Outer Reach post FY111

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March 7, 2013 - 1:26pm
I was just reading up on the unification of Itally where in the post Napolean period city states evolved but as Nations evolved in Europe the Italian states became places for proxy fights by other European powers. Depending on the historian you listen too the Unification took almost 100 years.

I was thinking that this would be an interesting model for Outer Reach which does not have a unified government in the Post FY111 era that infighting among the crime lords and proxy fights by mega corps and a grass roots nationalistic movement would make it an ideal place for a multidecade long period of unrest with the eventual result the unification of the planet and dislocation of many of the crime lords.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!