John Knightrazor II

    Basic Information


    Ability Scores

    Initiative Modifier:
    Punching Score:
    Ranged Weapons:
    Melee Weapons:


    Walking: 10 m/turn
    Running: 30 m/turn
    Hourly: 5 kph

    Racial Abilities



    Primary Skill Area:
    Beam Weapons:
    Level 3
    Gyrojet Weapons:
    Level 6
    Melee Weapons:
    Level 4
    Projectile Weapons:
    Level 5
    Level 6
    Level 4
    Level 6


    (as of F.Y. 111)

    I'm the illegitimate son of my father (Steven Knightrazor) from one of his adventures in my homeworld. Born of a predominantly human Venusia yazirian mother, who died shortly after my birth in Histran, I was named after my grandfather. He's some sort of hero in the Athor system, a military leader of the Knighthawk Special Forces, a predeccessor of LandFleet.

    My dad took decent care of me after I was born, although indirectly at that. He placed me in the care of the Pasamoria yazirian clan in Yast along with another ward, an orphaned yazirian child that was the sole survivor of a Hepplewhite, Inc. scout ship crash named Rin-Blanka. I didn't quite adapt to the Pasamorian ways, rather I craved a more reckless life of thrills, risks, adventure, and overall danger. My Pasamorian fathers dubbed me as a "bad influence" toward my blood brother "Rinny", but on the same token they never lumped me into the "bad seed" category either.

    Once I completed my schooling here in Histran Vocational University, my yazirian friend and I enrolled into the Star Fighter Corps where we learned all there is to know about spacing. Once we mustered out, we acquired a fine ship with a little help from my dad. Yeah, pop's alright in my book...the light freighter SS Knight Owl, being an offshoot civilian version of an assault scout, was the perfect place to begin our spacer careers. We stationed ourselves in my birth planet Histran, making chartered deliveries of much needed supplies via Pan Galactic to our home port.

    When General Yan-Soon Shea-Dow and his Sovereign Domain Authority goons entered the Frontier, I wasn't too keen on his taking over of my home port and birthworld. I helped organize an offensive initiative with the help of a small group of civilian starship operators, and with the assistance of a surviving SFC squadron who took up temporary residence in neighboring Hakosoar, I ran a surveilance freight hauling mission in order to ascertain the forces we could expect to meet. In a vain attempt to drop off a load of hover transports, my ship was taken into quarantine by SDA forces on the ground. With the help of some local refugees, we took the ship back and improvised the life support measures of the transports in order to move the refugees out.

    We blasted free of the ground defenses and were immediately met by a hostile squadron of S-1 Piranhas. SDA was keen on the Streel produced fighters, they were inexpensive and quite effective in groups. We surrendered as they surrounded us, but ended up breaking free...we lucked out and took down half of them in a surprise getaway attempt, and eventually gunned down the remaining three as we made our escape, although the Owl suffered a few serious wounds along the way.

    Our Civilian Confederation returned and a series of three battles took place, all orbitting Histran, we eventually toppled each and every craft they had to throw at us. The final battle was with the escort carrier SDAS Punisher, carrying the fabled 31st SDA Tactical Fighter Wing aka "Punisher Squadron" led by the vruskan Lt. Col. Q'ortarmas. Our craft landed the fatal blow that sent his craft plunging into the Histran desert, I heard he was bionically resurected later on.

    Rinny & I made it a point to become a thorn in General Yan-Soon's side ever since, with SDA encounters in Prenglar, White Light, and eventually Dixon's Star. Unfortunately it would take far more than a rag tag collection of civilian craft to meet the Laco force, they brought out the big guns and eventually took over the Frontier in a ten year campaign. We eventually lost the Owl in Cassidine, crash landing on the moon Evergleem...but we made our escape via some UPF Loyalists and I joined their secret coalition to retake the Frontier. I currently head up one of their fighter squadrons, although having been awarded the honorary rank of General my primary purpose is leading ground troops in covert sting operations, much like my grandfather did with his original Knighthawk Commandos. Funny the way things work out, ain't it?

    By the way, I seem to have developed & mastered some sort of latent mutant ability of electrical manipulation. It's pretty cool...I can absorb, store, and channel energy, to the equivilent of 20 SEUs worth. Comes in pretty handy when a powersource runs dry in the middle of nowhere, or when I need a diversion in a pinch.


    Military Skeinsuit
    Albedo Screen w/50SEU PowerBeltPack

    Dual Gyrojet Pistol w/2 10r Pistol JetClips
    Dual Automatic Rifle w/2 20r Rifle Bulletlips
    Proton Sword w/20SEU PowerClip

    8 spare 10r Pistol JetClips
    10 spare 20r Rifle BulletClips
    2 spare 20SEU PowerClips

    Standard Equipment Pack (coveralls, ID, chronocom)

    KH Skills: Pilot LVL:3 , Astrogator LVL:1 , Engineer LVL:1