1000 Years in the Frontier Future

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June 7, 2019 - 5:11am
Note this is not really about the setting 1000 years in the future but it is about centuries in the future

Saw a game premise posted that involved a game set 1000 years in the future and thought ok what if a ship (assault scout or frigate) was trapped in a (engage universal translator and translate to Star Trek technobabble) "temporal anomaly" and it finally escapes but its centuries in the future.

The Frontier was over run by the Sathar not long after FY111.

Some planets are efectively destroyed from orbital bombardment such that there are stone age tribes of core four eking out a miserable existence in the ashes of their destroyed world.

Some worlds have become client's to the conqueroring sathar clans. There is a resistance but slave bots and sathar agents are extremely common and the worms are in control.

Some worlds were captured but resistance by the poplulation forced the worms to go total necromancer and bulk of the population is slave bots.

The sathar clans turned to infighting before the conquest of the Frontier was wholely complete, thus:

a few worlds held out or remained hidden- I believe Moon World's Zebs Guide footnote says its a secrect Space Fleet/UPF base. so it will become the navy yard of the resistance.

the UPF is greatly changed and is no longer a treaty organization like NATO. its leader is dictator-ish and headquartered on Moon World. The other hold out worlds are bullied into submission and heavy taxation to support the military industrial complex of Moon World.

The Crown of Clarion is in exile. clarion is a conquored world- seems the worms enjoy its soggy environment.

Three independent worlds are cut off from the rest-Terledrom, Groth and the name of the colony in Kisk' Kar survived the worm onslaught just barely and its political structure remains unchanged.

Into this setting the PCs fly unaware. "Where is Clarion Station and the UPF space fortress in Clarion orbit?"
suddenly sathar fighters errupt from the planet surface and long range scan detects sathar destroyers bearing down from the outer system.

Its questionable as to whether the organization that originally commissioned the PCs is still in existance so who do they take orders from? The Second Federation? There will be some new tech available like Jump govenors that allow for jump computations to be done in 1 hour/light year. any and all tech in any rule book or fan magazine exists somewhere in this setting (Gama World style in some cases).

I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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June 18, 2019 - 11:18pm
The sathar could have become a less cohesive force simply because, once they'd conquered the Frontier, the various weakness and stresses in their social system began to pull things apart. Without the challenge of conquest to keep them occupied, and after 400 years the system first became frayed and then split into various factions. The need for conquest turned inwards on the sathar, and this is something that can be exploited by the survivors across the Frontier.

This doesn't mean that the sathar are a spent force - they may have various rivalries and pacts that still keep them dangerous - but they are not the same as pre-conquest days.

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June 19, 2019 - 4:11am
KRingway wrote:
The sathar could have become a less cohesive force simply because, once they'd conquered the Frontier, the various weakness and stresses in their social system began to pull things apart. Without the challenge of conquest to keep them occupied, and after 400 years the system first became frayed and then split into various factions. The need for conquest turned inwards on the sathar, and this is something that can be exploited by the survivors across the Frontier.

This doesn't mean that the sathar are a spent force - they may have various rivalries and pacts that still keep them dangerous - but they are not the same as pre-conquest days.

Social and governmental control system becomes frayed through ambition of preeminant clans seeking to be not just first amongst equalls but to really take over.

perhaps its as simple as the caste system- there has to be someone at the top and the whole caste system  only permits the clan to get so big the worm at the top becomes unable to effectively control larger and larger numbers of upper cast members. maybe one clan tried something new like using mechanons as upper caste leaders and it exponentially employed larger and larger numbers of lower and middle sathar. until there was a betrayal by the mechanons and this clan imploded. you would have large numbers of lower and middle caste sathar leaderless if the mechanons suddenly betrayed and walked- which in some areas would give you mostly directionless bands of almost reaver like sathar. other clans would pick off this clan's territory in the after math.

mechanons would become a power block

Zuraquor could throw off shackles in aftermath- these would be your enigmatic foe that you could reason with.

