Ivan "The Mouse" Vasilev

    Basic Information

    1.78 m (6'0")
    72 kg (159 lbs.)

    Ability Scores

    Initiative Modifier:
    Punching Score:
    Ranged Weapons:
    Melee Weapons:


    Walking: 10 m/turn
    Running: 30 m/turn
    Hourly: 5 kph

    Racial Abilities



    Primary Skill Area:
    Level 1
    Level 1
    Level 6
    Level 4
    Level 4


    Ivan “The Mouse” Vasilev was born on a Rest and Relaxation space station orbiting Morgaine's World. His mother was a waitress and part time lady of the evening. His father was a passing spacer. You would think this would make life hard on him, but the station's corrupt chief administrator was a married man and a regular customer. The blackmail money put Ivan through some of the best boarding schools on Gran Quivera. Through steadfast practice, he was able to convince the other students that he was from a family as rich and powerful as theirs. He spent a lot of time designing and carrying out various pranks on faculty and classmates. The few times he was caught, he was usually able to talk his way out of it. It was good practice for what was to come.

    Upon graduation, he returned to space and hopped from one Galaxy class luxury liner to another. Often, he was able to forge or scam his own tickets and ride as a passenger. At other times, he stowed away. While on board, he would case wealthy passengers and burglarize their cabins. Usually he would steal identification data and slowly bleed their financial accounts through a series of other accounts he had set up as laundry stations. Of course, he'd take the occasional valuable item as well. He was able to live the luxurious life usually reserved for the wealthy and saw all of the known universe.

    Ivan bought himself a PDG Personal Assistant PA-1(biped) model robot (dubbing it Anatolii) to help play the role of a wealthy traveler. He modified it with the restrain program, built in holo screen (with a camouflage feedback loop), IR sensors and jammer, and a spare internal type 1 parabattery to power the screen and jammer. It serves as his servant and lookout. Ivan will typically outfit Anatolii with smoke, doze, and tangler grenades when it must be armed. He has big plans for further improvements, including upgrading the level to 6 (6000cr), a computer link program (4000cr), and adding an anti-shock device (2000cr). Robotics experts can tell after a successful identification attempt that it has been modified as the torso is larger then the typical PDG PA-1.

    He calls himself 'The Mouse' since he often played that role in relation to Star Law's 'Cat'. For years, he was sly enough to escape, even when he was caught by starship security. A year and a half ago, he spent a month hiding in a lifeboat in the Theseus System, having escaped from the security office of the SS Star Journey just before they jumped. When a UPF light cruiser found the drifting lifeboat, The Mouse was finally trapped. He spent the time from then to now in a medium security prison on Morgaine's World. His sentence was relatively light due to the fact that he never carries a weapon more lethal then a Doze or Tangler grenade. He had a good prison job working as a trustee, making a lot of new criminal contacts, so he decided to not attempt a break out. Anatolii followed its programming and put itself into long term storage when the Star Journey arrived at Clarion, allowing Ivan to retrieve it once he was released from prison.

    Under the watchful eyes of Star Law Parole Agents, Ivan has gone 'legit'. Half of any salary he earns is garnished for the balance of his reparations and fines, until a total of 15,000cr is paid.


    ID Card
    Standard basic clothing
    One PDG PA-1 Biped Anthtropomorphic service robot (see Background) (if the campaign allows at least 10,000 cr. starting money).

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