Looking at the Royal Clarion Mounted Constabulary

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May 15, 2011 - 8:29pm
Recently decided I needed "mountie" miniature to paint up for my Star Frontiers collection  and just happened to get to visit the Huzzah convention held in Portland Me. So I stopped by the Copplestone castings booth and picked up a set with one mounted, one a foot and a dog.

For back gound on the RCMC:

Anyhow they were envisioned as a federal police force dating to the early days of the founding of the Clarion colony that had wide juristiction in the outback, and while the primary inspiration for them was not really the Canadian mounties some association with that historic example was inevitable.
So I figured a RCMP figure would be a good base for making an RCMC figure.

Thining to possibly add some sci-fi elements (weapon swaps being the obvious thing) to the figures and to scratch build a robo mount to accompany the dismounted "mountie"

So my question is what does every one think the uniform colors of the RCMC should be?

Since Clarion is sometimes called Gollywog and reportedly has 90% rainfall and mud flats and mountains are prominent terrain I was thinking that greens and browns would be good as they would also blend in and give the constable some camoflage
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May 15, 2011 - 9:32pm
take the decending Red, Black, Brown, Yellow, and White palette, and replace Brown and Green? would be better than Green and Brown...

The RCMC crest is already Blue, Red, and Green...
so, descending palette Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, and Brown, might look sharp?

Uniform 1 Uniform 2 Uniform 3 Uniform 4 Uniform 5 Uniform 6 Uniform 7
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