Another sathar clan could have tried expanding upper caste sathar to control greater and greater numbers of lower and middle but this lead to the evolution of the sessu. each upper caste sathar being an amoral individual that seeks its own ends but able to work with a group in furtherance of its own ends.

I'm not familiar with the, was it, Roku? by Larry Moore. where is that located?

enigmatic return of the tetrarchs? shadowy and unclear- you never see them directly. in fact many dont even believe they are back and think its all space myth.

The New Fed- conservative and a little bit self righteous but on the side of the Good Guys ie they are standing the wall protecting civilization for the core four.

Terledrom Technocracy- Vrusk/dralasite power block with 5% of population is other (human yazirian mostly)

Pirate's Reach- lead by a pirate that is a bit of a General Bethleham from the movie "The Postman"

CFM surviving as free traders

Crown of Clarion in absentia leading a large mercenary organization looking to retake clarion from who? Sathar or mechanons?
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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June 19, 2019 - 8:23am

What Are The Rooksha?

By Laura Mumma


Rooksha Background In Star Frontiers:


The Rooksha first appeared in Star Frontiersman 04, The Great Hunt by Bill Logan with art by B .Kelleher page 37. The Rooksha as they where presented lack stats, it is hoped this follow up article will help flesh out this mysterious and dangerous alienrace for use in the setting. A special thank you to JCab747 for his suggestions.


Rooksha Stats:


Type: Medium Omnivore

Number: 1-10

Move: Walk/Turn 10m ,Run/Turn 20m, Per Hour 3 km

IM/RS: 4/40

Stamina: 50

Attack: 50

Damage: 1d10 claws, plus any weapons they may employ, PS 3

Special Attack: Non-lethal tongue poison that renders a victim of such a strike unconscious for 1d10 turns, range 3 meters.

Special Defense: See racial abilities below

Native World: Unknown

Average Stats fo rthis creature as an NPC are:

STR/STA: 50/50  DEX/RS: 40/40 INT/LOG 45/45 PER/LDR 40/40


The Rooksha First Contact:

The following wastaken from a Streel report to the UPF and Star Law on a possible first contact situation with a hostile alien race that may pose a threat to the UPF and Streel business interests. 

Streel Irochol Mining Colony Incident:

Mines Asteroids for uranium in the Athor System, has been in successful operation for ten years without a major incident. Streel in mid communication lost contact with its Irochol Mining Colony. Right before the silence, the foreman was heard to say “What the hell is THAT!?” before the sound of a weapon being fired ended all communication. 

Streel sent in a team to investigate the loss of communication that Streel suspected might be pirate activity. The survivors of the investigation and rescue team to Irochol however relayed a very different reason for the loss of communication. 

First Contact with a previous unknown interstellar race. The rescue team quickly found themselves being hunted by creatures described as a cross between a Sathar and a Lizard. Though the rescue team was able to locate a few mining colony survivors the majority of the rescue team and the mining colony where efficiently killed by this new race.

The Rooksha Description:

Streel handed over all bodies of the aliens recovered to the University of Zebulon for study. The Rooksha head is elongated and shaped very similar to the Satharoid racial head. 

One difference in appearanceis a sort of double-ear covered by a membrane on a head-ear crest on each side of their heads, based on the survivors reports the hearing of the Rooksha may have been superior to that of a Humans. Their eyes appear vaguely Satharoid though shaped a bit different in that the eye is vaguely s-shaped on the top.On dissection it was discovered the creature has the double pupils and a dual brain of a similar shape to the Satharoid races. 

The eyes appear very dark, so much so it is impossible to see the pupils and they appear solid black or a nearly black blue. During dissection it was discovered this creature has anatural eye cover that protects their eye but makes their eyes look one color and pupilless to other races. 

Unlike the Sathar, the Rooksha posses what appear to be scent sensory gland-pits towards end of snout, which arches down moving their mouth opening to under their snout. The gland-pits seem to give them ascent ability near that of a Human and may help regulate their temperature as well. 

