Techno virus

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January 5, 2011 - 11:31am
Refer to: Cyber Wipe.

If I remember correctly according to Traveller the third or fourth imperium (I don't remember which) came crashing down because of a virus that turned all the robots against their human masters and destroyed the technology, plunging the Traveller universe into a technological dark ages

It would make for an interesting situation in the Frontier but on a smaller scale. Perhaps the virus was unleashed on a corporate owned colony by a rival corporation and the characters suddenly find themselves in a situation where they have to maintain the peace and security of a colony that no longer can depend on technology to do the things they've long taken for granted. Can they find proof when the technology they would use to uncover it is useless? and what about that warning from orbit that a Sathar attack ship was spotted just outside the system several hours before the technology failed?
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