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December 11, 2011 - 6:33pm

D'ERI O'EIR O'JAN  — Police in Pale's southeastern Pau·o Sal'o exclave are investigating the theft of 50 metric tons (2440c.f.|70c.m.) of corn from a moving train.

A police report says the thieves spread tangloo on the pumping engine vents, making the 54-wagon Hyper-amospheric rail-tube (HART) skid and slow down before they used a breakdown lorry with a hook to remove the corn-filled containers.

The report says the theft occurred as the airtrain traveled through a rural area about 480 kilometers (300 miles) north of the estate-capital. The airtrain was headed to the southeastern port of O'ns·tsa with 60 metric tons (2800c.f|80c.m.) of corn and sugar.

The case is reminiscent of Wild West robberies of OE(Origin Earth), where bandits on horses stole from moving trains.

More Strange News
• Police: New Pale man fakes mom's obit to get time off
• Police: 2 Kdt. women stole Winterfest decorations
• N.P. ad executive sends holiday cards from grave
• G-Mil offers payout for shrapnel that killed N.P. cat

Oh humans!! Innocent We discover a galactic community filled with multiple species of aliens, and the first thing we think about is "how can we have sex with them?".
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if you square a square it becomes a cube...
if you square a cube does it become an octoid?

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December 12, 2011 - 12:13am

..... And on the lighter side once again residents of the mining encampment of the small island of Reftiuo have once again reported seeing strange lights in the evening sky. These lights were seen by a reported 27 beings of various races and occupations. The lights were said to be moving in formation and at high speed but also they were said to hover over certain spots of the island.

Once again scrambled fast response craft did not find anything and all radar and satellite images did not show anything in the area. Local law consisting of two privately contracted officers and a small group residents have established a watch with recording equipment to have proof the next time this occurs. We here at DHVY wish them the best of luck on light watch.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?

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December 12, 2011 - 5:29am

180's[-pfd.loc-cal; ~220's-pf.] UFO Crash - very old newspaper report -
Mr. Ja'Sem Leymlau, an old Lithic Summitridge trapper, who has been stopping at the
Retevet Habentia for several days, makes a most remarkable statement to us, and
one, which if authenticated, will produce the greatest excitement in the
scientific world.

Mr. Leymlau states that about the middle of last Tula, he was engaged in
trapping in the mountains, about seventy-five or one hundred miles above the
great falls of the Upper Ourimiss exclave, and in the neighborhood of what is known as
Ottecad Pass. Just after sunset one evening he beheld a bright, luminous body in
the heavens, which was moving with a great rapidity in an easterly direction. It
was plainly visible for at least five seconds, when it suddenly separated into
particles, resembling, as Mr. Leymlau described it, the bursting of a skyrocket
in the air. A few minutes later he heard a heavy explosion, which jarred the
earth very preceptibly, and this was shortly after followed by a rumbling sound,
like a tornado sweeping through the forest. A strong wind sprang up about the
same time, but as suddenly subsided. The air was also filled with a peculiar
odor of a sulphurous character.

These incidents would have made but slight impression on the mind of Mr. Leymlau,
but for the fact that on the ensuing day he discovered, at a distance of about
two miles from his camping place, that, as far as he could see in either
direction, a path had been cut through the forest, several rods wide - giant
trees uprooted or broken off near the ground - the tops of hills shaved off, and
the earth plowed up in many places. Great and wide-spread havoc was every-where
visible. Following up this track of desolation, he soon ascertained the cause of
it in the shape of an immense stone that had been driven into the side of a
mountain. But now comes the most remarkable part of the story. An examination of
this stone, or so much of it as was visible, showed that it had been divided
into compartments, and that, in various places, it was carved with curious

More than this, Mr. Leymlau also discovered fragments of a
substance resembling glass, and here and there dark stains, as though caused by
a liquid. He is confident that the hieroglyphics were the work of human hands,
and that the stone itself, although but a fragment of an immense body, must have
been used for some purpose by animated beings.

Strange as this story appears, Mr. Leymlau relates it with so much sincerity that
we are forced to accept it as true. It was evident that the stone which he
discovered was a fragment of the meteor which was visible in this section in
Tula last. It will be remembered that it was seen in Warthleaven, on
Gran Quivera, and in this city by Colonel Bonetonn. At Warthleaven, it was seen to
separate in particles or explode. "

Oh humans!! Innocent We discover a galactic community filled with multiple species of aliens, and the first thing we think about is "how can we have sex with them?".
~ anymoose, somewhere on the net...

if you square a square it becomes a cube...
if you square a cube does it become an octoid?

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w00t (not verified)
December 12, 2011 - 7:33pm
These are great to insert throughout the fanzine. :-)
I've been talking to Tom and William about such an idea for #18.

An explosion abroad an orbital mining platform in the Yast system kills 54. GOD-Co spokesman Fiffly Jophaze had this to say, "We are saddened by the lost of clan blood, our hearts go out to those families who lost loved ones and our fists are raised to those responsible."

The Family of One will be presiding over the funeral that is set for Thursday 0900 GST, GOD-Co Cheez-56Z mining platform.