Like the Sathar though their mouth is circular and ringed with teeth. Short feeling whiskers protrude from around their mouth and snout area. The Rooksha tongue is very different than the Sathar’s tongue it can be launched out of their mouth as the thrust their head up much in a way a frog’s can up to 3 meters from them. The tongue contains an adaptive non-lethal poison that renders a victim of such a strike unconscious for 1d10 turns.

Like the Sathar their body is segmented, contains a crop, they also appear to regulate their body temperature the same way Sathar do and are surmised to be actually cold-blooded as well. Many of their internal features appear to be very Sathar however there are some very un-sathar features as well. 

The Rooksha has a specialized air sacks throughout their bodies that allows it to actually store air, these organs are not lungs. In addition their bodies have cartilage webbing that give them extra support. Based on the surviving eyewitnesses accounts that the Rooksha was able to move around in the vacuum of space with no spacesuit it is believed that this how the Rooksha did not need an atmosphere. 

It is believed they secrete some kind of bodily slime that gives them protection in the vacuum of space, based on the survivors reports it is a limited ability with some variation between individual Rooksha with the average being around 40 minutes. It is believed they can probably survive underwater or in a tainted atmosphere environment for about as long as well.

The Rooksha do not posses a tail and their forearm appendages though tentacle like are thick and have cartilage webbing that acts as an extra support system. Their "hands" are a heavy split pads they can wrap around for gripping with only 2 fingers each very thick and ending in heavy claws. 

As they do not have the Sathar tail to slither on they are clearly bipeds and use their thick cartilage webbed tentacles as legs for movement/support, in addition to of the Satharoid chamber system they seem to posses. 

The foot of the Rooksha is a heavy thick but flexible pad very simila rto a Sathar’s pad but reinforced for load carrying, the footpad does not possesany toes or claws.

They are smooth skinned like a Satharoid, and not scaled like a lizard; it is assumed they breathe in a similar manner as the Sathar. One obvious difference between the Sathar and the Rooksha is in the markings with dark and light colored sections of their bodies and lots oforganic line face markings. A few Rooksha appear to have artificial markings on their heads but the meaning is unknown. 

The Rooksha’s sexual organs seem to be similar to the Sathar’s and like the Sathar they appear to be both sexes. It is suspected they cross-fertilize and then deposit eggs.

DNA sequencing of remains compared to other species has left the scientists with more questions than answers. The Rooksha do share some common DNA with the Satharoid races but also they have unique sequences that do not appear related to any Satharoid bioforms. 

The University is continuing testing to try and determine what the Rooksha are.


Material Culture Recovered:

In addition to the few bodies recovered of Rooksha some material technology was recovered. Several Semi-modern or rather archaic laser rifles, which did not seem to work as well as the Streel issued weapons (range is half what a standard Frontier Laser Rifle is but it still does similar damage). 

The Rooksha recovered where all equipped with defensive screens. The analysis of the wreckage of their ship and the escape that landed on the asteroid by Streel engineers indicates this space faring race has jump capabilities. Streel has been able to recover some telemetry regarding destination of other escape pods and some navigational data that may point to what part of unexplored space these creatures come from.


Observed Customs:

Based on the reports of the surviving eyewitnesses and security recordings it appears this creature may have been killing for sport. They were observed collecting ears Streel employee’s they killed. Most of Streel’s employees on the mining colony where human and yazirian. However the one Vrusk employee killed also had an antenna removed. 

It appears they collect trophies of their kills. All the Rooksha encountered appeared to very young and may have just become fully mature and it has been suggested by the Xeno-anthropologists this may have been a ritual hunt for a coming of age ceremony in the Rooksha society. 

The Rooksha were observed speaking to each other and using translation devices to attempt to communicate with miners as a trap in their hunt.


What The Scientist Think:

The scientists at the University of Zebulon have suggested several theories to both Streel and Star Law concerning this species.

Rooksha started as a slave caste that underwent extreme bioengineering so they could survive extreme environments they were required to work in for the upper castes in Sathar society. Thus they became stronger and different looking than other Satharoids. 

Perhaps they rebelled and then developed a sort of Hunt type society. Maybe a group of slaves got left on some planet and forgotten, meanwhile the slave caste rebelled amongst the Sathar and after a bloody war where exterminated but this pocket population has survived and adapted.

