Considering New thoughts on the Humma Physiology

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June 13, 2011 - 11:33am

The paragraphs on the humma's physical structure:
1. the humma were given a de facto new racial skill- because of the dew claw the get a -15% for a grappled adversary to break free and if they do they automatically take punch score in damage. I hadn't really considered that fact that this constituted an additional racial ability but it does. It just seemed like a good idea fromt he Humma Hop Back ARticle.

2. secondly the humma are prohibbited from using their hands for melee weapons and instead use their prehensible tail. So the question popped into my head if they are unable to use their hands for melee (weapons) then should they really get the 2 punching attacks that most unarmed characters get: 1 per arm leg pair. In essence the humma have a tail and two legs to use for combat so that would only be 1 pair and thus one attack

Seeing as how the humma get the de facto racial ability in item #1 I wondering if we should limit them with only one punch attack, efectively one leg or one tail. of course they get to use tail maces and reaper claws ont their feet so it sort of makes up for the loss.

Edit: the tail counts as a rifle butt for combat so the melee attacks with the feet would use the punch score.
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