Private Eye: Detective Role-playing in Victorian England

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April 19, 2011 - 4:02am
Private Eye: Detektiv-Rollenspiel im Viktorianischen England
1st ed by Jan Christoph Steines, Frank Bezner (1990) B&B Productions
2nd ed (1991)
3rd ed (1993)
A German-language crime-story RPG, set in historical Victorian England (1880 to 1900). The subtitle translates as "Detective Role-playing in Victorian England". It uses a percentile skill-based system, with non-percentile rolls only for damage and hit points. Character creation includes six attributes, and a selection from a small set of professions including solicitor, policeman, journalist, and private detective. The core book includes an extensive introduction to Victorian society in general and London in particular. There is also a twenty page treatise on Victorian criminology, including advances during the period including fingerprinting, forensic chemistry, and ballistics. There were at least five adventures: Abenteuer 1 "Eine tdliche Wette" (A Deadly Bet), Abenteuer 2/3 "Der Schrecken von Randall Castle/ Der Millionencoup" (The Horror of Randall Castle/The Million Pounds Heist), Abenteuer 4 "Der doppelte Biber" (The Double Beaver), Abenteuer 5 "Auge um Auge" (An Eye for an Eye).

Does anyone have familiarity with this game?
Are there any printings outside of the German version?
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