Port Loren Raiders: Looking for another player....

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November 29, 2007 - 11:17pm
Come join the fun! We're looking for one more to join the Port Loren play-by-post game (in progress at http://starfrontiers.us/node/1907.)

Character Creation info at http://starfrontiers.us/node/1471, or contact Shadow Shack.


Player Submissions

AD rules, AD Equipment. If you really want some KH goods then that's okay, but you won't need any of it.

This will be a twist on the Pan Galactic Security Breach "choose your own adventure" game from the Basic Rulebook in the purple SF/Alpha Dawn boxed set. Some of the stuff will be the same, some will be altered, but the overall flavor of that first game should still tantalize you.

Twist #1: semi-experienced characters, not unskilled/zero-level beings running around making ability checks for every action. So that means you get a 5,000Cr allowance to purchase gear with, anything your heart desires within that budget fromteh SF AD Expanded Rules book. You also get 25XP for skill/ability improvement, divied up as you see fit (according to PSA & non-PSA restrictions). This means your newly generated character will be a fair shake against whatever situations he/she/it gets thrown into. Straight expenditures, no "automatic starter skills" +25XP or anything like that, just spend the 25XP as you see fit for skills and ability adjustments.

Twist #2: more powerful bad guys. See Twist #1...

Twist #3: Well, let's just say things will start off in a familiar fashion and the plot will proceed in a similar manner. How it ends, well that's not entirely predetermined nor up to a roll of the dice either."