Star Frontiers 30th Anniversary Commemorative Patch

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November 18, 2012 - 11:26am
Star Frontiers 30th Anniversary PatchEarlier in the year for the first Virtual Con I got permission from WotC to make a commemorative patch to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Frontiers based on the logo I created (and which I use as my avatar).  If you'd like a full description of the logo you can read the 30th Anniversary Logo page on the Star Frontiers Network Wiki.

Initially the patches were only available to people who participated in the con and they were also made available to people who participated in games at some of the in person Cons like GenCon, Origins, etc where I could get a hold of the GM's of the games there and let them know about them.

As it's coming up on the end of the 30th anniversary year and I still have a few of the patches left, I've decided to make them available to members on this and the other main Star Frontiers sites.  The agreement I had with the WotC stated that I couldn't make the patches "generally available" but they were to be distributed on a more limited basis to game fans.  I think making them available here falls under both the letter and the spirit of the agreement. 

As part of that "not generally available" requirement I can't post a URL to where you can order one but I can and will send you the URL in an PM or e-mail.  This prevents the link to the ordering page from finding it's way into the search engines and becoming generally available.  The patches are 3" in diameter and cost $5 each.  That price includes shipping (both US and foreign).  If you are interested in getting a patch, just send me a PM or e-mail from my profile page and I'll send you the link to the page where you can order the patch.  Let me know how many you are going to order when you send me a message so I can keep track of the limited number remaining and not end up committing to selling patches I don't have.
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