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August 4, 2013 - 10:46am
I never thought this would be on the front page of the Project page. There is a lot of stuff written by a lot of good writers - better then me.

Thank you, it is an honor.

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August 8, 2013 - 5:40pm

The Real Reason the Sathar Bombed Volturnus by Kveldulf

Volturnous Planet, Zebulon System - The peoples of the Frontier have been duped by a group of maddened Eorna survivors discovered decades ago by stranded explorers. Regrettably, the explorers bought the story fed them by the Eorna, that a hostile species called the Sathar had attacked the "gentle reptiles" centuries ago without provocation. In an attempt to ensure their species' legacy lived on, the Eorna engineered several new sentient species to carry on their own culture and knowledge after the Eorna became extinct.

Volturnous Planet Image
In fact, the Eorna are little more than a band of psychotic individuals attempting to cover up their species long history of oppression of and crimes against other species. Centuries ago, the Eorna were contacted by an advanced starfaring race called the Clikks. The Eorna were master geneticists but lacked stardrive or an appreciable military capacity, and so were easily subjugated by the militaristic Clikks. In exchange for limited autonomy, the Eorna agreed to provide their expertise in genetic engineering to the Clikks. Over several centuries, Eorna doctors and scientists created new biowarfare organisms and engineered numerous slave races for their Clikk masters.

For reasons still unclear, the Clikks pulled back from this sector of space about 1000 GST years ago. Leaving behind what they believed to be adequate garrisons, their ships vanished without trace into the Void. Only two sentient races had been conquered by the Clikks in the area around the Frontier sector - the Sathar and the Eorna. Even with their masters gone, the Eorna patiently labored for their overlords; the noble Sathar, however, refused to remain enslaved. Throwing off their shackles, the Sathar revolted and drove the Clikks and their slave soldiers from the Sathar homeworld. Soon after, they secretly contacted the Eorna and requested their aid in driving the remaining Clikks from the local systems.

The Eorna, ever loyal to their Clikk masters, warned the cruel aliens of the Sathar liberation fleet headed for Volturnus. When the fleet arrived, no Clikk vessels were to be found. Mystified, the Sathar captains hailed the Eorna on the surface - had they already driven off the oppressors? The answer came soon enough, when Sathar negotiators sent planetside were reported murdered in cold blood and reports of a surprise assault on the Sathar homeworld by the remaining Clikk ships in the sector arrived via subspace channels. Enraged, the Sathar launched a mass bombardment of the Eorna homeworld to eradicate the treacherous reptiles. This done, they returned to the Sathar homeworld (which had successfully repulsed the Clikk attack) and left only a few sentry installations behind.

Anker Planet Image
Some Eorna survived the bombardment and - as is their way - vowed revenge on the Sathar and all freedom-loving species. They immediately set about manipulating the slave races they had engineered for the Clikks, now set free by the Sathar invaders to follow their destiny. Corrupting these species was not enough for them, however, and they soon embarked on Phase 2 of their plan - to create a mechanical race bent on extirminating all non-Eorna life forms.

When the Sathar sentry beacons were set off by starships exploring the system on behalf of Truane's Star, the worms were dismayed that the Eorna threat had again reared its ugly head. They were even more dismayed when their own soldiers were attacked not only by the vile Eorna, but the very slave species the worms had set free hundreds of years before. Worse, the Eorna had acquired new allies and turned these new races against the peace-loving Sathar as well.

As we all know, two devastating wars have been fought between the UPF and the Sathar since then. The Sathar lost both engagements, with heavy losses; their military technology (undeveloped due to their peaceful nature) was no match for the more aggressive UPF species. Now the Sathar only hope to come to a peaceful solution to the conflict, and to expose the terrible crimes and lies of the Eorna to the other sentient species of the sector."

- from "THE TRUTH ABOUT VOLTURNUS", a freeware data publication attributed to Navuhl Chamberlain c. 151 fy

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August 8, 2013 - 5:44pm
And another interesting idea. This takes place in the Gamma Syatem.

History of Starbase Hellhound by Hound

Solaris Image
Solaris, Whorl System - HellHound (initially Cerberus-66) was built using a set of four size 5 space stations linked together through their hubs. Three of these were administrative, military and civilian stations while the fourth was an Ag Station. To this design special modifications were made to the hub ends at each end and two additional size 4 stations were added, one to each end. These stations were linked to the main station through "frictionless" hubs and once construction was complete thursters were fired to remove all spin on levels. Without spin, these station levels can now dock many more, and much larger, ships than a standard space station design which has docking restricted to the hub assembly.

