Shat Rat's Salvage

"You see wreckage. We see merchandise."

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"We're the most dedicated interstellar salvage yard in the Frontier,
 where all Space Rats and Spacers alike are welcome!"

What is a Space Rat?

Space Rats represent a minority portion of the Spacers. While your typical run of the mill Spacer serves aboard pristine and readily serviceable star ships, the Space Rats have craft that are in "less than splendid" condition. The typical Rat ship is a hodge-podge assembly of second-hand parts that rarely match up to the hull they have been attached to. Evidence of major repair & reconstruction is readily visible via various discoloring and shoddy overlapping on the hull panels. More often than not the drives do not match, they may be of the appropriate size specified for the craft in question but chances are each one began life on different veseels before being mated to the ratty hull. 

The ship crews tend to run heavy on engineering skills, for they are needed on such craft due to their age and random mish-mash reconstruction efforts.  As such, Space Rat crews work a little harder than standard Spacer crews...but their reward is satisfaction of a job well done on a ship that cost a fraction of what a new/newer ship would have set them back.

Available Services

Herein lies a list of valuable services that can be obtained at Shat Rat's Salvage.


If the party ever finds themselves stranded in a system lacking repair facilities, Shat Rat's can be contacted for the purchase and delivery of replacement items based on availability. Oftentimes they can find an independant hauler or Space Rat willing to ferry the item(s) to the party's location, in which case the cost is usually associated with a 20-25% (d10/2 + 20) fee on behalf of the transporter. If nobody is available for the job (it will take ten days to beat the docks looking for one) Shat Rat's will dispatch one of their own vessels to transport the part at a 30% fee. Naturally the party will have to wait for the duration it takes to get the parts delivered, at ten days plus one day/light year travelled so a side adventure can always be taken during this down time.

It should be noted this is one of the premiere business offerings Shat Rat's Salvage offers that sets them above all the rest, and the company takes great pride in this service. Upon request Shat Rat's can also dispatch an engineering crew if needed, that is how dedicated they are to their customers.

Computers and software packages are available on the Commercial Deck at standard price structures. The following table list the base Computer Program's needed for a starship:

Computer Program
Description / Source
 Astrogation Knight Hawks Table pg. 15
 Drive Knight Hawks Table pg. 12-13
 Life Support Knight Hawks Table pg. 14 & 61
 Alarm Level is equal to number of drives
 Damage Control
 Level is equal to number of drives
 Maintenance Level is equal to number of drives
 Analysis Level equal to Astrogation Program, Deluxe package requires level:6
 Industry Level 1: Machine Shop and Hydroponics 
* Page references are for Knight Hawks Campaign Book

The owner/builder may add in any other desired programs as needed. Some examples include but are not limited to:
  • Weapons and Defensive systems
  • Commerce Program for trade vessels
  • Laboratory for research or medical facilities
  • Other specialty software such as security programs, etc.

Communication (Level:1) ---  This program can be utilized to coordinate intercom networks on ships larger than HS:2.

Installation Security (Level: any) --- This program can handle the Skin Sensors without buying the Skin Sensor software package, in addition to any other internal security measures (surveilance cameras, locks on hatches, etc)


Individual duty station control panels are available for the usual prices as well.




Spacesuits and accessories can be had at the commercial deck at the usual prices, as can engineering tools & equipment. It is extremely rare to recover such items in functional condition (or at all) when salvaging spacecraft.




Agricultural, Exploration, Transport, and Mining equipment can be imported from Triad at the usual +10% fee. Exceptions include cabin furnishings and cargo arms, the former can be imported at the +10% fee or the party can acquire it off site after construction (since the salvaged ship typically already has its compliment of cabins fromthe prior owners or cabins can be constructed during restoration via scrap metal from the yard). Used & salvaged cargo arms are priced as follows:


          used       salvagehold size
cargo arm40%/700Cr x HS 60%/300Cr x HS d5+15 

Note that each cargo arm found in the yard is specific to the hold from which it came, i.e. a HS:6 hold arm will not work in a HS:5 or HS:7+ hold. If the arm is not suitable to the party's hold keep rolling for availability until both options are no longer available.

Salvage Yard Parts & Systems


Below you will find tables with availability percentages and costs for various ship systems. Used items are functional and may need repair 20% of the time with a 10% parts cost on top of purchase price, salvage items are not functional and are in dire need of repair with an additional 25% parts cost to be added to the purchase price. Component small parts are readily available on the commercial deck despite item availability.


