Younger Garlus

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Shadow Shack
August 4, 2018 - 9:20pm
Dramune Run Garlus is specced as follows:

STR/STA - 30/25
DEX/RS  - 40/40
INT/LOG - 60/50
PER/LDR - 75/85

Pilot: lv-5
Engineer: lv-3
Astrogator: lv-1
(all the PR skills for the above)
Projectile Weapons: lv-3
Medic: lv-3
Melee Weapons: lv-1

Cancer has been eating away at his physical abilities so I propose his STR/STA & DEX/RS should be higher for a 20+ year younger version of Garlus, and perhaps drop his INT/LOG and PER/LDR down as that reflects age & experience.

So that leaves skills ---

> Pilot 3 or 4? Engineer 1 or 2? 
> Maybe dump astrogation and drop his computer profciency down a bit as well (above lv-2 for pilot though, maybe 3 or 4?). 
> Drop medic down a level or two as well? 
> Leave his weapon skills as they are?
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August 5, 2018 - 7:12am
I would say

Deff increase STR/STA

very likely increase DEX/RS

Not much modification to to INT/LOG maybe 50/50 but that 60/50 split looks like the 10 point shift from character creation.

Most Deff dum down PER/LDR

Pilot 3 Engineer 1 and no Astrogator
Pre-requisites for the above
Computer level 3-4 isn't some computer required for pilot?
Projectile 2-3
Medic 1
and possibly no melee?

Older Garlus represents a character at the end of his adventuring life who is a one hit wonder at many of his skill checks. Dramune Run is written to remove this potent asset from the table quickly.  With him being an NPC you dont want him to be Wonder Captain, that the PCs stand around and watch his do everything.

Thinking about his life:

Early life picking up tech skills and maybe projectile skill, what if his start was as an Infantry medic?

Beginning Spacer carreer as crew on ????

Captaincy of the vessel before the Gullwind this is his early spacer carreer but is probably preceeded by a phase of his carreer where he was crew. should be low level space skills here could easily be Pilot 2 and Engineer 1

Captaincy of the Gullwind is Garlus at his fully mature point where he might be building his PER and LDR to its rather high levels because he is dealing with criminal types at Outer Reach and militia types at Inner Reach in ways where the ability to smooze is going to pay far better dividends then the ability to shoot.

Dramune Run Phase- is the epilogue/twilight/end game.

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August 5, 2018 - 7:21am
Garlus, Age and History?

average human lives 200 years

How old is Garlus at the point of Dramune Run? Do we know? or can we make up a number?
He's dying of cancer so he doesn't have to be 200 years old.

Im asking to chart his history; what historical events could he have been involved in?

For example: he was a militia infantry medic pressed into service as crew on a ship during the Frist Common Muster. Basically he was the medical officer on ship. It was this naval experience that interested him in becoming a spacer. This story would explain his medical exp which would seem at odds with his spacer focus.

Or it could be that he was a doctor level 3 and recruited to serve on a ship in the 1st Common Muster- no military training. Medic 3 Tech1 and Comp 1 from this point he sought berths as crew on ships but once the Common Muster is over there is little demand for a medical officer outside actual military service thus he begins pursuing space skills, his medical skills are just a bonus.
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Shadow Shack
August 5, 2018 - 1:21pm
The module text says that he's been the captain of the Gullwind for "the last 20 of his 60-odd years". With Dramune Run taking place in fy61 it's safe to presume he was born somewhere around the time frame of the pre-UPF first Sathar War. The module also states he is native to Inner Reach and his "constant companion" pipe is always stuffed with Inner Reach tobacco.

I would posit he was an "ace" pilot for quite some time so level 3 at the minimum, even for a HS:3 ship (and yes, lv-2 computer is required for canon pilot skill but I can see him being slightly higher than that minimum even at an earlier age). I like the idea of being a combat medic early on, perhaps with a PSA in tech, that being the case I think I would be inclined to leave the lv-1 melee skill as is for a 30-40 year old Garlus...just to give him that "Han Solo in his prime years" allure as someone that can handle himself when things go sour. With a Tech PSA I can see dropping the projectile skill down though, that could be something that was developed with age and experience.

It might also be plausible that he was a pilot in Inner Reach's militia earlier on, he definitely did not acquire the skill at Golwin as he lacks the accompanying lv-1 gunnery skill that Golwin grads earn. He may have participated in the Second Dramune Civil War, as that occurred in fy:36 in Zeb's time line, which leaves a five year gap for acquisition of the Gullwind. I would posit the war was enough for him to muster out and acquire the cargo courier as a second-hand purchase to begin his career as a spacer, although five years might not be enough of a time frame to acquire the wealth needed to construct a brand new Gullwind so perhaps he already was a spacer and merely re-enlisted for the war. The First Dramune War was fought in fy:6 so he would have only been a child, perhaps the "horror of war" inspired him to enlist when he was an adult.

Therefore I submit the following:

STR/STA - 50/45
DEX/RS  - 50/50
INT/LOG - 60/50
PER/LDR - 45/45

fy:20 - Garlus enlists into Inner Reach's planetary militia, graduating basic training and becoming a combat medic with the following skills: Projectile Weapons(1), Melee Weapons(1), Medic(1)

fy:24 - Garlus enrolls into the militia's technical training and acquires Technician(1) and Computer(1). He is a lv-2 medic by now as well.

fy:27 - Garlus is accepted into the militia's fleet academy and he learns piloting at lv:1 (along with boosting the PR skills) and cuts his teeth in their star fighter squadron, eventually earning a co-pilot gig aboard one of their militia assault scouts by fy:30 (and acquiring pilot lv-2 in that time frame).

fy:31 - (ten years prior to acquiring the Gullwind/30 prior to Dramune Run) Garlus musters out and acquires a second hand PGC-291M cargo courier to become a full fledged independent spacer. By now he is lv-3 in both projectile weapons and medic skills.

fy:36 - Garlus re-enlists into the militia after war breaks out for the second time between Inner & Outer Reach. He is pilot(3) by now and acquires engineering shortly after this period.

fy:41 - Garlus has enjoyed a decade of prosperous spacing and uses his share of profits earned as a down payment on a brand new Pacific class freighter he dubs "Gullwind". He earns pilot(4) in the next few years and begins ramping up his engineering skill as well.

fy:49 - Corrupted by greed, Garlus enters into a contract with MalCo Enterprises in Outer Reach where his profits are exponentially greater as his conscience takes a back seat. The next 12 years are spent developing a reputation for being reliable and no questions asked, and he gains pilot(5) shortly afterwards.

fy:56 - Garlus experiences occasional dizzy spells and brief periods of weakness but ignores the effects as they tend to pass quickly. He is lv-3 in engineering by now and has ramped up his computer skills to level 4 by now.

fy:59 - Garlus is diagnosed with cancer that has been slowly eating away at his innards for the past six years, and it has taken its toll...the effects are irreversible and he will die within the next few years...sooner without treatment. He continues spacing with his crew and the Gullwind, living life to its fullest. Garlus also learns of a bastard son he had sired and his conscience starts to return...he begins donating funds for the grown son's adult schooling. He has learned astrogation by now, making his skills as listed in Dramune Run by this time.

fy:60 - Garlus is experiencing noticeable losses in his physique as his muscles and motor skills are diminishing. He soldiers on, having discovered a plot by the Mathar involving Inner Reach's symbol coupled with an ilicit narcotic trade

fy:61 - the events of Dramune Run unfold.
I'm not overly fond of Zeb's Guide...nor do I have any qualms stating why. Tongue out

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August 6, 2018 - 6:48am
looks good.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!