The Great Galactic Grand Prix

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September 24, 2012 - 12:00am
(note: The title is just a placeholder name)

The Great Galactic Grand Prix is an old endurance race across the Frontier sector, starting and ending at ether Cassidine or Prenglar (I have not figured out which). The ships cross a starting line at Cassidine or Prenglar, then heads out to make a jump to the next system (towards Dramune or Athor), where it would cross or enter the first check-point (for repairs or overhauls), then head out to the next system, until they returns to Cassidine or Prenglar, to cross the finish line. The course crosses 12 or so systems. This could be major race way, where many ships participate, but many have ether dropped-out because they overworked their ships, or they miss-jumped. The winner get a huge prize for the winners, and major bragging rights.

So how does that sound for adventuring?

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September 24, 2012 - 4:39am
I would vote for Cassidine and make the race the Vrusk loop- out through Fromeltar and down through Clarion and back to Cassidine.

sub plots might be attempts to smuggle stuff past the Fromeltar militia which are super anal about smuggling, the race becomes a good pretext to do that. One has to assume that Kisk' Kar system which has a militia would be the same militia org as Fromeltar since Terledrom is listed as controlling this colony thus making  the smuggling sub plot more complicated then just getting past one ship inspection.

mega corp subplots:
1. Wartech, despite being head quartered elsewhere founded Ringar, solar Major for the purposed of expanding their production facilities and having a secure and exclusive testing site. Solar Major is a spur off the Vursk loop and not properly part of the race course but with a espionage story line and corporate spy angle you could work in a spy sneaking on board ship to get away with the stolen plans

2. Clarion, Terledrom, Cassidine all are listed as having mega corps headquartered on them, either way you go after Clarion - Madderly's Star then Cassidine or Timon, Prengular then Cassidine leads to more mega corp head quarters

UPF/ sathar subplots K'tza Kar is listed as a UPF outpost listening for the sathar in the direction of the nebula
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w00t (not verified)
September 24, 2012 - 8:03am
Do the PC's have their own ship?
Who is sponsoring them?
  1. Private wealthy entrepreneur 
  2. Corporaiton dedicated to racing
  3. Corporation wanting the publicity 
What stops/provisioning is at each destination?
  1. Refuel 
  2. Tech crews ready to assist
  3. Supplies; life-support, foodstuff, etc.
  4. Cheering crowds
  5. Holo-Vid news network, reporters, interviews
What are the hazzards along the route?
  1. In-system asteroid belts
  2. Extra points for coming the closest to a gas-giant
  3. Extra points for landing on a comet and "bouncing off"
  1. Is the race rigged? Does someone want a lot of UPF resources policing the race lanes to detract from other areas of the Frontier? 
  2. What's the militia's doing? Policing and not paying attention to the little details that could easily slip into a system.
  3. The sathar launch an FTL torp from a nearby system, the PC's drop out of the Void almost on top. Can they divert it in time?
  4. Someone wants a cargo delivered, the race is a perfect cover (it bypasses customs inspections). One of the tech-pit-stop crews will deliver the goods, another group in a different system will try to unload it. 
  5. Does anyone want the PC's to fail and why?

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Shadow Shack
September 25, 2012 - 5:11pm
Anyone entering with ion drives or class C atomics can do those 12 hops without stopping. There would have to be tiered races or it's not a level playing field.
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September 25, 2012 - 7:39pm
Well, this race is done with ships powered by atomic engines - preferably, with Class-C drives. Check point stations are used for making refuels and overhauls. The point of the race is to cross the Frontier quickly. Expert crew would get the ship into perfect shape before the race, and load the ship with as much fuel pellets as needed for the long trip. A ship is not obligated to stop at each check point for repairs - they just have to cross it. With the cost of skilled crew, pellets and entry fees, a ship would benefit by having sponsorships, endorsements and advertisements.

There are a number of hooks that can be found with such a game - mostly between, or with some sort of drama on the ship (like dealing with an act of betrayal or sabotage), of to be that underdog or dark horse ship.

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September 26, 2012 - 10:34am
I have written about a ship engineer who tweaks his engines while running up to jump speed by space walking out the the engine.  There is nothing in space to cause drag on him so he can just walk around the thrusting ship tethered to it.  Maybe these on the fly repairs are common in the race and what distinguishes these "hot" starship engineers.