Age for any used/salvage item will be 11-60 (½d100 + 10) years old.



Ship Type   used salvage 
 Shuttle 60%/750Cr 75%/350Cr
 System Ship 50%/3800Cr 60%/1700Cr
 Star Ship 35%/11,000Cr 50%/5500Cr
 Deluxe 5%/35000Cr 15%/15000Cr


Most items are readily available new on the commercial deck, although some of the more common items can be found in the scrap heap. Items marked with an asterisk can only be sourced in the scrap yard as Shat Rat's is currently not licensed to carry such new equipment.

item  used  salvage 
 VideoCom Radio 50%/750Cr 70%/350Cr
 SubSpace Radio 65%/15000Cr 85%/6000Cr
 Radar Unit 60%/7500Cr 75%/3500Cr
 Energy Sensor* 25%/150000Cr 40%/70000Cr
 Camera System 40%/18000Cr 55%/8000Cr
 Camera System, ½-size 40%/9000Cr 55%/4000Cr
 White Noise Broadcaster* 20%/60000Cr 30%/24000Cr
 WNB (deluxe)* 5%/300000Cr 15%/140000Cr

Note: camera systems have the same availability rates for full and half sized due to the simple nature that it is mostly based on the number of camera. If the party is looking for a full size and it is not availalbe roll again for half size availability as a possible alternative. If they are looking for half size and it is not available then full size is also not available.


 used salvage 
control panel65%/70Cr80%/30Cr




 drive type & size   used salvage 
 Chemical, A 75%/35000Cr 95%/15000Cr
 Chemical, B 65%/70000Cr 80%/30000Cr
 Chemical, C 50%/150000Cr 60%/60000Cr
 Ion, A 50%/75000Cr 65%/35000Cr
 Ion, B 65%/120000Cr 80%/50000Cr
 Ion, C 35%/140000Cr 50%/60000Cr
 Atomic, A 50%/150000Cr 75%/50000Cr
 Atomic, B 35%/300000Cr 50%/120000Cr
 Atomic, C 20%/500000Cr 35%/225000Cr

Since Shat Rat's Salvage is classified as a CLass:3 SCC new chemical drives are available at standard pricing. Neighboring Triad's SCC is a short hop for Shat Rat's freight haulers so new atomic and ion drives can be purchased through Shat Rat's at a +10% fee.


Shat Rat's has a constant flow of scrap bulkheads, frame work, and hull plating arriving on a weekly basis. This sells for 10,000Cr per hull point and there will be 4d10 hull points worth of material during any given week. This can be used for construction and standard hull repairs alike.


Since Shat Rat's Salvage is not a military contractor they have no access to assault rocket, torpedo, mine, and seeker missile systems or ammunition. UPF and/or Star Law both make periodic inspections to ensure they are not stockign such items and when military ships are found, Shat Rat's honors the code and allows UPF to remove such systems prior to making the ships and hulls available. To that end, any new energy weapon, battery weapon, or defensive screen can be sourced via Shat Rat's & Triad's SCC for the usual prices, and used/salvage items can also be found in the scrap yard as noted in the table below.

 system  used  salvage
 Pod Laser 40%/5500Cr 50%/2200Cr
 Laser Cannon  25%/10000Cr 40%/4500Cr
 Laser Battery 50%/7500Cr 75%/3000Cr
 Proton Battery 25%/10000Cr 35%/5000Cr
 Electron Battery 25%/10000Cr 35%/5000Cr
 Disruptor Cannon 20%/21000Cr 30%/9000Cr
 Rocket Battery 40%/30000Cr 60%/12000Cr
 Masking Screen Launcher 50%/7000Cr 75%/3000Cr
 ICM Launcher 25%/14000Cr 50%/6000Cr

Note that Shat Rat's does not carry ICMs or rocket salvos, but they can be readily purchased at neighboring Traid's SCC. Shat Rat has reflective hull application equipment and chemicals so that service can be performed at standard pricing. 

