Your Favorite plot twist

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February 27, 2011 - 7:42pm
Thread for discussing your favorite plot twist

I just watched M Knight Shamalans "The Village" and was quite surpirsed by the unfolding story
though if you haven't seen it I hate to blow it for you
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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February 27, 2011 - 10:59pm

Most of his movies have a good plot twist in them

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February 27, 2011 - 11:19pm
I also liked the plot twist in Sixth Sense- particularly on watching it the 2nd time with directors commentary

Bourne movies come to mind
and I think Archangel- with Daniel Craig actually was quite good though I predicted the plot twist about 20 minutes before it happened. Still I really liked this one for some reason- maybe it was just the ideas behind the main characters- college professor, news reporter and moscow prostitute were some how appealing and of course a spy plot of vast implications and proportions.

Delorous Claibourne comes to mind too. (Needed to kill an afternoon with only $5 in my pocket and the Dollar Theater was showing this one so....)
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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March 3, 2011 - 7:55pm
I guess predictable plot twists don't turn you off.

Noir is a great place for plot twists. I won't give away the movie titles, so I'll just say the plot twist:

A woman has died before the story starts. A social commentator is giving his account to a detective. We learn that the woman is a lower class, but respectable girl that the commentator takes in and helps become a success and a socialite. He gave her many gifts, including a beautiful grandfather clock that matched his own. The girl got interested in a handsome young man that proposed to her, but had decided not to marry him after finding out about his other woman. An older woman was jealous of her, because the young socialite took her play-thing away from her. Then the dead young socialite shows up in her apartment, where the detective has been mulling over his obsession with her. They finally figure out that the one that really died was the ex-fiancé's side fling. This narrows suspiscion to the fiancé or the young socialite. However, both their stories make sense, so on account of the need for more evidence the investigation swings back around to the commentator. Then the detective gets the notion to check the commentator's clock for a secret compartment and finds one, but doesn't find the murder weapon. On returning to the young socialite's apartment, the fiancé shows up, and the commentator right behind him. When the commentator discovers that the young socialite is still alive, he has a brief heart episode. After he leaves, the cop checks the clock in the socialite's apartment and discovers the shotgun in its secret compartment, confirming the commentator as the killer. However, after the detective leaves, the commentator comes back to finish the job he botched. The detective learns from someone that was watching the front door that the commentator never left, then goes and foils the commentator's attempt and kills him. The clock is destroyed in the process.

The abusive cop rightfully defends himself only to kill the person with one punch to the face [there was a metal plate in the guy's head]. In his noir moment, he doesn't turn himself in and the dead guy's wife's father shows up and gets the heat. To save the old man from a false charge, the cop tries to set up a chance for the mob boss in the story that they're trying to get on another murder to murder the cop. But in his moment to get the mob boss's men to kill the cop, the mob boss sees through the cop's plan and spares him, but leaves him locked up on the 8th floor of a parking garage when the other cops arive. But the cop makes it to the gears on the roof to shut down the car elevator, trapping the mob boss [and his men] who says "that dirty cop", an ironic statement considering the cop's redemption. When the cop gets credited for the bust, he turns himself in by having his boss read his suicide note that he wrote beforehand.

One man goes to another man's house, having tracked him down to kill him. The houseowner explains to his wife that the man is an old war buddy that blames him for the death of his friend and wants revenge. But later, the avenger explains that the woman's husband is a war criminal who traded state secrets for his freedom. The avenger's friend died as a result of those secrets being told. The war criminal dies trying to save the revenger's life while on the run from him.

A man and woman plan to get the man married to a wealthy writer. She uses mics planted around her study to record her ideas. After they're married, the writer finds out about the man and woman's plot when she replays her recorder back. So she plots to kill both of them first, but she gets a case of the nerves and backs out. But fate takes a hand and when the man chases after the writer, he ends up catching sight of the bad woman, thinking she is the writer, and makes to run her down with his car. When the writer calls out to correct his mistake, he swerves, hits the bad woman and the car crashes, killing the man as well.

It's hard to think of a noir that doesn't have a few twists.
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