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Physical Appearance and Structure
Bokar are a hairless humanoid of little more than 1 meter height. Their skin color is yellow to brown.

Most Bokar senses are comparable to human senses. However their sense of smell and hearing are more acute.

Bokar speak by forcing air from their lungs through a larynx but also employ their nasal passages in making hoots and honks. Its believed that these hoots and honks have distinct functions during communicaiton but experts have not discovered what that might be and the Bokar have declined to explain them. A conversation with a Bokar is frequently punctuated with hoots and honks and the occassional spray of nasal mucus.

Society and Customs


Special Abilities

Immunity to Hypnotism. Bokar are immune to all forms of hypnotism making including that employed by the sathar. They cannot be dominated by the sathar in this manner though the worms can easily appeal to their greed to gain compliance.

Difficult to Surprise. The Bokar's accute sense of smell and hearing make it extremely difficult to surprise them. Its said they can smell danger brewing. All Bokar gain a +1 to their initiative modifier and a +5 bonus to percentile rolls involving surprise that the referee feels is appropriate.

Crafty. The Bokar are liars and double dealer's born. They gain a +10% bonus to all PER ability checks involving lying or duping of other characters.

Physical Norms
Average Size: 1.2 m tall
Average Mass: 35 kg
Average Lifespan: 70 years
Reproductive System: hetrosexual, viviparous
Body Temperature: 39 C