Boneyard Station

Location: Evergleem/Triad/Cassidine
Owner: Shat Rat's Salvage
HS: III (triple extended hub)
HP: 225
Mooring Bays: 24 (HS:14 max)
Population: 3000max, 1200 regulars 
ADF: 0  MR: 0  DCR: 75
Weapons: none
Defenses: RH, MS(x2), ICM(x6)

Alarm(3), Analysis(3), Commerce(3), Communication(3), Computer Lockout(5), Computer Security(6), Damage Control(3), Industry(5), Installation Security(3), Interceptor Missile(3), Life Support(3, capacity:3K, two programs), Maintenance(3), Transportation(1)

Communication: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Intercom network
Detection: Radar (3X range), camera system
Misc. Equipment: Backup Life Support Equipment, 500x100meter external cargo net (scrap yard)
Storage: 336 units (mostly salvage parts)
Quarters: 1400 single cabins, 600 double cabins, 200 luxury cabins
Vehicles: 15 launches, 6 small launches, 12 cargo launches, 12 workpods
Emergency Vehicles: 120 lifeboats, 600 escape pods
Vruskan entrepreneur Sha-T'rtl (nicknamed "Shat Rat") founded the Frontier's premier and largest space ship salvage yard after having collected a large cache of used parts and hulls. Having run out of viable space to store all of his goods, he constructed Boneyard Station orbiting Triad's moon Evergleem and his business has been booming ever since. The station only has a single entry/exit bay as the opposite side of the triple hub has a large cargo net where all the scrap metal and other non-viable bits can be stored (for use as hull plate patching and fabrication purposes). 

The aft third of the hub which said net is attached houses a variety of salvaged hulls that have been collected over the years, and the bay doors are typically closed unless any large pieces of scrap need to be moved into the hub. Several launch "airlocks" are adjacent to the bay doors for access to the scrap heap. 

The middle third of the hub is reserved for customer salvage/construction, patrons may lease berthing space while they work on their resurrection projects. Various hulls can be found berthed here, either hulls purchased from the Company or privately owned/claimed wrecks that simply need major work.

The forward third of the hub (adjacent to the entry/exit bay doors) is for docking purposes, ships requiring repairs and Shat Rat's fleet alike can berth safely in this section. If your ship is able to move under its own power, it gets berthed in the forward section...anything else gets ferried to the mid-section.

Shat Rat maintains a small fleet of freight haulers that scour the Frontier for salvageable goods, mostly HS:5-6 freighters and his HS:18 freighter flagship. The flagship is too large to be berthed inside so when it arrives it will typically park near the station's bay doors while cargo is offloaded and will typically take a berth at neighboring Triad Station until needed again.

Shat Rat's Salvage has been a very lucrative business, and the proprietor is typically quite eager to meet with and advise any potential customers. His motto is "Good business is where you find it, and I am always looking."

Shat Rat's Salvage Fleet

The following is a list of craft operating under contract with Shat Rat's Salvage to supply goods for Boneyard Station.

Small Freighters (x4)
HS:5   HP:25   Powerplant: 3 atomic B 
ADF:3   MR:3   DCR:35  Crew:5-10
Weapons: PL(x2, fore and aft); rear-firing grapples
Defenses: RH 
Communication & Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom Network
Misc Equipment: cargo arm
Cargo Capacity:5
Ship's Vehicles: 2 workpods, lifeboat, 2 small launches

Small Freighters (x3)
HS:6   HP:30   Powerplant: 3 atomic B 
ADF:3   MR:3   DCR:38  Crew:6-12
Weapons: LB; rear-firing grapples
Defenses: RH
Communication & Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom Network
Misc Equipment: cargo arm
Cargo Capacity:6
Ship's Vehicles: 2 workpods, lifeboat, 2 small launches

Medium Freighter
HS:12   HP:60   Powerplant: 4 atomic B 
ADF:3   MR:3   DCR:56  Crew:12-24
Weapons: LB(x2); rear-firing grapples
Defenses: RH
Communication & Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom Network
Misc Equipment: cargo arm
Cargo Capacity:12
Ship's Vehicles: 4 workpods, lifeboat, 4 small launches

Heavy Freighter SS Muridae
HS:18   HP:90   Powerplant: 6 ion C 
ADF:1   MR:2   DCR: 76  Crew:18-36
Weapons: LB(x3), external docking module (4 S-1 fighters);rear-firing grapples
Defenses: RH
Communication & Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom Network
Misc Equipment: cargo arm
Cargo Capacity: 18
Ship's Vehicles: 6 workpods, 2 lifeboats, 2 large launches, 4 small launches

I-76c Enforcer heavy fighters (x4)
HS:2 HP:16 Powerplant: shielded inboard/outboard Atomic A drive 
ADF:3 MR:4 DCR:40  Crew:2 
Armamament: PL (x2, linked), PL(turret) 
Defenses: RH 
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar, Videocom, Auto-Eject Module, Streamlined 

