Game Report Awaken A Race

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April 24, 2008 - 11:42am

We just finished a campaign I have been running. It has taken a few months of playing on Fri. or Sat. nights once a week.
I have been threatening to do a game report after each part. Wouldn't you know I didn't get around to it until the last adventure of the campaign. Anyway, I hope that this game report inspires and entertains. I don't claim to be a writer. So, please don't judge my style too harshly.

The characters where involved in a race to obtain 5 very powerful artifacts. They were wanted by a group of scientists. The characters were hired by Pan- Galactic University to find all the pieces. A ruthless Streel corp. CEO also wanted the artifacts (Shards). The characters had to venture throughout the frontier to obtain them all. They discovered what the artifacts are for and their possible origin. The shards are basically a key that operates a huge artifact that will awaken a long dead race. It will also retore a disimated planet.
I am posting the end of the adventure where they finally make it to the planet and activate a system that awakens a dead race and restores the planet.
So, here goes.

At least I got to scare an alien rabbit thingy......


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April 24, 2008 - 1:07pm

The Characters:

Tiberius Schafer- race: Human (NPC)
A former UPF marine. He has skill with a rifle. The only thing rivaling his accuracy with a pulse rifle is his skill with computers. A fun loving adventurer that mustered out of the UPF to make his fortune in the frontier. A close call with a Sathar left his mind a bit twisted. No one is sure (even Schafer) if he got hypnotized or not.

Zari- race: Yazarian
A native of Yast. Dedicated to exploring and studying alien environments and species. As is common with her race she is always ready for a 'good' fight. She is sharp witted and impateint. Yet there is no better companion to have if you need her to analyze an atmosphere sample or wade into a fire fight with both autopsitols blazing.
She acquired a bit of Astrogation skill from a Yazarian first mate, of the Freetrader ship Venture, on a previous adventure.

Cok Ting Gok- race: Vrusk
Not your normal hive minded Vrusk. He is a fierce individualist with a love of all things mechanical and technological. He can bypass security overhaul an atomic drive or modify your servant bot into a high level wardroid. He is a shameless collector of equipment. Constantly trying out new weapons, armor and equipment. In a fire fight you can expect 'Ting' to use grenades when not needed. He will never use 3 seu in his laser rifle when 20 seu will do a "better" job. A habit that has made his companions cringe when inside of ships and space stations.
Ting acquired rudimentary piloting skills while on the Venture.

Skaleet- race: Boonshee
A tall lanky sinewus companion. quiet and reserved. Not much is known about Skaleet, or Boonshee for that matter; and he is not volunteering any information. He has dedicated himself to combat. His uncanny speed enhances his homeworld martial arts. With his Multipistol in hand his companions rarely see him miss the target. Always seeming to go along with the other companions plans. Even bad decision don't shake him. He seems to get a grin out of making it through tough scrapes.

At least I got to scare an alien rabbit thingy......

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April 24, 2008 - 1:08pm

Adventure: Volkus

Part 1 Volkus System:
The team acquired coordinates to a system that could contain an unknown planet named Volkus. A Vrusk scientist (Zeerk) and a Human Acheologist (Dr. Chadra) will accompany them.
Volkus is an uncharted distance of 20 light years away. Zari begrudgingly starts her calculations as Ting sets the autopilot to accelerate to jump velocity.
  After more than 30 days, a misjump and an electric fire on board, the companions arrived at Volkus system.
  The Beast (their ship) deccelerated out of the void. Deep sacns of the system revealed a white dwarf star and a red dwarf orbiting around eachother. Surrounding this is a mass of gas and dust creating a ring around the stars. In deeper orbit is a gas giant. Beyond the gas giant a small frozen rock of a planet with no atmosphere.
"Volkus must be in that cloud." Skaleet stated.
Schafer ran a scan. The scans could not penetrate the cloud.
"Well, take us in Ting," Zari said to the Vrusk.
Tings unpracticed piloting skills brought them through the mass of dust and clouds. The ship's electrical systems shorted and flashed, then settle down. They began a visual search for the planet. Ting was the first to see an old Sather Cruiser. It floated in space broken and derelict. Then they began to see more ships. All badly damaged. Some ripped in half, others with huge holes puched through them. They were from all different eras and races. None of the ships showed any signs of life or woking power source. The characters manuever through the graveyard. A planet looms ahead. They have found Volkus.
"Stop the ship!" Zari exclaims. "It must be some sort of planetary defense."
The companions agree. A long discussion ensures about what to do next.
"Lets push a piece of this space junk toward the planet and see what happens." Skaleet suggests.
The companions confirm. Ting gingerly guides The Beast to a hulking piece of an old frieghter. He completes the push and sends the piece tumbling silently toward the planet.The piece gets out of sight. The small red star starts to emit higher levels of radiation, a blinding red light erupts from the smaller red star and disintegrates the chunk. After several minutes their dazzled eyes clear.
The team sees a large silvery object closer to the planet in the debris field.
Ting carefully moves closer. The companions watch the spectral analyzer for any change in the red star. They silvery objects appears to be a ship. It is an unknown make. It seems to be untouched. They detect a faint power source. Skaleet attemps to make 'com contact with the ship. Nothing. A debate ensures. Ting notices that the ship doesn't have any jump drives.
"It must be from Volkus." They all agree. It is decided that they must board the ship. The Beast pulls closer. They see a hatch at what must be aft on the strange ship. After a few miscalculated bumps Ting gets a docking clamp on the other ship. The companions notice a change in the red star. The immediately power down The Beast. This seems to dissuade the defense system.

