) and the dangerous of living in space it should probably be lower.

They have plenty of guns around. Why they have projectile weapons on a fragile space station is one thing but after 100 years how much ammo is left? How good is that ammo? And why is it so easy for people to get hold those guns.

The title also proved confusing. They decided to send 100. But on guy snuck on so it as really 101. Then two guys died on the way down and another later so they were down to 98 after 24 hours showtime. Thinking a better title was needed.

Oh and they of course have the barely clothed women running around to get the guys to watch. Of course if you remember that none of these women have had an 18th Birthday yet, then for someone my age it was more cring factor than stare factor.

Any thoughts?
Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?

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March 20, 2014 - 6:32pm
Sounds, like a loose interpretation of Logan's Run- artifically engineered society, no one over a certain age, womens with little clothing, and there is some sort of journey involved.

As for readily available guns and ammo that works after 100 years its because the writers wrote it that way and were unconcerned to get details right. You can expect that the writing to go down when the network cuts back and they bring in the second string writers.
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March 21, 2014 - 7:51am
"The 100" is a cultural referential title, not for us to call those on the planet, but for those on the spacestation to refer to the lucky 100 that got sent down and all that remain of them.

"Cringe factor." Rrriiiiiggghht. If they actually looked like children, then I would agree with you. There's a reason the word "jailbait" was coined. Besides, the 100 were all 18 or about to turn 18.

They said that the black guy's father was the one who imposed the death penalty for all crimes small or great. It has not always been in place.

Also, the death penalty applies to everyone, regardless of age, it's just that they don't execute the young until they turn 18. Though that itself is fairly irksome in that they are confining the children in dangerous circumstances without consideration for youthful indiscretion. "Indiscretion" meaning that children are idiots and you have to wait for them to grow a self-righteous brain, but just when they would grow one, you execute them. Yeah, I don't see them having a food shortage problem for very long.
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