S-1lf Piranha light fighters (x8)
HS: 1 HP: 5 Powerplant: twin sub-Solar/Ion A 
ADF: 5 MR: 6 DCR: 25 Crew: 1 
Armament: PL 
Defense: RH 
Communication/Detection Equipment: Subspace Radio, Radar, Videocom, Auto-Eject Module, Streamlined 

Salvage Vessel Inventory

Here you will find a list of current hulls and wrecks that are available for immediate sale

Demilitarized/Surplus Assault Scout

MMS Spearhead
set for auction w/900,000Cr reserve, reasonable offers will be considered prior to auction

HS:3     HP:15     Powerplant: n/a, accommodations for 2 Class A drives 
ADF:0*   MR:4      DCR:30      Crew: up to 8
Armament: none, provision for one LB w/ no penalty 
Defenses: RH (needs a fresh coating)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar 
Misc Equipment: streamlined

COMPUTER ( LVL:3 fp:40 mass/SP:20 in a lv:4/100SP mainframe package )

Alarm: 2 
Analysis: 4 
Astrogation: 4 
Damage Control: 2    
Life Support: 1  (cap:8)

Cargo Capacity: 0.5
Fuel Tankage: n/a
Crew Accomodations: 4 double cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: none

* ADF varies after drives and computer program are acquired, 1 for ion drives and 4 for atomic drives

Key Selling Features


Minimal work needed to make spaceworthy


Required for Operation

two A drives and associated computer software
optional weapon package and additional computer software

Component Age: 
Hull, drives, maneuver jets, computer, astrogation, life support, rader & radio - 43 years  

Shat Rat's Salvage acquired this specimen via government auction, it's hull along with all current equipment is 43 years old. Records show the craft last served under Minotaur's militia and was retired upon acquisition of a new replacement model.

(deck plans below are rendered in 2-meter squares)

Freighter Hull

Class:5 Frame
completely stripped vessel
PRICE: 190,000Cr

HS: 5     HP: 3 (25)     Powerplant: n/a
ADF: 0   MR: 0      DCR: 0      Crew: 0
Armament: n/a 
Defenses: n/a
Communication/Detection: n/a
Misc Equipment: n/a


Cargo Capacity: 0 (5)
Fuel Tankage: n/a
Crew Accomodations: n/a
Passenger Accomodations: n/a
Ship's Vehicles: n/a

Key Selling Features

Relatively new and straight frame

Ready to be built to spec


Required for Operation



Component Age: 
Hull - 9 years 

This hull was found drifting in the Scree Fron system with an unknown history. Most likely the ship had been boarded by pirates and left adrift to its fate. Scavengers have stripped everything including most of the hull plating, leaving only the skeletal remains that you see here. Initially Shat Rat's intended to break it down into scrap until a title search divulged it was commissioned less than a decade ago, so being relatively new the salvage company decided to put it up for sale and see if there would be any bites first.

Light Freighter

RT-3100 Light Freighter
PRICE: 190,000Cr

HS:3     HP: 7 (15)     Powerplant: 1 of 2 atomic A drives (damaged) 
ADF:0 (4)   MR:4      DCR:30      Crew: up to 8
Armament: LB (damaged) 
Defenses: RH 
Misc Equipment: streamlined


Cargo Capacity: 1.5 (0.5u aft hold, 1u ventral hold)
Fuel Tankage: 3 pellets/drive
Crew Accomodations: 4 double cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: none

Key Selling Features

Versatile craft


Required for Operation

Repair one drive and acquire the other
Computer, life support, communication & detection, astrogation equipment 
Refurbish maintenance deck

Component Age: 
Hull: 16 years
Laser Battery: 16 years
Starboard Drive: 16 years

This vessel was recovered from an airless low-grav moon where it apparently landed for emergency repairs that were never performed. Scavengers have removed a lot of the equipment, leaving only the damaged laser battery and starboard drive (the port reactor housing is intact but the drive itself was removed). The RT-3100 is a simple craft to operate for those with novice skills and is a versatile ship that does most tasks well.

