I-76 Enforcer

Sovereign Virtue I-76 Enforcer 
Heavy Fighter 

HS:2 HP:16 Powerplant: shielded inboard/outboard Atomic A drive 
ADF:3 MR:4 DCR:40
Armamament: PL, AR(x2), IB 
Defenses: RH 
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar, Videocom, AEM, Streamlined 

Alarm (1) 
Analysis (4) 
Assault Rocket (1) 
Astrogation (4) 
Auto Eject (2) 
Computer Lockout (4) 
Damage Control (1) 
Drive (4) 
Information Storage (1) 
Laser Battery (1) 
Laser Cannon (1) 
Life Support (1) 
Maintenance (1) 

WarTech's sibling micro-corporation "Sovereign Virtue" belted out this fantastic heavy duty multi-purpose fighter many decades ago. It's an older design that has been upgraded over the years following WarTech's funding of the company, and has slowly become known as the "workhorse of the Frontier" by Star Fighter Corps pilots. The Enforcer's shielded atomic drive does not have a governor installed, so it is interstellar capable. The vessel's lacking performance is made up by an ability to take a severe beating by fighter standards, the rocket payload along with two different beam weapon systems (a forward firing pod laser and an Ion Gun Turret) makes it a versatile craft well suited for many roles. The new Deflector Screen defense system is a recent upgrade, the I-76 was the first fighter craft to be equipped with it and as a result it can sustain even greater amounts of punishment. 

A variant exists without airfoils, restricting it from atmospheric use. The I-76S variant is typically utilized by private organizations or carried aboard larger vessels for defensive duty. Aside from a slightly lower price tag, there is no difference between the two craft save for the atmosphere capable airfoils. 

Interior Layout