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December 22, 2011 - 10:53pm
Blackwater (aka, Academi) is the largest military in the world outside of the U.S. military and is a whole lot scarier. But check this out, of all the more than a hundred links I've posted on Facebook, this is the first one I have EVER had to do a security verification for on FB. That is f'n scary.

Does this remind you of any particular organization in Star Frontiers?

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December 29, 2011 - 10:30pm

Khev Voktzrchi (Kh'evrri Ngrr'gzhh Vok'tzrrchi)- A Vrusk comedian, originally from a mixed race colony (mostly Vrusk and Dralasites) known as Aigroeg Atnalta; which is the center hub of a region known for being a thriving but rough Vrusk farmland community of independent mercantile barons, Pon Dkuto (Knife Point), in the Fromeltar system.
Graduated from Ibqfwjmmf Tech (a Dralasite Technology College), Khev Voktzrchi worked for MBI (Mutual Bureaucratic Industries - a trans-stellar business technology & networking solutions firm, and a subsidiary of GVMPI), until being discovered when he entered and won the Gollywog Starscan Laugh-off, at the Handwire comedy-club in Aigroeg Atnalta.
Khev Voktzrchi is known for specializing in a form of working drone, stiff-sash, red-collar comedy that seems to only appeal to Vrusk and Dralasites of a more 'outback' or 'frontier' nature, and is considered uncouth and uncivilized by most corporate Vrusk and civilized Drals. Humans and Yazi usually don't get the humor, which is generally considered to be a blessing, since some rumors suggest that the comedy often paints these races as the stooge in many of the ironic setups.

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