The Rooksha were developed as assassins sent to kills pecific targets (prey) then DNA proof might have been required by their masters and since first training would involve animals the "ear" collecting would have evolved from all of that.

The Rooksha is a Sathar slave race, remade to look more Sathar like image. Remade to be more pleasing to their Sathar masters.Perhaps they're bio-engineered Eorna or another lizard race.

Rooksha are a special warrior caste of the Sathar, shock troops and enforcers of the Sathar high command designed to survive conditions that normal Sathar cannot. Feared by normal military Sathar, but tolerated due to their effectiveness in combat. 

They can board alien vessels without suits, survive alien gravities and atmospheres normal Sathar find unbearable. Normal Sathar probably find the Rooksha ugly and will not breed with them. 

Or perhaps another race bioengineered these Special Forces. Once the Rooksha’s masters were no more (for what ever reason) left totheir own devices on a planet, the Rooksha developed a hunt society. 

It could be possible the Rooksha where more appealing to the Reptile overlord race of the Sathar in their prehistory (some xeno-anthropologist believe Sathar have a fear of reptile races in particular), if the general Sathar population rebelled the Rooksha would have been associated with the reptile masters as oppressors or body guards or enforcers of the master race’s oppression even if the Rooksha were enslaved too. 

The rebellion would have committed genocide on the Rooksha in that scenario, withjust a few survivors. The survivors could have become a secretive hunter,pirate, and scavenger type culture in deep space.

Maybe the Rooksha were not bio-enhanced at all by anyone but themselves. The reason they look like Sathar and have some DNA incommon is this race co-evolved on the same world as the Sathar. Maybe the reason the Rooksha are similar to the Sathar is that the Rooksha bio-engineered or uplifted the Sathar, who latter turned on them.


What The Rooksha Think:

The Rooksha are an alien species that hunt for sport and pleasure. Their society is built around the idea of the hunt. Their test of maturing into adulthood is to be dropped off on some foreign world and told to bring back as many ears as they can. The traditional hunting space does not contain sapient life but does have dangerous and challenging life forms.

The Rooksha did misjumped and wound up stuck in a crashed ship in the Frontier area of space. However as the maturity ceremony is a great importance the Rooksha merely began hunting the miners. The Rooksha have no moral dilemmas about dispatching sapient life forms as all life forms are the prey. The greatest challenge any hunter can hope for is intelligent superior prey animals.  

As a rule space faring races that wander into Rooksha space are never heard from again. The high disappearance of ship in that region of space generally results in other species staying clear even though theymaybe ignorant as to why the ships disappear.


Rooksha as PCs Ability Modifiers:




Racial Abilities:


The Rooksha are able to function in zero gravity without a penalty and in gravity as high as 2.0 without penalty.


The Rooksha cannot hypnotize.


The Rooksha can remain in vacuum, under water and intainted atmosphere without air for 40 minutes.


Average Size: 3 meters

Average Mass: 55 kg

Average Lifespan: Unknown

Reproduction: Hermaphroditic

Body Temperature: Similar to Satharoids



http://www.starfrontiers.us/node/7338Sathar Sects

Star Frontiersman 04,The Great Hunt by Bill Logan with art by B. Kelleher page 37

Alpha Dawn Expanded Game Rules

Far Scape TV show forthe tongue idea.

Joe Cabadas

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June 20, 2019 - 3:23pm

Portal to the Gods/Transmitter to Daemons

The ancient empire that Frontier archeologists called the Tetrarch Societies settled the S’sessu – an offshoot of the Sathar race – on the plant Phri’sk in the Kashra’sk system a little over 10,000 years ago (Galactic Standard Time). The name Tetrarchs applies to four –or more – races that were predominant in this empire.

Very little is known about them, but it is believed that the Tetrarchs “lifted up” or used many minor races – including the Sathar, S’sessu, Eorna, Clikk, Na’dezh’da, Zethra, Saurians, and Drowlasites. These minor races were used as servants or slave laborers. Once the Tetrarch Societies fell, the theory is that the S’sessu and Sathar were cut off from each other until the UPF found the S’sessu’s homeworld.

