An Alternate time line for the Star Frontier's (URS) Project II

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April 1, 2011 - 7:35am
This is the updated version of the timeline for the Expanded Frontier of the (URS). some sections were expanded on and explined a little better than in the original timeline. Eventually when I have the Gamma World timeline in place I should have a cohesive timeline going from the 1950's all the way to 220FY which should satisfy many timeline buffs. So here it is.

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A brief history of the Frontier

The following section is a list of major events in the history of the Frontier.

PF. (Pre-frontier)

FY. (Federation year)

100,000 pf. The Illiminati seed the known universe with Chimera which bonds with evolving proto-matter to create a myriad number of life forms in the universe.

10,500 pf.  Last remnants of the mysterious Tetrarch Societies die out.

950 pf. Heliopes left on Sollas by Klikks after a Klikk military exploration vessel is forced to jettison unnecessary cargo.

950-940 pf. The Last War is fought on Earth, resulting in the complete destruction of the ancient world. During the last war biochemical agents (a weaponized form of Chimera) produces many mutations among Earth’s life forms.

930 pf. Many Human colonies on other planets in Sol Star system are left to fend for themselves, and many Humans die out. John Carter commander of the Martian colony sends teams of humans on the stations three space worthy system ships on a desperate mission to secure hydroponic supplies, and life-saving materials from Earth’s orbiting agricultural stations.

 929 pf. The first post war settlements appear on Earth, civilization on the brink of extinction.

 928 pf. Year of Falling Death. Named after the many satellites that crash to Earth. The first Agricultural space station resumes operation in Earth’s orbit.

 927 pf. Revolts occur on Mars’ colony as food stores run low and rationing is imposed on the colonists. The revolts ends when contact with the Agricultural stations orbiting Earth confirm that two of the three missions was successful, and the first supply ship will be sent to the colony within 3 months.

  926 pf. Aldorian/Andorian War begins on Andoria

 924 pf. Second revolt on Mars. When the supplies from the Agriculture stations arrive, a riot occurs resulting in martial law being imposed on the colony. The survivors of the missing space flight, crash land near the Lunar base, and manage to get the base’s life support working, allowing the few survivors to begin restoring the base.

 923-918 pf. Mars, and the Lunar colonies resume full operations, as supplies and crews are ferried back and forth.

 917 pf. The Lunar colony begins building the next generation of system ships to replace the aging ships still being used to ferry supplies and crewmembers between the space stations.

 915 pf. A mission is sent from Mars to the Jupiter outposts hoping to discover what has happened to the colonies on Europa.

 912 pf. The Europa colonies resume full operations, but information relayed back to Mars seems to indicate that strange events have been plaguing the Jupiter colonists.

 910-905 pf. The Reunification, under John Carter the colonies on Mars, Jupiter’s moons, and Earth’s moon unite. They sign the Thesian Accord, becoming the first Human government in space. Earth is deemed still too contaminated to be reclaimed.

 902 pf. Aldorian/Andorian War ends. Aldorians are exiled from Andoria to a far off star system aboard several Generational spacecraft.

 900 pf. Construction begins between Mars and Jupiter on Farpoint Station, an enormous city in space that will allow ships from the inner systems to refuel and resupply for journeys to the far reaches of the star system.

 882 pf. Aldorians arrive in Aldoria

 860 pf . Farpoint station is completed.

 855-820 pf. The Human Wars on Earth begin as Humans from Earth’s colonies return to Earth to reclaim it from the survivors of the Last War. During this time millions of mutated species deemed a threat to Humanity are hunted to extinction.

 820 pf. Humans once again become the dominant species on Earth, after the last remnants of the last War have been swept away. The few surviving mutant species not exterminated in the purge are relocated to the space colonies on Mars after signing a modified version of the Thesian Accords. Unbeknownst to most of Humanity samples of DNA from many hostile mutations collected during the Human Wars remain in storage in hidden facilities to be used as bio-weapons.

