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January 2, 2014 - 5:59am
I've seen the word transhumans in other RPG but I guess I never really got what they were suppose to be or perhaps I just didn't read close enough.

In reveiwing the Space Opera rpg I finally got it.

Space Opera vol 1 wrote:
Transhumans tend to appear occasionally in human populations and seem to represent individual evolutionary mutations pointing toward a new stage of human development. It has been the hypothesis of some geneticist that the 'transhuman' or transitional human is evidencing some of the traits of the parent forerunner race as Forerunner genetic manipulations of the human stock grow weak with the years and permit the release of potentials carefully restrained in the interest of breeding warriors. Detection of these individuals is rare and some say inconclusive as well, for there are little external or internal differences to set the transhumans apart from the human races from which they arise. However, they are clearly superior specimens, with not characteristics below 10....

The section also allows for the possibility of transhuman races

Space Opera vol 1 wrote:

Races of Transhumans are very rare. In fact only two are known. They evidence some some external differences from humans, notably in such factors as shape of facial features (more angular, almost hawk like) and ears (which tend to a pointed form at the tips). These races still belong to the human race and can intermarry with humans, their offspring having all of the transhuman superiority but also the strong human emotionality. Transhuman cultures tend to be intellectually oriented, place reason above emotion and developing powerful mental disciplines to supress all emotional response in the interest of logic. This racial drive toward reason is clearly a intellectual revulsion against the violence of their ancestors, but transhumans are capable of even more terrible violence when their perception logically argues for the application of force. Development of psionic tallent as a mental science also marks the transhuman star cultures. This is quite in keeping with the general thrust toward intellectual attainments which stands as the ultimate goal of individuals in society.

The rest describes intergrating these into the game in general terms like the possibilities of a double heart, nictitating membranes on the eyes and etc. but you get the jist that transhumans were put into space opera so that people could play Vulcans (which were still highly popular at the time of publication) or to make use of some other sci fi troupes.

Clearly their existance is dependent on Forerunner or tetrarch type races to explain things.

I think Space Opera did a good job of writing in a Vulcan without actually trespassing on Paramounts IP.

To me this is one of the strengths of the Space Opera rules while the plethora of anthropomorphic animals as aliens is a weakness (though I have not yet dug deeply into the Porcine, Felinoid, Canine, Ursine and Bovine races. Though I did spot some artwork of a primitive avian species in a module that with a little bit of modification away from the human form more toward a velociraptor form could have potential as a great alien as long as their culture is not simply a human culture dressed up in a funny suit.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!