At least, that’s the official story.

While the vast majority of S’sessu forgot about their proto-Sathar brethren, the Sathar remembered the S’sessu as “traitors to the way of the Great Worm” or simply the “great defilers of the Way.”

According to Sathar legends, one of the early clews who were “not Sath” betrayed the other clews when they sided with the great lizards afflicted them. The traitors or “Raa’Ssa’Thaar” were the “dark attendants” of the daemons (the lizards). The daemons separated the apostate Raa’Ssa’Thaar from the other proto-Sathar and took them to “stars far away.”

After a “war of tribulation and despair,” a league of minor races by the great warlord Sath’Shatha liberated the proto-Sathar and other races. Though Sathar stories paint Sath’Shatha as a Sathar, it is unclear if he/she/it was actually a Sathar.  Some legends talk about Sath the Greater and Sath the Lesser along with another early hero called Shan’Tar. It is possiblethat the Sathar’s conception of its founder is actually a conglomeration of different individuals from separate past eras.  

The proto-Sathar who followed Sath’Shatha named themselves after the warlord, becoming the Sathar. The hunted down and killed what pockets of Raa’Ssa’Thaar they could find, vowing that none should be left alive.

Centuries passed and the early clews evolved into first clans. The Sathar fought many battles and wars –amongst themselves and their former partners. The goal of hunting down apostate Raa’Ssa’Thaar was put aside and almost entirely forgotten. But some remembered.

Various early Sathar clans were annihilated in intra-racial religious wars over time. Some were alleged to have found pockets of Raa’Ssa’Thaar and, instead of destroying them, took the apostates as mates. Cowards of these debased clans fled for the stars, looking for the lost clews of Raa’Ssa’Thaar.

Joe Cabadas

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June 20, 2019 - 1:27pm

The S’sessu Legends

S’sessu legends from ancient times say that the Great Worm was offended by how the “First Ones” were too satisfied to wallow in the soils of paradise, an Eden-like place called Kei-Phak. 

The Great Worm sent a scourge to the First Ones in the form of great walking lizards. Becoming the masters of the First Ones (or proto-Sathar), the lizards took the ancient worms to the stars to fight many enemies including a race of worm eating insects.

S’sessu histories speak of the “S’slu Zatt’ar,” who were zealots that sought to overthrow the masters. Angered, the Great Worm split the S’slu Zatt’ar into squabbling factions, but one group was shown favor.

The Great Worm gave the S’slu – renamed as the S’sessu – the world of Phri’sk, which was a world of many delights but also dangers that would challenge and confront them to grow. The S’sessu were warned not to conquer Phri’sk’s environment but rather toa dapt to it, hence they have not tried to greatly alter its climate to be more worm friendly.

The Great Worm then banished the Zatt’ar w to the darkness of the stars, never to find peace or rest. The Zatt’ar were said to be allied with daemons because they ate their children.

Despite their god’s directive to adapt to Phri’sk, ancient S’sessu often found themselves outclassed by Phri’sk’s fearsome flora and fauna. Over time, the Great Worm sent messengers from the skies who became saviors, but deceivers of daemons also arrived and brought death and destruction.

According to one legend, only a few clews were left and were on the edge of dying out when the first messengers arrived. The messengers took mates and raised up new, stronger clews whose descendants expanded like the host of glowworms in the heavens.

Likewise, the deceivers of daemons who were clothed in the skins of S’sessu came down. Bearing “weapons of fire and light,” they sought to conquer the clews, but were eventuall yvanquished by the descendants of the messengers, sometimes after epic wars that lasted centuries.

Later S’sessu stories, even into more modern times, would still mention that visitors from the stars came to Phri’sk. Sometimes these visitors abducted S’sessu and left or impregnated them with their space daemon spawn. 

Some S’sessu anthropologists – often derided as fringe,“tin-foil hat” conspiracy theorists – believe that the later “visitors” were the ones who gathered enough followers to begin the S’sessu nation states.