 821-710 pf. Recolonization. During this time Humans begin recolonizing the Earth. New Governments, and new Countries emerge. It is a period of great Human achievement, and sometimes great Human despair as wars over resources, territory and technology reminiscent of the time of before the Last War continue to plague humanity.

 709-801pf. The Faction Wars. Earth is plunged into another World War by factions trying to gain control of the planet. The war ends on December 21 when the Thesius, the first Human space warship (A Frigate by Frontier standards) from Jupiter enters Earth’s atmosphere and threatens to unload its complement of nuclear warheads on any country that doesn’t immediately stop fighting.

 800 pf. The evolution of the Mechanon race begins on Volturnus. On Earth all global leaders under threat from the Thesius Frigate give up sovereignty rights to the Council of United Planets and the planet and star system are renamed Thesius.

 799-600 pf. During this time Thesius undergoes a cultural and ideological change, as the old forms of government end, and a new planetary democracy emerges led by a grand council of elected representatives led by a Prime Minister appointed by the Council of United Planets. During this period great achievements in science, genetic research, and agriculture heal the damage wrought by centuries of Human existence. 

 540 pf. Having reclaimed their planet and prospering Humanity turns its attention towards the stars and begin to experiment on technology that may one day allow them to bridge the gap between stars.

 410 pf. First Vrusk/Dralasite contact via subspace radio.

 409-349 pf- Dralasite and Vrusk share cultural, and technological information and both species are enriched by their new partnership. Technological advancements are made towards the creation of the first propulsion systems able to bring spacecraft within 1% of the speed of light, but not yet fast enough to make Interstellar travel possible. Humans though having a head start on the other races are achieving roughly the same level of progress as the other races, though it has taken them longer to do so because they are working at it alone.

 350 pf. First Vrusk/Human contact via Subspace radio. Technological information traded between the three races solves many of the problems each race was having in developing its own interstellar spacecraft. At Farpoint station work begins on the first interstellar starship, which is named the Venture. At the same time Vrusk, and Dralasites begin working on their own interstellar ships, and begin seeking a place in space where they will all come together to meet for the first time.

 349-330 pf. Construction of the Venture starship is plagued with many problems, as several terrorist organizations fearing the looming meeting of the three races try desperately to destroy the Venture, and try their best to feed the fears of the Thesians trying to make them abandon building the ship. Dralasites, and Vrusk starships are progressing at a much faster rate than the human ship.

 329 pf. The remaining mutant races on Mars see the Venture as the means for them to eventually find their own homes among the stars. They choose to rise up against the terrorist organizations hoping to earn a ticket to the stars.

 328-326 pf. The Second Factions War is fought on Thesius, between the Terrorist organizations, and the Pro-Venture forces. Pro-Venture Humans cooperating with Mutants finally repairs the long standing feelings of ill will that have existed between the two races since the humans reclaimed the planet. Dralasite scientists translate fragments of communication intercepted via subspace radio and determine that there must be several other near star races who may be technologically at the same level as they are.

 321 pf. Having completed the first interstellar spacecraft Vrusk begin test flights of the newly created ship, and begin construction of several more interstellar ships.

 320 pf. Dralasite and Humans finally complete their interstellar ships, and begin test flights as well. This activity does not go unnoticed, and the Rian begin discussing the impending meeting of the three races and how that will affect the future of this area of space.

 317 pf. Three interstellar ships of unknown origin enter the Frontier and begin looking for a suitable planet to deposit their precious cargo (the Yazirian race is one of three species being transported by these ships).

 314-312 pf. Humans begin discussing whether or not they should arm the Venture, in case the other races are misrepresenting themselves. The discussion is long and furious, but in the end it is decided that the ship should not be armed as a sign of goodwill. The three races decide to meet in the Prenglar star system because it seems to have several garden worlds.

