Half Life by Star Light

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November 11, 2017 - 7:43am
CSS Half Life is a confiscated freighter employed by the Crown of Clarion to dispose of nuclear wastes from the nuclear production side of the economy, medical research and star ship engineering waste (some is classic nuclear waste but much is just contaminated materials. Once a month or as needed the Half Life loads its specially redesigned cargo container and accelerates toward the system's sun. It parks in a safe orbit near the star and points the ship's tail at the star.

The end of the cargo container opens to reveal a rail gun contraption mounted in side that the crew will use to launch containers of nuclear waste at the star where the fires of White Light will naturally and safely recycle the material.

The Anti Monarchist group the Liberation Front has infiltrated a mole into the crew of this ship, who live rather cushy lives on Clarion Station and only make on average one run per month and spend the rest of their time cleaning and maintaining their ship as well as storing cargo boxes in the hold as they are recieved.

The mole will smuggle his cell onto the Half Life for its next run. They will kill the crew, and return with the ship to Clarion to strike back with rail gun launched dirty bombs. The plan is to launch them at the station? or at the palace? [I'm not 100% sure what their plan is but I'm certain it will solidify soon]

In order to succeed the LF need to pull the Royal Marines off station so they stuff a life pod with the bodies of the crew they have killed and wire the emergency beacon for delayed activation giving them time to head back to Clarion at 1 ADF. Possibly a LF cell or two will stage incidents on Clarion station to confuse the situation and give the cell on the Half Life a shot at launching their dirty bombs. The Half Life has changed its transponder codes so it will read as another ship on a tacticle plot. with two to three RM ships out system and another assault scout responding to the emergency beacon and a fifth ship in dock with its engines dismantled for repairs or what have you this plot just could work. Unfortunately, for the LF the Osprey had just returned for shore leave and it will scramble to support the ship responding to the emrgency beacon. so its not at the station but the closest that can respond to this threat.

I suppose we should specify that the radioactive waste is in containers that are designed to survive rentry? Part of the regulations on transport of radio active waste that just incase a shuttle went down, blew up or suffered some other catastrophic event the wast would not be spread all over the place. The LF's idea is that launched by a rail gun they are hoping to irradiate the palace.
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November 19, 2017 - 8:28am
Contingency plans in case the terrorist succeed: if the royal family dies, there will be folks that start looking for a new monarchy, you will have political jockeying for election too... and yes the prime suspects will be the Libertarian Party... to stabilize things someone like the a retired herald from the Heralds Office will get everyone still alive who knows Royal family lineage and they will want to track down sidelines of the royal family that advocated way back in the lineage, most of these will not pan out... but one will.

Once someone knows there is a valid heir some place in the Frontier there will be those who want him or her dead...

The heir of course has no clue they are royalty.
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