Big Game company goes sue happy

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February 8, 2013 - 4:31pm

Apparently Games Work shop followed in the footsteps of TSR (when TSR tried to assert ownership of the words Dungeons and dragons) and claimed the words Space Marine even forcing a book off of amazon.

I'm betting that the only one who proffited was the lawyers which is what happened with TSR under Loraine Williams.
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February 8, 2013 - 6:35pm
That's absolutely ridiculous. Trademarks only apply where an IP of a specific type is concerned. They can only prove violation where it is clear that the IP is under threat. Just calling something "space marine" isn't enough. The contents of the IP also have to appear interchangeable. If not, there's no violation. (But that's more of a copyright than trademark concern.) But also, "space marine" has to be the sole and primary title for trademarks. Just having "space marine" in the title is not enough. If the name were unique, it would be easier to prove, but only if the IP is similar.

Their first mistake is that they have shareholders. The second a game company goes public, its games are ruined. I'm glad I never got involved with Warhammer.
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