Atlantic Class Freighter

submitted by Shadow Shack

Trans Travel TT5050 "Atlantic" Class Freighter

HS:5  HP:25  PowerPlant: 4 Atomic B
ADF:4  MR:3  DCR:35  Crew:up to 8
Armament: none (LB available at no penalty)
Defenses: none (RH available)
Communications/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom (3 master panels, speaker/mike in each station/cabin/chamber)
Misc Equipment: Cargo Arm, Universal AirDock

(LVL:4 fp:167 SP:100)
Alarm (4) 
Analysis (4) 
Astrogation (4) 
Commerce (1) 
Communication (1) 
Damage Control (4) 
Drive - Atomic B (5) 
Industry (1) 
Information Storage (1)
Life Support cap:16 (1) 
Maintenance (4)

Cargo Capacity:5
Crew Accomodations: Captain's Suite (double occupancy possible), Crew Cabin w/2 triple bunks
Passenger Accomodations: 1 First Class Cabin, 2 Journey Class Cabins (all double occupancy)
Ship's Vehicles: lifeboat, 2 workpods

Base Price: 2,489,400Cr --- does not include fuel, spacesuits, weapons/defenses, or toolkits

Trans Travel's TT5050 is a newer offering for independant haulers, she made her debut in f.y. 61 as a 20th anniversary of Trans Travel's Pacific release. Much like its sibling Pacific class freighter, the overall design makes it optimum for a wide variety of roles beyond cargo hauling, a crew can make additional income via the trio of passenger cabins as well as offering courier duties to local governments. Without drives the Atlantic measures 105 meters in length and 18 meters at its widest point (the hold). The deck arrangement is simple and straight forward, separating various duties efficiently enough. Many owners are quick to modify the basic design both during the construction phase or after acquisition. The optional Pan Galactic "Eureka" drive adds an extra 100,000Cr per drive and increases the ADF to 5. Like the Pacific, a laser battery may be added with no performance penalties.

The Atlantic hasn't caught on in terms of popularity, at least not compared to the original Pacific design from which it was cloned and reduced in size from. The additional drive and software required to operate it boosts the price above that of the Pacific and it carries less cargo. However, the higher performance is worth it to those willing to pay the price, more so with the optional Eureka drives which elevates it to scout ship performance in a freighter package.

Used samples can be had for 15 to 50% of new price, depending on condition & upkeep...but tend to be rare compared to the more frequent appearance of Pacific class samples out there (which have been in production for two more decades).


image edited from published material, copyright TSR

1a> Flying Bridge
 1> Bridge
 2> Crew Deck
 3> Passenger Deck
 4> Maintenance Deck
 5> Cargo Hold
5a> Elevator Access Points to hold
5b> Cargo Arm
 6> Aft Maneuver & Engine Room

Deck 0 - Flying Bridge

1> Flying Bridge w/positions for Pilot, copilot or computer operator, and Engineer - gimbal allows "star fighter" flight stance

2> Hydroponics

3> Avionics
8> Elevator to main bridge

Deck 1 - Main Bridge

image edited from original published material, copyright TSR

 1> Main Elevator
Astrogator station 
 3> Chief Engineer station
Helm, position for pilot
Helm, position for optional copilot
 6> Computer Room, 6a is a maintenance shaft. Small arms storage nearby
Optional Laser Battery, where applicable
 8> Elevator to Flying Bridge

Deck 2 - Crew Quarters

image edited from original published material, copyright TSR

1> Elevator
Storage Area
Common Area, 4a is the holo-entertainment console, 4b cieling hatch to computer maintennace shaft
5> Fresher/sanitation
6> Pilot's cabin
7> Captain's cabin & office
8> Crew Cabin w/2 double bunks
9> Inner airlock, 9a airlock to lifeboat

Deck 3 - Passenger Deck

image edited from original published material, copyright TSR

1> Elevator, 1a> heavy weapon mounts
2> Airlock w/Universal Docking Collar and gunports
Common Area 
4> Fresher/sanitation
Journey Class Cabin 
6> First Class Cabin
7> Storage closet

Deck 4 - Engineering

image edited from original published material, copyright TSR

 1> Elevator
 2> Engineer's Station (half of overhaul time spent here)
 3> Freight Handler Station
 4> Workshop - 4a is a laser/lathe. 4b is a laser drill press, 4c is a workbench w/tool storage, 4d is a foundry
 5> Life Support unit, 5a floor access to water purification plant and water tanks
 6> Misc Storage 
 7> Parts Storage
 8> Workpod Airlock pens & floor access to hydroponics
 9> optional back up LS unit (not standard equipment)
10> Power Relay Station
11> Generator

Deck 5 - Cargo Hold

1> Elevator
2> Airlock
3> Cargo Arm tracks
4> Hold
5> Bay Doors

Deck 6- Engine Room

1> Elevator
2> Monitor Panels, 2a is a cieling accessway to the aft maneuver jet banks above
3> Airlock/Decontamination Chambers, access to engines 
half of overhaul time spent within engine room and drive accessways