Pacific Class Freighter

SS Breakout
Trans Travel TT6150 "Pacific" Class Freighter
PRICE: 600,000 Cr

HS:6  HP: 7 (30)  PowerPlant: 3 damaged Atomic B
ADF:3  MR:3  DCR:38  Crew:up to 8
Armament: LB (damaged)
Defenses: RH 
Communications/Detection:  n/a
Misc Equipment: provisions for a cargo Arm


Cargo Capacity:6
Crew Accomodations: Captain's Suite (double occupancy possible), Crew Cabin w/2 triple bunks
Passenger Accomodations: 1 First Class Cabin, 2 Journey Class Cabins (all double occupancy)
Ship's Vehicles: accommodations for lifeboat & 2 workpods

Key Selling Features

Remarkably good condition for a salvaged vessel


Required for Operation

Hull & drive repairs

Needs a computer, life support, communication & detection, and astrogation equipment

Refurbish cabins and maintenance deck

Component age:
Hull, drives, maneuver jets, & laser battery - 17 years old

Trans Travel's TT6150 is a popular choice for independant haulers, designed in the early f.y. 40s the ship has been around for a while. As such it has been tried, tested, and found to be true. The overall design makes it optimum for a wide variety of roles beyond cargo hauling, a crew can make additional income via the trio of passenger cabins as well as offering courier duties to local governments. The deck arrangement is simple and straight forward, separating various duties efficiently enough. Many owners are quick to modify the basic design both during the construction phase or after acquisition. In fy:61, one such famous example dubbed the SS Gullwind made what has been historically referred to as "the Dramune Run", running an illegal cargo from Clarion to Inner Reach thus exposing a criminal organization which kicked off the third Dramune War. 

Despite the severe damage, it won't take much to restore this vessel. Very little was taken by prior salvage operations before Shat Rat's found the craft drifting in deep space. According to Star Law this particular vessel served under various pirate owners for the majority of its 30 year liefspan. It is believed the Breakout was used by the Star Devils in taking the Serena Dawn although there is not much evidence to support the claim. If there is a downfall to purchasing this craft, it would be the potential criminal reputation that may follow the crew anywhere they travel.

Resalvaged Freighter

SS Overflow 
resalvaged freighter 

PRICE: 1,600,000

HS: 5 HP: 35 Powerplant: 2 Atomic C (salvaged and in need of repair)
ADF: potentially 4 MR: 3 DCR: 35 Crew: 5-10
Armament: LB (needs repair)
Defenses: RH, ICM(x2, needs repair & mounting)
Communication/Detection Equipment:  n/a

Cargo Capacity: 5 
Crew Accomodations: 2 double occupancy cabins, 2 triple bunk cabins
Passenger Accomodation: n/a 
Ship's Vehicles:  

Misc Equipment: medium hull armor, streamlined (accommodations for a cargo arm)

Computer  (FP:193 LV:4 SP:100)
Alarm (2) 
Analysis (4) 
Astrogation (4) 
Commerce (1) 
Damage Control (2) 
Drive, Atomic (6)  
Information Storage (1)  
Interceptor Missile (3)  
Laser Battery (1) 
Life Support {capacity:10} (1) 
Maintenance (2) 

Key Selling Features
unorthodox oversize drives for maximum performance
medium hull armor

Required for Operation
engineering finesse to make the drives work properly
Needs astrogation, communication, and detection equipment 

Component Age: 
Astrogation equipment: 41 years
Hull - 32 years 
Drives - 45 years 
Maneuver Jets: 32 years 
Laser Battery - 24 years 
ICM launcher - 18 years 
Computer: 15 years 
Life Support: 12 years 

The Overflow is a salvaged rat ship, that is to say it has already been salvaged once before and is awaiting its third attempt at life. It was a work in progress that ended up being sold back to Shat Rat's after the prior owners gave up on it. The ship is unique in the way of sporting a pair of massive C-class drives on a class:5 hull. It will take some engineering finesse to make them work, and even so they still need some lengthy work to run again. The final result should be awe inspiring but reliability could be questionable. As such the ship has been equipped with medium hull armor (of which the integrity permits the use of said drives) and several defensive systems which would otherwise seriously hamper the specified B drives, however if successful the oversized drives should be capable of improved acceleration compared to unladen B-class drives.

The cargo hold is equally unorthodox, with loading bays fore and aft on the port & starboard sides versus the conventional clam-shell bay doors that most freighters are equipped with. The ship is streamlined for atmospheric use, although most civilized worlds may not permit atomic powered craft to operate in their airspace. Nonetheless, the loading bays are a boon for manual cargo transfers when gravity is a factor as the ramps can extend down and out for ease in loading or remain upright/locked for zero-G operations. The hold currently contains a laser battery, two missile ICM launcher, subspace radio, radar unit, cargo arm, furnishings for the cabins, and the mainframe computer (all but the computer are salvaged items and in need of repair). 