Unfortunately HellHound fell into disrepair many years after its construction, as the planet it was built over fell off the major trade routes as it was wracked by nuclear civil war and balkanization. In this time one of the "frictionless" hubs broke down (in what is now believed to have been an act of sabotage), suddenly returning 0.6G spin to one of the docking levels. Several docked vessels were suddenly hurled into the planetary atmosphere, while others were launched accross-system. Damage inside the docking level was quite severe due to the amount of lightly secured shipping materials being kept there, but no hull breaches occured.

Now that StarBase HellHound is back in full service (with the end of the local civil war 14 years ago), several MegaCorps have bought into the station to bring it back to spec. But at no point has it seemed that returning the anti-spin setup to the second docking level would be efficient or necessary for the station. One reason for this recently is that this level has become a sort of no-man's-land where corporate employees, wet-work operatives and trouble shooters can meet and clandestinely work and plan. In effect, this has become a hot-bed for corporate espionage, and since all the corps find it useful once in a while, none are willing to shut it down.

The current StarBase HellHound game involves a team of espionage agents working for Streel who are trying to find out how PanGalactic manages to sneak defecting Streel agents off this station section without using the hub (as well as a bunch of other clandestine stuff).

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August 8, 2013 - 5:45pm
(credit goes to Hound)

Name:Unclean Ones
Type:Medium Omnivores
Size:1.6 M, 60 kgs
Number:Variable (10-100 usually)
Move:Medium (45 meters/turn)
IM/RS:4/35 (6/65)
Stamina:25 (40)
Damage:Variable (by weapon type)
Special Attack:Plague, surprise bonus at night and/or in the mutants' home terrain
Special Defense:None
Special Weakness:-10 penalty to attack in bright sunlight or similar effects
Native World:Lumina

In combat, anyone hit by an Unclean One has a 25% chance of contracting some sort of disease (roll stamina or less to avoid becoming infected. Otherwise, the disease will turn the individual into one of the Unclean in 1-10 weeks. DM note: or use any disease variety that you choose).

The occasional Unclean One is born with better resistance to the diseases which ravage the race (10% chance per 100 encountered)--these individuals tend to live longer (60-80 years) and tend to be a bit more cunning/intelligent.

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August 8, 2013 - 6:14pm
Good stuff Jaxon, I like seeing that Kveldulf and Hounds stuff is getting looked at. They both have some very good ideas.

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August 8, 2013 - 7:15pm
Thanks, Karxan but, it's not mine. I credited the correct people. I liked the stuff and wanted to put it out there for people - again.

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November 24, 2013 - 9:59pm
Ok, a new upload - welcome to the Baloff Ststem. It is 6 light years north-east (if you can call it that) of Liberty System. 

They are two pre-Void races there. There is the Batrachia, a frog like race that breath methane and have an understanding of laser technology. 

Then there is the Ursidans. They are a bear-like race (grizzly, polar, black and yes...I know you hate but, pandas!). They don't have laser technology but, build their warships like bricks and with missiles - something like the Gorn.

There is another race...the T'Pak (in a second post). They are a cross between the Grays and Vilcans. They look like the Grays but, believe in logic and emotional restraint like the Vulcans. Yes, the ships and names look familiar. Hey! I like the look and feel so I went with it.

The T'Pak are a morbid race that dang near blew themselves into extinction. Now they use their cloaking technology and watch other races. When the time is right, they make their presence known and try to help other races. I also gave them Pion technology. I prefer the idea that both the T'Pak and Mhemne developed the idea ~ like two scientists on different continents coming to the same conclusion. Their weapons are from the Dragon magazines so, if you run a straight SF campaign - they will be TOTALLY alien to them with Ion Cannons, Deflector Screens, etc.

Adventure hook...the PCs are part of the FEF, a Scientific Expedition or just did a mis-jump - BAM!!!! They are in the Baloff system. They can feel their way through the edge of the system until they get near the asteroid belt. They are then stopped by...
A) a T'Pak Ek'katal class Survey Ship - how will this pan out? Negotiations? Will it result in combat? Did they just uncloak in front of the PC's ship or did the PCs accidentally ram it? 

"Bam! Bob, what did we just hit?"
 It's a starship, Sir! 
I don't know, Sir. It was not there a minute ago.

B) a Ursidan Brig heads straight toward the PCs - Do they try to communicate? What about the language barrier (they do not speak PanGal!) Does this erupt into a fight? Do the PCs outrun the Brig?
Then if the PCs meet the Ursidans, do they side with them against the Batrachia?

As you can see - the possibilities are ENDLESS!