New Deck Plans uploaded

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Shadow Shack
July 15, 2009 - 1:48am
First off the KH deckplans --- I just uploaded a pf:100 era scout ship I designed for the Historic Adventure campaign I'm working on. While this is an "historic" design, it can be easily adapted for the more modern KH/AD settings simply by updating the computer info on the spec sheet. I {ahem} borrowed some WEG Star Wars fan-site deck plan figures in this one, check out the lounging gal on the couch in the Crew Deck and the seated crew members on the bridge and computer decks, as well as the "wandering" crewmen scattered about the decks.

Also check out the Eorna heavy fighter from my SF2KH "Liberation of Volturnus" post-Volturnus adventure, and the Courier Scout which is a full on original SF/KH "decks perpendicular" rendition of the Traveler Scout/Courier that in no way resembles the copyright protected version, aside from basic functions and concepts.

...and in the "parallel to main axis" section I've uploaded a few novelty items, some of which are intended for the aforementioned Historic Adventure campaign as many system ships can land on planets and as such would have this configuration, moreso considering the revamp I did for the chemical drives and fuel/speed calculations with an average "top speed" ranging from 18-24 hexes per turn, in order to reserve sufficient fuel to slow back down (the ships would spend the bulk of the journey in zero G coasting so decks perpendicular isn't as convenient).

Check out the Courier and Fair Trader/Fast Trader, adapted from the Traveller Scout/Courier and Far Trader respectively; the Merchant Courier (modified from the mock Traveller Courier) and ST-260 light freighter, the PT-250 Stratus class transport (adapted from the WEG Star Wars YT-250 "Kundali" yacht), and an historic throwback to my first ever SF ship that I penned before the KH box set was released --- the Aquillian Starling.
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August 3, 2009 - 6:35am
excellent work shadow
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