Hannah Creed

    Basic Information

    177.8 cm
    95 kg

    Ability Scores

    Initiative Modifier:
    Punching Score:
    Ranged Weapons:
    Melee Weapons:


    Walking: 10 m/turn
    Running: 30 m/turn
    Hourly: 5 kph

    Racial Abilities



    Primary Skill Area:
    Beam Weapons:
    Level 5
    Gyrojet Weapons:
    Level 3
    Martial Arts:
    Level 3
    Melee Weapons:
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 6
    Level 5
    Level 5


    HISTORY(as of f.y. 75)

    Hannah was born in space, to parents who roamed the space lanes in a decrepit, barely-armed freighter just barely earning a living as it performed a variety of questionable jobs ranging from scavenging plague worlds to piracy.

    Growing up was hell for Hannah, who endured a nightmare of abuse, before finally leaving at the age of 16 and joining Star Law...a natural pilot, astrogator and leader, Hannah's anger and violent temper almost proved her undoing, just barely graduating from Gollwin Academy with enough demerits to avoid expulsion or brig time...and, to everyone's surprise, she graduated with honors, immediately winning command of the assault scout Dirk, which she commanded with distinction during the early battles of the Second Sathar War.

    In 73 f.y., Dirk was dispatched to Outer Reach as part of Task Force Cassidine, the Dirk distinguishing itself during the fighting, giving its all to save the crippled Melinda McCoy, Hannah ending up losing her ship and her crew—including a woman she'd grown close to, the Dirk's chief gunner, Carla Bridger, daughter of the late Star Law Admiral, who'd sacrificed herself to save Hannah and the McCoy.

    On the strength of her performance at Outer Reach, during which she earned the Order of Morgaine—the UPF's highest honor—she was promoted to First Lieutenant and assigned command of one of the new Liberty-class patrol gunships being completed at Snowball's L5 station, her new command, the Albatross, her crew and Hannah all becoming near-legendary, as they fought in the Battle of Moonworld, the Defense of Alcazzar, the Theseus Campaign and the Battle of the Blockade.

    Following that last battle, Albatross and the rest of VPG-109 was assigned to Clarion to help cadre the newly-formed Joint Reaction Force 3.

    Thus, she participated in the Battle of White Light, assisting in the destruction of five of six enemy capital warships, before destroying the assault scout Osprey and its treasonous commander, and single-handedly capturing her father's freighter, carrying Streel CEO Samson Streel.

    Decorated with the Order of Morgaine a second time, Hannah and her ship then joined the rest of Patrol Squadron 109 at Plague System Delta, where the squadron and she fell victim to treachery at the hands of the squadron's commander, Chek Groznal, who destroyed one of the surviving three gunships and mortally wounded the Albatross, as it was about to attack a Juggernaut-class dreadnaught and its escort of what appeared to be Streel-built warships.

    Badly wounded herself, Hannah and her second in command succeeded in destroying two Juggernauts and several other enemy machines before being forced to abandon their ship. Recovered by the Melinda McCoy, Hannah—refusing medical treatment—took the helm on the death of the ship's XO, then assumed command after Commander Trivette was wounded and taken off the bridge.

    At the conn of the McCoy, Hannah was instrumental in the destruction of several more Juggernauts and the crippling of the dock facilities orbiting Plague World Delta, before organizing the withdrawal of the survivors of Joint Reaction Force 2 to Clarion.

    With the Federation fallen, and Star Law destroyed, Hannah found herself promoted to Fleet Captain and placed in command of the McCoy and five other vessels, working nearly twenty hours a day for the next two months to help rebuild her command and the survivors of Star Law and the militias into a force which could withstand the onslaught of this "New Frontier" movement which had seized control over much of the old Federation.     


    Hannah refuses to let anyone get close to her, not after what happened to Carla...and after Groznal's betrayal. She feels responsible for what happened to her crews aboard the Dirk and the Albatross.

    She is quick to anger, with a violent temper which has landed her in trouble more than once before the senior admirality, and very slow to forgive, once she's been wronged.

    She is a notoriously picky eater, refusing to eat anything unless it's "normal food." She won't even try anything new.

    She is also a deeply passionate and caring person, with a violent hatred of abusers and bullies, and a soft spot for the strays of the worlds which rivals that of the one person she's come to think of as the mother she should've had, Gillian Trivette.  

    Knight Hawks Skills: Pilot 4, Astrogation 3, Energy Weapons 1, Rocket Weapons 1, Spaceship Engineering 1.


    M-29 laser pistol(military version of WarTech Frontiersman, w/o the starfire grenade launcher)
    M-151 laser rifle
    Starfire blade
    30 20SEU powerclips
    Military skeinsuit
    Albedo screen
    2 50 SEU power beltpacks
    Standard equipment kit