Frontier technological advancements

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March 26, 2011 - 4:45pm
I was reading an article in an old Dragon magazine called "A Fist full of Credits", by David "Zeb" Cook, which described several additional bits of equipment available to characters in the Frontier. But what i found interesting were two things, the first was the whole idea of Organic computers which could be grown, and could be implanted into a character.

While this was interesting in itself reading further I came across information regarding cloning. Apparently Cloning in the Frontier not only is possible according to this article, but costs 1,000,000cr and takes 500 days to create a clone, and though very rare can be done at any advanced hospital. and for 50,000cr you can have your character's Experiental matrix analyzed allowing your characters memories and skills stored for implantation in your new clone.

But more than this you can get regenerative medicine to grow a lost finger for 50,000cr, or a whole body part for 200,000cr.

This information brings into question the level of technology of the Frontier. Cloning of this type is traditionally Ultra-tech which is beyond the level of what is available in the Frontier, but if you add cloning, and bap bins into what is possible in the Frontier then why are other technologies lagging so far behind?
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March 26, 2011 - 6:30pm
As with many things there is technology for the masses and technology for those who can afford it. Those of us on this website sometimes forget that the majority of the world does not have Ipads and two cars with more computers than the Apollo space capsule. The same could be said of the Frontier. Some places not planets but places have very advanced technology while others have only what Pan-Galactic provides.

What other technology is possible is not really the question. Who has it and how can the PCs get it should be. I see raids into Mega-Corp labs in their future.
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March 26, 2011 - 10:47pm
I tend to make regrown parts really cheap (usually, less then 500cr in most cases) in my games. I do this to allow for crippling damage, without crippled characters. I generally stop short of all-out cloning, as that would be too close to a resurrection spell or a video game.

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March 29, 2011 - 3:46pm
"parts is parts, peices is peices..." to quote a infamous and questionably moral medic.

I agree, parts are cheaply made (or aquired), full body replacments are harder to come-by and much more questionably moral.
 But money can blind the sensabilities, and those that have enough, can move planets.  For enough credit, you can find someone to kill your dying body, replace you with a corporate-drone, and fight it in the moral courts as being done by your free will.
And on some worlds, it may even be unquestionably leagal. Don't see the Dralasite or the Yazirian being moraly opposed, but the Vrusk might, Humans..... well, them are strange, what would I know of human morality? Could do whatever they want I guess, most of 'em have no sensibility of any sort, least of all in morality, custom, or philosophy... they wouldn't likely like the idea of being killed on some neo-metaphysical technocratic promise of an afterlife.... but then again, they might rush the gates.
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