Special rule regarding the oversized drives: If the repair roll fails then the drive(s) can not be salvaged and replacements will have to be swapped over. Once functional drives are available, the engineer must roll 20% + 10%/skill level to allow proper functionality. The process can be repeated for each engineer in the group but only once per engineer and each attempt takes 2d10+5 days. Reliability is going to be an issue, if a breakdown occurs utilize half the drive age rounded down as a plus/minus buffer for drive breakdowns --- i.e. half of 45 rounded down = 22, with the drives being 45 years old and the next component is 32 years old a normal rat ship breakdown roll of 33-45 would result in drive issues, instead add plus or minus 22 to that roll meaning a roll of 10-67 results in the drive issue (see the Special Rules for Salvage Ships section for more details).

Salvaged UPF Assault Scout

(formerly UPFS) Lancer

HS:3     HP:4 (15)     Powerplant: accommodations for 2 Class A drives, one is missing/other is in need of repair/overhaul
ADF:0*   MR:0 (4)      DCR:0 (30)     Crew: up to 8
Armament: LB (needs repair), accomodation for pod laser system w/no penalties
Defenses: RH (needs a fresh coating)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar 
Misc Equipment: streamlined

COMPUTER ( LVL:2 fp:32 mass/SP:10 in a lv:4/100SP mainframe package )

Alarm: 2 
Analysis: 4 
Astrogation: 4     
Life Support: 1  (cap:8)

Cargo Capacity: 0.5
Fuel Tankage: n/a
Crew Accomodations: 4 single/double occupancy cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: none

* ADF varies after drives and computer program are acquired, 1 for ion drives and 4 for atomic drives

Key Selling Features

Accommodations for a pod laser & laser battery at no penalty


Required for Operation

repair/replace one A drive and add one A drive w/ associated computer software
optional weapon package and additional computer software
extensive hull repairs

Component Age: 
Hull, existing drive, maneuver jets, computer, astrogation, life support, rader & radio - 18 years  

Shat Rat's Salvage acquired this specimen following a Spacefleet skirmish, it's hull along with all current equipment is 18 years old. The military computer software, drive upgrades, and assault rocket system were surrendered according to UPF law.

Timeon Clipper

SS Stothgard
PRICE: 1,900,000Cr

HS:7 HP:56 (13) Powerplant: 1 damaged Streel "Big Bang" Atomic B (3 required) 
ADF: 0 (3) MR: 0 (2) DCR:50 Crew:8-15 
Armament: accommodations for one LB 
Defenses: RH, accommodation for MS (x1) 
Communication/Detection: stripped 
Misc: heavy armor, accommodations for 2 cargo arms (1/hold)



Cargo Capacity: 7 (3.5 x 2 holds) 
Fuel Tankage: 18 uranium pellets, 6/drive 
Crew Accomodations: 2 suites (single or double occupancy), 6 cabins cabins (single or double occupancy) - all require furnishing
Passenger Accommodations: 0 
Ship's Vehicles: accommodations for Workpod & Large Launch


Key Selling Features

Heavy hull armor

one repairable Streel "Big Bang" drive


Required for Operation

standard hull repairs

two more equivalent drives or three matching drives

mainframe computer & duty station panels

comm/detection equipment

cabin refurnishings

maintenance deck refurbish

astrogation and life support equipment

optional weapon/defense/vehicle/cargo arm replacements


Component Age:

Hull, maneuver jets, and existing single SBB drive - 26 years

Streel Shipbuilding designs and constructs these lower end freight haulers. Using a class:7 hull as a starting point, these freighters aren't designed for massive profits as the larger container vessels may reap, but rather their faster nature allows them to enjoy hauling cargoes that need to be there a little quicker than the big barges can travel. Also noteworthy is the extra heavy hull armor plating invoked, allowing the Timeon Clipper to absorb considerably more damage than larger craft can take. Further additions include a single laser battery to help ward off any of that damage. 

Obviously anything this high in mass requires a little extra boost to propel it to standard performance levels. To this end Streel's own "Big Bang" line of class:B atomic drives offer superior thrust over the PGC "Eureka's" offered on the Pacific class freighters (eg: the SS Gullwind) with only marginally higher costs, and adding a third drive to the equation also helps retain stock ship performance. The improved efficiency of the Big Bangs along with the increased cargo capacity over the standard smaller freighters sized from class:3 to 6 hulls will maximize profit potential for those independant haulers and greater expansion potential for mid-sized firms with fleets of several ships. 

