Random Ship Ownership Table

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September 9, 2010 - 10:07pm
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Go ahead and post here and I'll update the table. Check out the cards if you get a chance! 

Random Ship Ownership Table Table

00-08A giftYou were "gifted" a ship from a wealthy family member. It's yours in exchange for a few favors now and then. Keep in touch and don't stray too far from the main star routes. 

Twists - She says she's a family member, you've never heard of her before today but who cares, she gave you a ship.

Twists - The transaction was merely a way to avoid local taxes. Now the tax agency is after you! They want back-taxes by next month. If the PC's are out of their jurisdiction they hire a bounty hunter to bring the ship back.
09-17Bank LoanYou've made the down payment to the bank and owe x credits. Oh ya, it's all coming together! 

Twists- the bank goes out of business after the first payment. New owners purchase all the bank loans. You now owe someone named "Nelix Strang" and he sending someone to draw up the new paper work.
18-26Hard Work Pays OffThe characters have worked hard for this ship and now its theres.
27-35Here, take my ship!Pick one;
  • A crazed aging man with a limp
  • A well dressed butler
  • A shady looking woman with an eye patch
  • A law enforcement officer
Minding the business set before you a ____ starts heading directly towards your group obviously intent on speaking with you. "Here, take this. It's yours now."
36-45Hidden CargoA ship carrying valuables was abandoned with an uncertain past. 

Abandoned Ship d10 Table
01 in deep space
02 large asteroid
--unexplored planets
03 orbit, decaying rapidly
04 ocean or sea
05 lake bottom
06 trapped in ice
07 buried in a desert
08 overgrown in a jungle
09 nestled in a forest
10 high in the mountains
46-54InheritanceYou inherited a ship from a dead aunt! (Or dying, dead, long-lost relative) 

Twists - the lawyer says you have to fulfill the dying wishes of your aunt in order to complete the transaction, only then will the ship be free and clear. 

Twist - the lawyer is lying and wants you to do something nefarious for him. Muhahhaha!
55-63Mistaken IdentityThe ships serial number/transponder code belongs to a ship that was stolen years ago (or recently). The bank/owner/corporation wants it back. How far are they willing to go?
64-72Pay up, NOW!How did you get yourself into this mess? You're only a few payments overdue, now the loan shark wants his money and wants it now. Better get some creds quick and get this bounty hunter off your back.

Twists - the bounty hunter forgets he found you for some high-risk favors or 1/2 of the credits owed to the loan shark.
73-81Previous OwnerThe ship belongs to a one-person (freighter, hauler, mining) company. The owner dies. There isn't a funeral and nobody comes to claim the ship. He owned you three months back pay. Oh well, I guess you could just keep the ship since it doesn't appear he had any family.
82-90SalvageShip abandoned in deep space, a planetary ring or asteroid belt and has an uncertain past. PC's may have to register salvage rights with a local agency. 

Twists A smuggler, organization or corp lays claim to the ship. They may cut a deal and buy the ship outright or the PC's can keep the ship for certain favors. 

Twists Ill fated mission a megacorp doesn't want anyone to know about and will make sure nobody does. The ship is un-registered.

91-99Won GamblingYou won the ship gambling (cards, sports, whatever) or through a lottery drawing. In either case the "owner" didn't want to loose the ship and swears he'll win her back. Someday.

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Captain Rags
September 9, 2010 - 10:57pm
Found in a Junkyard - "Hey, what's this?" you hear your Dralasite companion say as you're both searching through a rusted spaceship junkyard. "With some...okay okay, ALOT of work, I think we can get this ol' gal off the ground eventually. Twists - Buying the ship from the Ifschnit who runs the junkyard; Easy! Finding the parts to get this outdated heap into space and keep her there? Priceless!

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September 10, 2010 - 7:41am
Salvaged- the ship is abandoned with an uncertain past. The characters will have to register salvage rights with Star Law.

 Someone may or may nit show up to claim the ship. They may want to make a deal with the characters. The characters keep the ship if they help the NPC. The ship might have something valuable stashed on board.
The ship may be from smugglers. An ill fated mission that a mega corp doesn't want to be known about. It may have no registration at all.

It may be damaged but worth the trouble to fix- up.
The ship was found in:
- in deep space
- on an astroid
- on an unexploredd planet
   - in decaying orbit
   - in an ocean
   - at the bottom of a lake
   - in ice
   - in a desert
   - jungle
   - forest

At least I got to scare an alien rabbit thingy......

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September 10, 2010 - 12:41pm
Bought at an auction or estate sale.

Twist: the cops were auctioning it off after seizing it from smugglers.  There may or may not be (drugs/gold/data chips) hidden in the _______.

Twist: it's haunted.  Or rumored to be.

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w00t (not verified)
September 10, 2010 - 1:27pm
Great ideas guys, I added them here http://dwdstudios.com/node/260/flat

Captain Rags, I'll need to reword yours to be more Sci-Fi generic. Would be cool to have a SF'ish table but this one is generic. 

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September 12, 2010 - 3:07pm

cut Rate - **** Buy Your Ship UPF Surplus **** Pay a mere 1500 credits and you get a shiny new ship. The ship arrives in several C-Containers. You build it you own it...

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w00t (not verified)
September 25, 2010 - 7:40pm
UPF Surplus ships?
I wonder what condition they are in?