Cerebral Imprint

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A creature found on this moon imprints a sensation on all targets within 5 meters. Anyone imprinted becomes irritable and grouchy, and prone to violence for the next 24 hours. During this duration, the Referee can force a player to make a WIL check, (INT in Star Frontiers) to avoid taking a violent action relevant to what might be bothering him - even slightly. 

This creature was responsible for the fall of a civilized sentient race - will your characters survive?

Rumors Table

  1. It is believed the creature was imported from another world, but where?

Adventure Ideas

Some Survivors 
There is a group that survived and remains underground. They lost most of their tech knowledge and have a few working systems that maintain the colony below the surface.
There is a group that watched the havoc on the surface of the planet. They remained in space and struggle to survive attempting to build a dome colony on one of the moons, using the systems only gas giant for ship fuel and mining the asteroid belt for precious materials. Two ag ships barely make enough food for the survivors. 

Complete Annihilation 
Everyone on the planet died, either from an imprint that left them violent or they were a victim of someone effected. Two craters on the planet are the remnants of the last stand between the last remaining factions of this civilization. 

In either case their will be a lot of stuff on the planet. 

Lots of ruins and places to explore. But what of the cerebral creatures?

Yazirian Immunity
The way yazirian body chemistry interacts with their brains immunizes them from this creatures imprint. When a yazirian is in battle rage, this immunity stops working. 

Will the yazirian character remain cool while other crew members are going crazy? 

NOTE: Medical types should be able to synthesize an antidote from yazirian blood for the crew. The same antidote could be used against the creature to suppress the imprint ability. 

Freeze Fields
The imprint can be suppressed or nullified if the creature is placed in a freeze field.

Plot Hooks

  • Wartech Bio Weapons Division R&D are hiring teams to extract several of these creatures for testing in their labs.
  • Failed Gear - One of the freeze fields looses power and release the creature. 
  • This is a test, this is only a test - One of the crewmen (assumed to either be an NPC or the company that hired the PC's insist he tag along) has been sent to help capture the creatures. During the voyage back he immunizes himself (perhaps he is the only one with a synthesized drug) and release one of the creatures recording the results on the crew. 


This special helmet when worn protects against mental powers at level 2. 
Cost: 5,000 CR 
Mass: 1kg 

PsychSuitThis special suit when worn protects against mental powers giving the wearer a +25% WIL check. This suit cannot be worn with other protective suits. 
Cost: 15,000 CR 
Mass: 1kg