 311-306 pf. The Third Faction War is fought on Thesius as the date of first contact approaches. The war is long and often brutal, as the paranoid factions use every means short of nuclear strikes to stop the impending launch. In the end the terrorist factions serve only to strengthen the resolve of the Thesian people to see the mission through. The Vrusk and Dralasites at this point are also struggling with their own misgivings about meeting with the Human race, who seem a little too violent for their tastes. In the end the two races decide to go through with the meeting after an impassioned plea from the Dralasites who seem to understand the fear that must be gripping a race who up to now believed itself to be the only sentient race in the universe, and whose long held spiritual beliefs reinforced this notion.

 300 pf. Vrusk, Dralasites, and Humans meet for the first time. This year long exchange between the races produces many treaties and rules which define the rights, of each sentient species to coexist with the other races and establishes the rules and guidelines for the creation of a coalition government to settle disputes between the races. This governing body is named the Coalition of Worlds

 299-290 pf. The newly formed Coalition government allows the three Frontier races to share technology and information which leads to a decade of great advancements in technology, medicine, and the sciences for each race.

 289 pf Yazirians begin communication via subspace radio with Humans.

 282 pf. After years of communication between Humans and Yazirians, Humans petition the other races to accept Yazirians into the Coalition of Worlds. Yazirians become the first race who are allowed to join the Coalition government on probation, and are considered a protected species.

 270 pf. Yazirians are finally admitted as a full-fledged member of the Coalition of Worlds.

 270-125 pf. The Age of Expansion. During this period the Coalition races explore the area of space known as the Core, and begin to claim many uninhabited star systems. During this time many new races are encountered (the Adrainians, Andorians, Belphans, Ghed’yan, Keltarians, and Rian).

 230 pf. Pan-Galactic Corporation started on Gran Quivera on Prenglar and becomes the model by which future Mega-Corps will use when they are formed.

 220 pf. Port Loren becomes the capital of the Coalition of Worlds, and the largest spaceport in the Frontier begins operating there.

 218 pf. Researchers on Thesius uncover hidden vaults dating back to before the last war was fought, and many samples of long thought destroyed bio-weapons are taken in secret to off world locations for study.

 215 pf. The Mutant rights accords are signed by the Coalition of worlds acknowledging the surviving mutant races as true races and they are given sovereign rights to the planets they have been allowed to colonize.

 212 pf. White light is colonized.

 210 pf. The House of Lorrds becomes the ruling house on White Light and declares White Light to be governed by a Parliamentary government that owes its allegiance to the Royal House of Lorrds.

 200 pf. White Light secedes from the Coalition of Worlds.

 150 pf. The Pan-Galactic language accepted as a common trade tongue.

 125-10 pf. The Age of Adventure. The discovery and exploration of new planets slows down for the next century while the major races concentrate on mapping the hazards and boundaries of the Frontier. Hundreds of exploration vessels and brave spacers are lost during this time. Meanwhile, the discovered planets begin to develop rapidly. Thousands of fortunes are made and lost during the Age of Adventure. During this time great advancements in technology are made in an effort to make life easier for the races as they settle the core.

 124-78 pf. The Greater Morass is mapped.

 77-57 pf. The Xagyg Dust Nebulae is mapped.

 57 pf. Professor Zebulon founds the University of Zebulon.

 56-40 pf. The White Light Nebulae are mapped.

 39-33 pf. The Yreva Nebula is mapped.

 32-26 pf. Thirty-two exploration vessels are lost trying to map the Lesser Morass.

 25 pf. A small pirate fleet under Hatzck Naar raids the Cassidine and Prenglar systems. The first Common Muster is called.

 22 pf. Hatzck Naar's pirate fleet is defeated off Timeon. Naar is ejected into space and slowly boils inside his spacesuit as he falls toward Timeon. The muster is dismissed.

 19-8 pf. The area beyond the Greater Morass claims hundreds of exploration vessels. Exploration of the area ceases and it is named the Vast Expanse.

 10 pf. Representatives of the four major races request that all explorations cease while delegates meet to form a unified defense and mutual interest organization.

 1pf. The "Grand Meeting" of leaders of all the known races takes place in Port Loren in Prenglar.