At least I got to scare an alien rabbit thingy......

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April 24, 2008 - 1:09pm
Part 2 The Derelict Ship:
 The team zips into pressure suits and make their way to the alien ship. After a simple investigation a lever is found by the hatch. Without any pretense the hatch slides open.
In the ship there is no gravity or light. The companions rely on magnetic boots to manuever through the ship. In the first oversized corridor they find two figures floating. There are two 7 feet tall skinny ape like creatures. They are frozen and are holding pipes and broken glass, assumed as improvised weapons. The team finds several crew cabins with no one inside. Near the center of the ship they find what seems to be a control room. There are two control consoles. on all the walls in the round room there are scribbles and calculations. Skaleet pans his chronocom around the room and transmitts the feed to The Beast. The scienists on board study the images for some time. Chadra, Zeerk and the group conclude that there no computers and the crew had to do all navigational computations by hand. The writing is similar to the dig site on Destiny colony. So, Chadra is able to do a rough translation. One conspicuous lever says, "power o fthe sun.... feet on the ground." The group is hesitant to throw the lever and leave it for now. Further investigation of the ship leads them to a large gallery. It has tall windows along one wall. These give a perfect view of Volkus. There are comfortable lounges and several high power telescopes along the windows. The companions take the opportunity to study the surface of the planet. They spend several hours looking at the frozen topography. It all seems covered in ice. Then a small objectis seen. No, at this distance it must be massive. A spiring metallic structure. The only thing on the planet that isn't covered in ice. The companions agree that they will go their first to investigate.
They search the rest of the ship. Frequently finding the frozen ape like monsters.
The team finds a hatch that will not open. They try to force it and it seems blocked from the inside. Ting uses his tech tool kit to dismantle the door. Not an easy task on an alien ship. After about an hour they gain entry. It appears to be a seperate control room. Much smaller than the other one. There are two frozen ape like creatures. Much smaller than  the other. They don't have fangs and claws like the others eaither. They discover that they both have fatal laser wounds. The one seems self inflicted. The team concludes that these must have been the pilots. The crew was turned into monsters from th estrange power of the shards. These two killed themselves rather that be attacked by their mutated comrades.
They companions decide to push all of the dead and debris out the air lock. Then they try to figure how to fly the ship. With the help of the two scientists Ting gets a rudamentary idea of how to fly the ship. The ominous lever is thrown. Gravity and power are restored. Chadra and Zeerk report that the Beast's sensors detect a radiation surge from the red star. The team is ready for the defense beam to do it's work. Instead a much less intense beam directs at the ship. It appears to be some sort of drected solar power. The companions get the shards from The Beast. They gather all needed gear. Guns, armor. etc. They also bring their android companion 'Gorilla'. A heavily modified recreation 'bot. He has proven indispensible in several other adventures. Cok Ting Gok sets the autopilot to manuever out of the debris field and wait. Then rondevous at this point when activated again. Schafer uses his portable holo computer to interface with the ships autopilot. The scientists stay aboard The Beast. They will keep in chronocom contact to assist the adventurers.
when everything is ready, Ting carefully pilots the alien ship to planet Volkus.

At least I got to scare an alien rabbit thingy......