By the time the United Planetary Federation discovered the S’sessu, their homeworld had a population of 3.8 billion with four large nation states – the S’sostra, the largest with 3.8 billion, the Ssar’phesk with 1.2 billion, the Pho’Trass’Nsk with 480 million, and the Usalas’ak with 180 million citizens. Then there were about a dozen or so lesser nations.

It was thought that the bloodline leading the Pho’Trass’Nsk had some kind of hypnotic powers. This bloodline was led by the dictator Sk’ky Srung-Ut – or “Fatty Sk’ky” – and were much darker skinned than the typical S’sessu.

When the Sathar invaded and conquered much of the Frontier, they sent a special elimination fleet that sacked Phri’skand killed off some 90 percent of the planet’s inhabitants. Fatty Sk’ky’s forces initially allied themselves with the invading Sathar, which led to the defeat of the other S’sessu nations. 

The Sathar then betrayed Fatty Sk’ky by taking the dictator as a prisoner and destroying the Pho’Trass’Nsk nation.

Joe Cabadas

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June 20, 2019 - 4:25pm

Tetrarch Ruins

Several ruins of the Tetrarch Societies could be found on Phri’sk including a large pyramid that was uncovered in modern times near one of the S’sostran’s major cities. S’sessu anthropologists eventually dated the ruins to some 10,000 years in the past and that they were not of S’sessu origin.

These discoveries awakened the S’sessu’s desire to explore space. During the early days of exploring the worlds of their home system (Kashra’sk) cosmonauts from S’sostra discovered ruins of the more Tetrarch ruins on the second planet (Za’thora’sk). 

It was this barren, nearly airless world where S’sessu origin legends say that the lizard masers first took the First Ones before taking them to Phri’sk.

The planet Za’thora’sk once had a thicker atmosphere and water, but it was lost in some kind of cataclysm nearly 10 millennia ago. This disaster dates to the time of the Tetrarchs. Also on this planet, the S’sostran discovered an artifact that they called the “Wonder,” which UPF analysts believe was some large, partially functioning automated machine/computer.

The S’sostran claimed the artifact for themselves. They established military and scientific facilities on the planet.

The “Wonder” is actually a poor translation of the original S’sostran word into the Pan-Gal language. The S’sostran term has a number of different meanings including wonder of: “ecstasy and agony,” of “enlightenment and madness,” and that it is a “portal.” The portal in this case has the meaning of “radio to god or daemons.”

The first S’sessu researchers learned that the Wonder offered a limited telepathic link. But all who connected themselves to this ancient machine went insane and soon died. Further S’sostran tests went much slower, with very little headway until the Sathar destroyed their home system.

Most of the S’sessu survivors now live in pressurized domed cities on the colony world of Phri’sk’sree (NewPhri’sk) in the S’seuden star system. New Phri’sk’s atmosphere is toxic to Satharoids. Although the S’sostrans had made plans to terraform the planet to the S’sessu’s liking, the effort has turned to ways the S’sessu can adapt to the world through bio-engineering themselves.

After the great Sathar invasion was over, scouts from new Phri’sk discovered that the Sathar had removed the Wonder from the Za’thora’sk. It was as though the great machine had blasted off from the planet’s surface, leaving a huge gaping hole behind.

Joe Cabadas

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June 20, 2019 - 4:26pm

Madness of the Sathar

Over the millennia since the fall of the Tetrarch Societies, many Sathar clans arose and then disappeared. The clans that invaded the Frontier – X, Y and Z – were simply some of the Sathar that lived near there.

Each clan has its own character. For example, Clan X heavily concentrated on bio-engineering and creating attack monsters. Clan Y was heavily dependent on robotics. Clan Z worked on starships.

The ancestors of these clans had destroyed the Eorna and then fought a genocidal war with the Clikk, which nearly brought about the destruction of both. The Sathar fell back into a centuries-long dark age after the Clikk war, until the rise of clans X, Y and Z and their resurgence into the region of the Frontier and Rim.

Clan X initially fought with the Zuraqqor, seeking to subjugate them. But then something remarkable happened, the Zuraqqor somehow won the Sathar’s respect and they became allies against another foe.

