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October 24, 2011 - 5:35am
This guy's rants and raves page got me thinking:

He makes some points about Captain's chairs and why you dont see them in Star Wars where as you do in Star Trek.

However, I may just be a little too influenced by David Weber on this but I suspect that in space a captian will need a chair for high G maneuvers and combat. Any place you see a duty station and a chair one should assume there is a shock frame to hold the occupant in place for those times when the shock wave of a nuke hist a ship or a laser just blasted a hole in the ship and the atmosphere and anything else not tied down is being blown out the hole.

His second point about Star Trek making engine rooms a generic technology room does hold some wt. with me.
I dont see that KHs ships need an engine room but could get by with just an engineering station on the bridge to monitor damage control and the engines by computer. What a ship could use is a tech shop or a tool and die shop to manufacture replacement parts and etc. might as well put an engineering console here for the engineer to direct damage control from and monitor engine performance. I would expect that all Space Fleet vessels will have a tool and die shop and that the engineer and his techs would spend a lot of time manufacturing their own replacement parts (within reason- certain things they wont be able to but a lot they will)

Of course if we put a reactor on a ship then obviously that involves a serious amount of space and an engineering section. Thinking about reactors: AD says a type 1 gnerator cost 100Cr/day to run, if that was a nuclear "generator" operation on the standard atomic fuel pellet  which costs 10,000 Cr that will mean 100 days of operation for a type 1 nuclear "generator" Which will kick out 500 SEUs/hour which aught to be enough to power lights, computers, LS and the galley when the engines are off.

of course you wont need the generator/reactor when the engines are running so this actually makes one more thing to track unless you just say that one fuel pellet runs the generator for a year and whether the pellet is used up or not the reactor requires an overhaul at that time which also means replacing the fuel pellet.
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October 24, 2011 - 5:48am
What a ship could use is a tech shop or a tool and die shop to manufacture replacement parts
  I agree.  This is almost always the major component of the Engineering deck on my ships, machine shops, robot repair bays etc.
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