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April 24, 2008 - 1:10pm
Part 3 Planet Volkus:
The ship eneters the atmosphere. Swirling storms and electrcal surges make it difficult to pilot the ship. They eventually find the large structure and fly around it. The massive structure is built of the same material as the shards. It is circular with five fin like spires that reach into the sky. The fins create a massive tube in their center.
"It is a roulet wheel." Scaleet simply states.
Schafer wonders where a Boonshee has seen a roulet wheel, but keeps it to himself. Between the spokes there are unidentified buildings. Ting sees what might be a landing pad and sets down. Zari does an analysis of the atmosphere. It has breathable air, but far to low pressure to breathe. They decide to wear air masks.
The companions begin to investigate. The first thing they notice is a nearby city nearly burried in snow and ice. Everything seems long abandoned. The team goes to the edge of a huge shaft that penetrates the earth at the center of the spires. The shaft drops off beyond sight. The walls of the shaft are covered in a rectangular and sqaure patchwork relief. Barely enough to grap onto. They spotted a small orb hovering near the wall approx. 100 meters down. They team believes that the orb will fit into a circular notch on the shards. They decide to try and fit them to the orb. Schafer volunteers to climb down. Zari reasons that she should go, as she can glide if she falls. Schafer and Ting spot movement in the city's buildings. Through his gauss sniper rifle scope Skaleet sees more than 50 of the 7 foot fanged apes shambling toward them. Zari quickly takes the shards out of their protective boxes and ties them together. She begins her climb down the shaft. Skaleet, Ting, and Schafer take up defensive postions. Gorilla stands ready for possible hand to hand combat. When the creatures are within range, Skaleet takes careful aim and sends a fatal round into the leader of the horde. To everones amazement it also drops the one behind. Suddenly a hissing red beam sears through five of the things and finished with a concussive crack. Ting chukles, or a Vrusk approximation, and lowers a anti- vehicle laser from his shoulder. The weapon puts out as much energy as a laser rifle set at max. power. That was the weapon's last charge. Ting has been itching to use it. Skaleet fires another hyper sonic projectile and effeciently drops another one of the creatures. They are close enough now for Schafer to start a full auto volley of 10mm caseless from his pulse rifle. Skaleet joins with intermittent cracks from his gauss rifle. Ting unslings his laser rifle and starts his own deadly work.
   Below, Zari can hear the the battle heat up. She can feel the familiar adrenaline rush of her warrior race. She tries to calm herself for the task at hand. She has made it down half way. She loses her grip and falls. It take a moment to get her arms oustretched and glide. She swoops back to the wall and graps hold. She is now below the orb. She finds it easier to climb up.
  Schafer slams in another clip. Cok Ting Gok takes a moment too check his power pack and fumble through his gear wondering if a grenade would do the trick. Skaleet cooly takes aim and touches off another shot. The monsters are within 100 meters now. The team can see thier enraged faces. They all have lengths of rusty steel. They wave their clubs over their heads and bang them on the ground as they shuffle closer. Though there number is nearly halved they seem undaunted.
  Zari reaches the orb. She nearly loses one of the five shards when she unbundles them. She begins the difficult task of holding on and fitting the shards to the orb.
  Shafer exhausts another clip. He hears his chronocom, "what is going on down there?", a hologram of Chadra inquires, hovering over his left arm.
"No time to talk." Skaleet sneers at the image.
A few more shots from each of the combatants leaves the group of monsters at below half their original number. They start to break up their group and move back into the ruins.
   Zari puts the last shard into place. The orb and shards float awy from her an dfloat to the middle of the tube. They begin to rotate. Slowly at first, then faster. They start to eminate light. Still they go faster. Zari doesn't hesitate and starts to climb back up. The shards are now a howling, blinding light. The walls of the huge artifact begin to glow.
  On the surface, Scafers chonocom sprouts another hologram of Dr. Chadra.
" The red star is eminating a huge radiation signature. I think it will lase soon!"
She frantically yells. "
"We calculate the trajectory to hit your location," she adds.
"We better get out of here," Skaleet anounces.
They run to the tube. By the time they get there Zari is nearly out. The whole structure is now glowing. They all sprint for the ship. No one has to wait for Gorilla. (He may be artificial but he's not stupid)
The ship lifts off. When it is clear a huge beam baths the structure. Soon after, a huge blast comes out of the center spire of the structure. The blast carries a colosol projectile to the red sun.
The team makes it back aboard The Beast.

At least I got to scare an alien rabbit thingy......