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    Dangerous Delve player Hand book

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    Updated: March 6, 2012 - 9:49am
    Submitted: jedion357
    Dangerous Delve player hand book

    Page 1 bullet highlights on player character knowledge concerning the setting. Just to keep everyone up to speed and not leave anyone in the dust. Ought to be read.

    Page 2 Player character generation guidelines. Has to be read, if for no other reason to find out what your free equipment is.

    Page 3-4 Game intro- "fluff" This would appear in the front of a printed module in a box labelled "Read to the Players" I would say its an Ought to read but not absolutely required. Its basically the briefing by the PC's director and her assistant outlining the mission.

    Page 5 and following are extra credit background pages on the employer. Optional read.