 1 f.y. The United Planetary Federation, a mutual defense organization is established. Almost all the known races join except the Andorians who remain allied but separate, and the Adrainians who were insulted that their demands were not met by the other races also refuse to become members of the UPF. Under UPF authority, Spacefleet becomes a permanent defensive force.

 2 f.y. The Streel Corporation is founded on Pale and quickly rises to become a mega-corporation in its own rights.

 3 f.y. The Brotherhood of Spacers becomes the first cadre on the Frontier. The first spacer’s guild hall is established in Port Loren.

 5 f.y. Star Law is established by the UPF.

 6 f.y. The First Dramune War is fought.

 8 f.y. Cassidine Development Corporation is founded on Triad and like Streel corporation quickly consolidates its power to become the third most powerful Mega-Corp in the Frontier.

 9-16 f.y. The creation and growth of mega-corps proceeds at an ever-accelerating pace.

 17-27 f.y. The Blue Plague sweeps the Frontier. Scientists believe it was brought to the Frontier by an alien vessel that was intercepted by a Frontier survey team. Because of the Alien environment aboard the ship, the plague was not immediately detected and had a chance to mutate. It is believed that vermin aboard the survey ship became infected and since the ship made several stops in the Frontier the plague spread rapidly. It is called the Blue Plague because of its earliest symptoms - large blue welts that appear about the face and extremities. These welts leave horrible black scars even if the victim survives the plague. Rumors begin to circulate that the blue plague is in reality a bio-weapon that was being tested, and somehow got out of the facility.

 20 f.y. Four star systems become so infested with the Blue Plague that the Council of Worlds, the diplomatic organization of the UPF, requests all races to recognize a permanent quarantine of these four star systems. The systems are designated by Greek letters. By decree from the UPF any spaceship seen leaving one of these systems is to be destroyed by Spacefleet before it has a chance to spread the plague any further.

 22 f.y. Many core worlds suffer massive population losses due to the Blue Plague with most planets that are infected being temporarily quarantined.

 23 f.y. The Medical Services Organization is founded. Funding pours in from most of the Frontier worlds. Gretl Grohn is named as the MSO Chief Surgeon.

 24 f.y. A vaccine for the Blue Plague is discovered at the MSO Center on Morgaine's World. Rumors still persist that this was a bio-weapon that somehow got loose.

 27 f.y. The Blue Plague is eradicated from the inhabited planets in the Frontier. In total, nearly one billion victims fell to the plague. UPF investigations as to the cause of the Blue Plague do nothing to quell the rumors about the origin of the plague.

 28 f.y. Very tough laws and penalties are laid down by both the UPF and the Council of Worlds concerning the intersystem transportation and handling of flora and fauna. Star Law is given jurisdiction over planetary imports and exports.

 36 f.y. The Second Dramune War is fought.

 50-60 f.y. Laco's War. PGC and Streel wage the first Corporate War on Laco. The UPF eventually steps in and empowers an Inter-Corporate Commission (ICC) to resolve the differences. Other mega-corps study Laco's War as a possible legal precedent for solving disputes.

 61 f.y. The Third Dramune War is fought.

 63 f.y. Streel attacks CDC operations in various star systems. Star Law intervenes and averts a potential Corporate War.

 64 f.y. Tough new guidelines for legal ownership of a system or planet are laid down by the UPF and the Council of Worlds. The guidelines are designed to halt Mega-Corp expansion.

 65-172 f.y. Second Age of Exploration. With the new guidelines forcing mega-corps to play fair, most mega-corps turn to as yet unexplored star systems beyond the Core as possibly new sources of both raw materials, and perhaps new markets to exploit. Within the next few decades the Frontier expands into the area known as the Central systems and the Outer systems. During this period of expansion Frontier survey teams come into contact with many new races, some which join the UPF but many however choose to remain independent. 

