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July 29, 2008 - 8:40pm

We currently have four characters open for players to assume, if anyone is interested in a play-by-post forum game. Dominion is based onmy own campaign, where an upstart dictator ends up in power and disolves the Council of Worlds. Former UPF loyalists have fled as the new regime took over, and the resulting 30+ years of peace through superior firepower have resulted in some civil unrest.

Available characters can be viewed here:

The party has just finished a deep space battle with an unexpected alliance with the powers that be during an inspection/interrogation session when a surprise Sathar carrier visit interupted the affair. One of thier ships recieved minor hull damage and they are headed for Boneyard Station, a mock salvage/starship construction yard orbitting Triad's moon (Evergleem). Noteworthy of Boneyard Station: Sovereign Domain Authority (aka SDA, the reigning faction) has minimal presence and it also happens to be the place where the party's main craft, the SS Corona Phoenix, was reborn...the Phoenix was a former merchant scout whose original crew stood against SDA during their takeover of the Frontier and crash landed on Evergleem. The remaining wreckage was claimed as salvage and eventually rebuilt/retrofitted, and later sold to the current crew (the party).

The party's mission? Transport an elderly vrusk to Klaeok in the Rim, a vrusk that has recently revealed himself to be more than he appears. As an added bonus, a shipment of fuel rods is destined to Dramune along the way by your contracted bosses at MalCo Enterprises. Yes, the Malthar...he's back too and you're working for the obese drala-slug, as repulsive as that may seem you find it a far cry better than life as a pawn under SDA.
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