These craft are meant to slip in to the market where larger craft could never operate, such as limited markets where a larger ship would burn up all the profits in her reaction chambers. Aforementioned smaller worlds no longer have to pay premium prices for goods hauled to them. With twice the room of smaller atmospheric capable haulers they will be able to flood the markets with thier own goods and take over the runs they are used on, leaving only the "absolutely positively has to be there right away" market to the smaller craft. 

Few owners opt to ditch the single laser battery in favor of improved performance (thereby allowing MR:3), most freight captains enjoy some form of self defense when the nay-sayers show up looking for some free swag to lift. Massive amounts of hull integrity can go a long way in preventing unwanted boarders, but a battery weapon goes even further by adding an offense to an established defense.

original stats & concept by Parriah

This vessel appeared in Basically Speaking, the online hosted game here at SFus. The Stothgard was used to kidnap a memgber of the Royal Family, the valiant crew of the CMS Falcon rushed in to overtake the craft and rescue the princess. Once the rescue was accomplished, the ship was subsequntly hulked and left to drift. Shat Rat's brought her home for a possible new life.

UPFS Melinda McCoy

SW:1 era McCoy class destroyer
PRICE: 3,000,000Cr

HS: 6 HP: 0 (50) Powerplant: 2 atomic B (destroyed) 
ADF: 0 (3) MR: 0 (3) DCR: 60 Crew: n/a 
Armament: accommodations for LC and two battery weapons
Defenses: RH (needs refreshing), accommodations for ICM(x4)
Communication/Detection Equipment: Subspace radio, radar, energy sensor; intercom network, skin sensors

Misc Equipment: Heavy Armor, deluxe astrogation equipment

LVL: 5 fp: 209 SP: 300

Alarm (2) 
Analysis (6) 
Astrogation (4) 
Commerce (1) 
Computer Lockout (4) 
Computer Security (4) 
Damage Control (2) 
Drive, Atomic (5) 
Industry (1)
Information Storage (1) 
Installation Security (4) 
Interceptor Missile (3)  
Laser Cannon (1) 

Laser Battery (1)
Life Support {capacity:50} (1) 
Maintenance (2) 

Rocket Battery (2)


Key Selling Features

Heavy hull armor

Potential for a heavily armed freight hauler



Required for Operation

Complete rebuild


Cargo Capacity: 1.5 
Crew Accomodations: 21 double occupancy cabins 
Passenger Accommodation: 4 double occupancy cabins (2 1st Class/2 Journey Class); 4 frozen storage class berths (brig) 
Ship's Vehicles: 2 workpods, large launch


The UPFS Melinda McCoy fell victim to the events leading up to the Third Dramune War. She is a relic dating back to the First Sathar War and while most of the components had been updated since then, her hull is nearly 70 years old. She was the last functional model in her series. Shat Rat's was able to recover her before any other salvagers found the craft drifting in Dramune, although the UPF has dimilitarized it and purged all sensitive software and information so that it could be made available to the civilian resale market. As such there is room to expand the cargo hold (up to four units capacity at the reduction of two crew decks, thus leaving 9 double occupancy cabins and the passenger cabins). The asking price is high but considering the nostalgia and potential it is more than reasonable.


X-6 Scout

SS Velocious
demilitarized/surplus assault scout rebuild project
PRICE: 1,410,000Cr

HS:3     HP: 24     Powerplant: 3 Class A atomic (intended for six) 
ADF: 6 w/three more drives   MR:4      DCR:30      Crew: up to 8
Armament: none, provision for one LB w/no penalty, additional LB intended @ -1 ADF 
Defenses: n/a
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar 
Misc Equipment: streamlined, heavy hull armor

COMPUTER ( LVL:3 fp:40 mass/SP:20 in a lv:4/100SP mainframe package )

Alarm: 2 
Analysis: 4 
Astrogation: 4 
Damage Control: 2    
Life Support: 1  (cap:8)

Cargo Capacity: 1.5 (0.5u aft hold, 1u under-belly hold)
Fuel Tankage: 3 pellets/drive
Crew Accomodations: 4 double cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: none