 173-190 f.y. The Frontier/Aldorian war. During the last phase of the Frontier’s expansion they encounter the Aldorians, a race of beings who originally shared the Andorian homeworld, but who had been cast out after a brutal war. This warrior race feeling threatened by the rapidly expanding Frontier chose to attack the Frontier rather than use diplomacy and the ensuing war, while devastating serves to show the UPF and Spacefleet where its weaknesses are, allowing them to in the end become a much more capable Intergalactic organization, with a powerful space fleet that is more than capable of defending UPF territory.

 191-193 f.y. The Ordanian Conflict. The Ordanian high council, decides to expand its borders into Aldorian, and Frontier space, believing that the Frontier/Aldorian war had sufficiently depleted their enemies resources to the point that they could not muster a defense against the Ordanian might, at first this seemed so, but the two enemies (Aldorians and Frontiersmen) managed to hold a truce long enough to help each other fight back the Ordanian invasion.

 194 f.y. The UPF decide that a permanent UPF Landfleet force must be maintained at all times for the defense of the Frontier as a result of the Ordanian conflict which had not only been a space war but had included several large land battles.

 195 f.y. The UPF meets with Aldorian and Ordanian Delegates, and sign non-aggression treaties that acknowledge the right of non-Frontier races to coexist with the Frontier. Several other races that did not join the Frontier also sign a treaty acknowledging their rights to coexist with the Frontier. The borders of the Frontier are defined as a result of this treaty.

 201 f.y. Frontier ships enter Rim space for the first time.

 202 f.y. The Frontier acknowledges the Rim Coalition as a sovereign government.

 203 f.y. Galactic Task Force and MercCo fight a major Corporate War over settlement rights on a moon. Hostilities quickly spread to include all seven of planet’s moons and over a half dozen mega-corps. The greatest Corporate War fought in Frontier history begins in earnest.

 204 f.y. In an effort to stem the growing numbers of Corporate Wars, the UPF and Coalition worlds grant Star Law the authority to recruit and use mercenaries and to establish the Star Law Psi-Corps, a special branch of psionic (mentalist) officers.

 205 f.y. Mega-corp recruitment doubles in non-enforcer professions. A trend of smaller and cheaper skirmishes or espionage missions to replace the larger, more expensive Corporate Wars begins to show. Over the next two years the term "Corporate War" comes to mean a war of intelligence gathering, tactical enforcement procedures, and industrial sabotage rather than full-scale military operations.

 206 f.y. The Rim and the UPF enter into multiple defense treaties and economic trade agreements, but the Coalition gives severe warnings to all mega-corps that their militancy will not be tolerated in the Rim. Tourism between the UPF and Rim is established and is immediately successful. Many Rim Coalition Races are given Protected status under Frontier law, and several races within the Rim actually join the UPF.

 207 f.y. Star Law is invited to the Rim to help the Coalition train their own planetary branches.

 210 f. y. The first Star Law graduating class containing Ifshnits, Humma, and Osakar finish their training. The violent outbursts threatened by a few radical cults never appear.

 212 f.y. The first Rim Star Law agents appear. The structure is identical to the UPF Star Law organization.

 214 f.y. Star Law is given equal powers, rights, and jurisdiction in both the Rim and UPF systems for interplanetary and interstellar crimes. While it works mainly with the local law enforcement agencies, Star Law is recognized as the only law enforcement force with full authority throughout the entire Frontier.

 215 f.y. A human assassin fails in his attempt to shoot Queanee Kloonanu, chairman of the Council of Worlds. A small bioform is found attached to the human's back. Scientific studies show it to be some kind of intelligent, parasitic organism with a genetic make-up never before encountered. See-through apparel becomes fashionable almost immediately.

 216 f.y. The University of Zebulon publishes the first volume of Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space, a multi-volume collection of confirmed flora, fauna, cultures, devices, customs, and history of the known Frontier. It is considered the definitive work on the Frontier and is immensely popular.

 220 f.y. The Grand Celebration, commemorating 220 years of the UPF treaty is planned for the entire year. Gala social functions, parades, and celebrations are planned on every planet in the UPF and even some in the Rim.

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