Star Questions Dragon 92

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January 21, 2022 - 3:29pm
Page 86 of the PDF last question is a challenge from a fan to TSR concerning the zethra converting matter to energy 

The answer is estensive and interesting

1. it creates a whole division of PGC called PGIC Pan Galactic Information Central 

PGIC apparently migh classify some information confidential or top secret?

2. it lists a bunch of in setting scientist: Duthin of Prengular, Marakson of Dramune, Orlag of "Duane's Star" (I'm guessing the Duane is really Truane), Niuu of Cassidine

3. extensive discussion about Zethra waste product elimination? which leaves me wondering if it was a subtle poke at the fan who asked the question: "You asked a stupid question so I'm going to explain how a zethra goes to the bathroom?"
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