Key Selling Features

Little difficulty in completion

Heavy hull armor

Three new drives


Required for Operation

1-3 more atomic A drives

Updated alarm & damage control software to match the number of drives

Remaining software packages that are absent

Astrogation  and life support equipment

Hull plating


Component Age:
Hull - 36, treat as 18 years due to recent reinforcements

Computer, maneuver jets, and radio & radar - 36 years

Existing drives - new

Shat Rat's Salvage recently acquired this special project from Triad's SCC where it had been abandoned. The prior owner had redesigned the hull to accomodate six drives and an additional laser battery along with an expanded ventral hold. All of the original hull plating was stripped and the framework was reinforced for light hull armor. The final product would sport six drives, a pair of laser batteries (although the hull currently only accomodates one), an expanded hold, and militray grade assault scout performance. While the hull and computer are both 38 years old (the recent reinforcing takes ten years off the hull for game purposes), the trio of replacement drives are brand new. After the project passed the halfway mark the owner stopped making payments on the construction and summarily disappeared. Once it sat long enough the SCC put a lien on the vessel until finally they needed the space for paying customer. It was kicked into orbit and Shat Rat's was called to remove it. 

The blueprints were included but the SCC repossessed the intended euipment that was not mounted, which included the remaining armor & hull plating, three drives, a pair of battery weapons, and the remaining under-belly framework among others. Nothing a Space Rat can't handle...

Note on remaining drives & hull plating --- if a single drive is installed on the starboard mount ADF will be 4, if three drives are added as intended ADF will be 6. Restoring the dorsal laser battery will not affect performance, however pod lasers or a second battery can be added at a -1 ADF penalty. As it stands the ship can operate with the current trio of drives but ADF will be 3 (the existing hull armor reduces perfromance by a factor of 2). 

The remaining armor can be acquired through a military contractor at any Class:1 SCC for 200,000Cr along with an additional 50,000 fee, if the party opts out of this and utilizes basic hull plating for the remainder of the project then the hull points will be 22 instead of 24. The required amount of hull plating can be had for 25,000Cr or half of one hull size' worth of plating. Naturally Shat Rat's will transport the hull armor at their usual 10% rate.

Special Rules for Salvaged/Rebuilt Ships


When these craft go on a voyage, the breakdown system is slightly different from the Campaign Book rule. For starters, a rat ship has a 2%/5 year breakdown rate over the canon 1% rate. The rate is based on the hull age. If a breakdown occurs, the referee rolls d% and any system or structure in that age range is subject to failure. For example, a 40 year old hull supported by 30 year old drives and 20 year old communication & detection equipment would roll against those ages. If a 41+ is rolled nothing happens, if 31-40 is rolled there is a hull issue, if 21-40 is rolled then the referess must dice between the drives and hull, and 01-40 dices between all three for a break-down or issue. If the d% roll exceeds the age of all compnents, then consult the standard breakdown table in the Knighthawks Campagin Book (page 10).

Sample Rat Ship

SS Melinda McCoy II
salvaged McCoy class destroyer

HS: 6 HP: 50 Powerplant: 2 Streel "Big Bang" Atomic B 
ADF: 3 MR: 3 DCR: 60 Crew: currently 6 
Armament: Laser Cannon, Electron Beam Battery, Rocket Battery (x4 salvos)
Defenses: RH, ICM (x5); 30 cubic meters of allocated space remaining 
Communication/Detection Equipment: Subspace radio, radar; intercom network, skin sensors 

Cargo Capacity: 4.5 (4u main hold w/cargo arm + 0.5u forward hold) 
Crew Accomodations: 9 double occupancy cabins 
Passenger Accomodation: 4 double occupancy cabins (2 1st Class/2 Journey Class); 4 frozen storage class berths (brig) 
Ship's Vehicles: 2 workpods, large Launch, 3rd hardpoint converted to external docking module for S-series fighter craft. 
Misc Equipment: Cargo Arm

LVL: 4 fp: 194 SP: 100 

Alarm (2) 
Analysis (4) 
Astrogation (4) 
Commerce (1) 
Computer Lockout (4) 
Computer Security (4) 
Damage Control (2) 
Drive, Atomic (5) 
Electron Beam Battery (2) 
Information Storage (1) 
Installation Security (4) 
Interceptor Missile (3) 
Laboratory, Medical (3) 
Laser Cannon (1) 
Life Support {capacity:32} (1) 
Maintenance (2)

Component Age
Hull - 72 years 
Astrogation equipment: 41 years
Maneuver Jets: 30 years
SSradio: 26 years
Weapons: HLC - new, RB - 26 years, EB - 17 years
Defenses: ICM launcher - 18 years
cargo arm: 15 years
Radar: 14 years
Drives: 11 years
Computer: new 
Life Support: new
Intercom: new

Ship's Vehicles: workpods - 9 years, launch - 3 years

All new equipment as of fy:70