Hull damage and breaches

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November 21, 2013 - 1:27pm
So I'm thinking about how I'm gonna run my big ship battle and I'm considering having hull damage handled ever so slightly differently. 

The rules have you take hull damage and just subtract from you hull points as a big pool

I'm thinking of asking the players (likely the chief engineer) to record each hit by deducting the main hull points but also keeping a list of hits and their damagages and I'll have to give each a location somehow. I would then let each "wound" be able to be treated with repairs via damage control or engineering skill meaning they might get to repair multiple d10s worth of hull damage if they split up the effort. 

Also I was thinking I could use this to inject hull breach situations when any wound is over some number. I've not decided that number yet maybe over 10 hull points?  Also this would allow for them to use potitioning to present the undamaged side of the ship toward the attacker or maybe let the pilot roll to cause additional hits from adding to prior damaged locations. 

Part of this is concerned with creating action for the non-gunners/pilots. 

I'm also intending to work out something to let me engineer players have something to do each round instead of them saying what they are fixing and having to wait three rounds to get to roll any dice or be able to feel their impact. Still working on this... Early ideas is to let them spend the damage control points each round and their skill bonus but require three successes to fix any one thing?  I'm interested in other ideas

I really want to get to a point where each player is engaged and feels they help to pull the boat toward success. Even the ship doctor somehow. 

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May 15, 2014 - 8:49pm
ok, help me think of pros and cons of precausionary decompression.

The Pro is pretty obvious and big... you avoid explosive decompressions and the loss of crew and equipment to space.

The Cons... 
Yes/No? Working in suits, while they are far better then todays suits still cause some restrictions on dexderity and movement.  -10% on skill checks requiring fine movement and manual dexderity.  

Yes/No? Getting your suit snagged on something working in depreasurization can become a problem where at a minimum you need to stop and patch your suit.... I was going to say you might not notice... but I guess the suit would tell you right away.

Yes/No? Getting hurt from the ship using its MR/ADR would quickly become deadly if the injured is KO'ed (which I would have happen to NPCs).

Any other Con's?  I just like the cinematic quality of the threat of explosive decompression...

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May 15, 2014 - 9:36pm
I can see the penalty for dexterity requiring the fingers, but most ship operations for battle are going to be full hand size controls.

I say no for getting your suit snagged on objects.  The SF suits are going to be skin tight and more durable.  Then there is suit armor if the portion of the ship is more prone to sharp things.  Our suits now are much more bulky and puffy, but there are suit designs coming that are tighter and less puffy.  Expect SF to bey a step or two beyond that.

Moving around during high MR/ADF is not a good idea.  I would let characters get hurt that do.  However I have been toying with ideas about G-suits that allow for greater endurance to high G by employing biomechanical assists to breathing and blood flow.  This is more of a fighter jock enhancement and does not compensate for getting out of your seat and hitting your head.

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May 21, 2014 - 12:27pm
Abub wrote:
Sargonarhes wrote:
Jaxon wrote:

73                           Soda machine* * *

Oh God no! Not the soad machine! That's no way to fight a war.

Change that to beer machine. This causes the ship to imediately try to surrender.
The bombing starts in five minutes.