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    Nebula Dawn Class Freighter

    Version: 1.0
    Project: Deck Plans
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    Updated: June 12, 2011 - 8:44am
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    The Nebula Dawn Class Freight was designed and built in FY14. Concieved as a medium to light haul freighter with light armament and few frills, hundreds were built. Its classic egg shape and popularity make it readily recognizable in the Frontier shipping lanes.

    WIP: This is a multi stage project with a detailed write up of a KHs ship, deck plans, Damage Control Schematic, and Computer Program Flow chart. The goal is to have a ship mapped out so that space combat can be run in Alpha Dawn style rather than Knight Hawks style of game play. Each ship done this way will have a specialized damage table telling a referee which frame of the ship a weapon strikes and what equipment is in that location that can be damaged. Player characters can move about the ship during combat to repair damage and patch hull breaches but this is done as Alpha Dawn style action. With this system power, life support or the elvator could be knocked out by damage mid-ship and have dramatic effects on characters in the fore ship.

    Since w00t has been developing an abstract ship combat system (which could pair nicely with this) I thought I should put out some of the work I have done on this to elicit feed back.

    Currently I have a detailed listing of the ships equipment, programs and a damage control schematic.

    EDIT: ooops no where in the document did I list that its HS 8

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    June 12, 2011 - 9:02am
    Ok the document now has the deck plans, computer program access chart, Damage control schematic.

    I'll be doing a more detailed write up on the ship and the damage tables and explanation of how damage gets applied- the basic idea is if the PCs are on board during combat they must state where their character is. If the ship is damaged the table for this ship is consulted and the GM rolls for where the damage strikes- say a pirate ship shoots its laser cannon and the table says it hits Frame #008. This is space between 2 decks and is riddled with power conduits, air ducts, Potable water lines and gray water lines. The ships hull will be opened to space at this location (Hull point damage) and splinters from the ships hull may sever air ducts or power conduits or damage the elevator shaft that travels through this space. In this case the elevator shaft is damaged.

    This means that if the engineer is at his station in engineering he cannot reach deck 4 and will need to fix the elevator system or send the elevator to deck 6 and over ride the door controls for the elvator on decks 5 and 4 This is surely the fastest way for him to get up ship but the elvator shaft is open to space via the damage at frame # 008 so he will need to depressurize these decks if they have not already.

    I suppose the best way to explain what I'm trying to do is that while KHs focuses on whats happening outside the ship during combat this system will focus on whats happening to the PCs inside the ship and what their actions are. Its still playable on the KH map but only for the rellative movement of ships.

    Port, Starboard, belly and dorsal locations are labelled purely for cinematic reasons. and for locating collateral damage across decks.
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