Tetrarch Mysteries and Sathar Conspiracies

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February 29, 2012 - 8:32am
Idle thoughts, I've had: How did the tetrarchs get the name tetrarch (rule of four)? They were not around to tell us there name, and as far as I know no one has deciphered a 10,000 year dead language that is not even related to anything we know. Deciphering Cuneiform would have been childs play compared to this. So why did the first archaeologist to find the ruins name the tetrarchs tetrarchs?

I was musing over a map I have to make for the Arch Angel adventrue in issue 18 and it occured to me that the program I'm using does some nice 3d ruins and I could also do a tetrarch ruins map. But how does one represent tetrarch ruins?

We do know that they build pyramids so an idea popped into my head center of the ruins is four pyramids laid out in a square with significant space between them. Anchored on the outside corner of each pyramid is a settlement of small buildings. Imagine the 5 side of a six sided die with pips. The center pip is the center of the ruins with the monolithic structures and the four outer pips are the four settlements anchored on the outer corners of the four pyramids. This gives us a Ruins plan and we can imagine that the layout of these ruins is what lead to the scientist assigning the name tetrarch.

Now I dont know why I never really thought about this:
Laco's War was 10 years and tens of thousands of casualties now ten years is a long time and when casualties go over a 1000 people start complaining loudly. I wonder if it makes sense to allow this conflict to go on for ten years and for the loss of life and the destruction wrought by it.

Lets say it doesn't make sense. So why did it happen? Conspiracy theorist know why; the sathar!
The sathar attacked and most likely discovered the tetrarch ruins on Laco during SW1. what they discovered would certainly make them curious, if a worm can be curious, and they certainly have agents throughout the Frontier. Perhaps one mega corp or both were heavily infiltrated and were being used as pawns in the conflict. Other agents squashed attempts to end the fighting.

Even in the end when the timeline states the the UPF stepped in and empowered a inter-mega-corp commission to settle Laco's war the conspiracy theorist scream big time! Why didn't the UPF settle it itself, why let the mega corps settle it amongst themselves? It was a sathar plot!

Why does PGC get exclusive right to investigate the tetrarch ruins? A sathar plot!

The implications are that the sathar have highly placed agents in many of the mega corps and the UPF. that there is an agent around every corner. The statement of there being "1000s of sathar agents" is beginning to make sense. perhaps that statement understated the truth that there are really tens of thousands of sathar agents. Look to the person on the right and on the left, one of these people probably is a sathar agent.

BTW, you know those voices you hear in your head? Thats the post hypnotic memories from your sathar obduction because you hear the voices you've broken free from their influence. This means that you are actually saner than everyone else around you that denies hearing voices as they are obviously still under the hypnotic control of the worms!

"If you hear the voices then you know the truth! Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, The End Is Near! The End Is Near! The End Is Near!"
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March 3, 2012 - 9:33pm
check! Cool
lines up with my own thoughts perfectly!
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