PC editor for floor plans

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April 18, 2012 - 11:49pm
For RoboRally (a fascinating, stunning board game indeed; see here for a short article on RR boards and here for board download resources), I used two pieces of software to create custom boards. Since the boards almost match the SF floor plans in their dimensions, and are very practical to use for a quick edit, they might be useful for making SF floor plans. 

The two best editors imo are these: RoboEdit (download page here), and RoboRallyEdit (download page here). It seems that at leasst the "bigger" one would be easily custimozable, so it shouldn't be a problem to equip them with SF-specific elements like wall types, security camera symbols etc. Of course the maker would have to be asked for his permission first ...
What do you think?   
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