Immortal level B/X game play?

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March 3, 2016 - 12:25pm
I bought, read but never played the Immortal level B/X expansion. Come to think of it the same applies to the Companion expansion.

Anyone ever play Immortals? 

Anyhow, just saw Gods of Egypt in theatre, and was struck by how well it would work as a script for an Immortal level game. It even allowed for a mortal their to be a member of the Immortal PC party. 
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Shadow Shack
March 3, 2016 - 4:32pm
B/X is the Moldvay/Cook rule sets that came in the Magenta (basic) and sky blue (expert) boxes. You're referring to the next edition from Frank Mentzer whose abbreviated moniker is BECMI for Basic, Expert, Comanion, Master, & Immortal boxed sets which came in Red, Blue, Cyan, Black, and  Gold/tan boxes respectively.

I own the Holmes set (predecessor to Moldvay/Cook, often referred to as OD&D), B/X sets along with fan press B/X Companion, and the BECM (but not I) sets so I have no actual experience with that final set. From what I have gleaned though, there are nother 36 levels of immortality beyond the 36 levels of mortal BECM characters along with provisions for "demi god" types which are immortal characters that can work with mortal groups (or they could be one and the same, I really don't remember).

Personally, I've always been a fan of lower level play (read: basic adventures) and rarely have a character attain name level, and when I do I usually end up sourcing them as NPCs to hire new low level players to carry out their missions. As such B/X is my go-to ruelset, I find it easier to use and easier to look things up over the Mentzer set. I only acquired th Companion set for the large & huge dragons that make any other version of dragon seem like normal men by comparison (you know, for reminding those special groups that their characters just aren't as bad-ass as they think they are) and the Master set has rules for siege weaponry and weapon mastery (the latter of which I deemed as overly complicated for quick & easy play).

Anyways, B3 - Palace of the Silver Princess is something that could be sourced for "immortal" ideas, the Protectors as written could easily fall into that category.
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