Clan Y led the invasion of the Frontier during the First Sathar War. They were responsible for the ignominious defeat at the hands of the Core Four races. Although they lost status, Clan Y and Clan Z later attacked and destroyed much of the Saurian planets and then invaded the Mhemne’s system, setting up robotic ship factories there.

Along with its religion, the Sathar had found a way to keep peace among the clans by creating something that the UPF theorized was a type of supercomputer. This supercomputer, establishedby a Sathar known as “Imperial Lord.” It was used to arbitrate disputes between the Upper Caste leaders of the various clans.

It was a classic fusion of Sathar biology and technology. Numerous tubed Sathar brains – those of great leaders –were integrated into the computer. Some of these brains would last hundreds of years before finally succumbing to death and decay.

To them, the S’sessu’s Wonder was an old Tetrarch city ship. The destruction of Phri’sk was to get the S’sessu out of the way so they could take this ship for further study.

Unfortunately for the Sathar –but fortunately for the Frontier races – when the SuperComputer tried to linkup with the Wonder, it caused madness amongst the tubed brains. 

But was this madness due to other outside influences, such as a Mechanon betrayal? 

Or was it some ancient trap by the extinct lizard masters?   

Joe Cabadas

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June 20, 2019 - 6:41pm

Dragon’s Teeth: The Rebirth of the Clikk

An ancient race in the galaxy are the Clikk.

They existed before the rise of the Tetrarchs Societies.

They fought against the Tetrarchs, but were decimated.

They survived the fall of the Tetrarchs, but retreated to the vast expanses and desolate worlds where they slept. Every few eons they would reemerge, build vast nations, but then mysteriously disappear.

Some 2,000 years ago, the Clikk had reemerged, building a star empire with captive slave/food races. Their reign began stretching into the Frontier area where they encountered the Eorna and then the Sathar.

After the Sathar eliminated the Eorna, they turned their attention to the Clikk. They realized it was their race’s ancient enemy from the time of the Tetrarchs.

The two sides fought a bitter, genocidal war. The Clikk scourge was eradicated, but the Sathar won a pyrrhic victory. The worms were thrown back into a centuries-long dark age where they retreated deep into their territory.

For centuries, the Sathar clans thought they had permanently purged the galaxy of the Clikk, but they were wrong.

Like Cadmus

In Greek mythology, King Cadmus sowed the ground with the teeth of a dragon he had slain. From these planted teeth sprang the Sparti, fierce warriors. Most of these warriors killed each other, but the survivors soon had great power under the king.

Like the dragon’s teeth of Greek mythology, the Clikk seeded worlds with caches of equipment. These crypts also held warriors and their slave attendants in suspended animation for a time when they could re-emerge and take their vengeance.

That time has come.

Joe Cabadas

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June 27, 2019 - 3:51am
RE: portal to gods or daemons: I think the language should be different gods and deamons have a human flavor to them and it should be "its hard to translate into pan-gal but beings of enlightenment or madness they may or may not have corporeal bodies so the human words gods and daemons seem to fit somewhat...."
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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June 27, 2019 - 4:21am
jedion357 wrote:
RE: portal to gods or daemons: I think the language should be different gods and deamons have a human flavor to them and it should be "its hard to translate into pan-gal but beings of enlightenment or madness they may or may not have corporeal bodies so the human words gods and daemons seem to fit somewhat...."


I'm trying to keep the verbiage short.

Maybe there are some other mythical creature words I can find that are vague?
Joe Cabadas

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June 30, 2019 - 5:36am
JCab747 wrote:
jedion357 wrote:
RE: portal to gods or daemons: I think the language should be different gods and deamons have a human flavor to them and it should be "its hard to translate into pan-gal but beings of enlightenment or madness they may or may not have corporeal bodies so the human words gods and daemons seem to fit somewhat...."


I'm trying to keep the verbiage short.

Maybe there are some other mythical creature words I can find that are vague?

Worm and Eye come to mind thinking on the physiology of the sathar.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!