Cyber Gorge

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Jaccobe Larame is a robotics expert. His questionable attitudes towards robots sent him to the unemployment line. Using his surperb skills and the last of his savings, Jaccobe purchased a plot of land near the Northern Territory bordering a wildlife perserve. There he hired loggers to spec out, log and build a human western settlement reministant of a long forgotten planet.

While construction was commencing Jaccobe spent his time travelling to the Port Loren Library searching for information on languages, traditions and technology a few hundred years after the discovery of black powder.   

Once the research was complete he purchase parts and equipment and set all his efforts to building human-looking robots. He made bad guys, a sheriff, bar tenders, cattle men, sheep herders, steeds, ect.. He programed "slang" into the robots language, robots often say words whos meaning is lost to the general public. For 10 credits a patron can purchase a datapad with the layout of Cyber Gorge, translation text (cowrobot to pan-gal), etc.

Cyber Gorge is a entertainment theme park that spans hundreds of kilometers. 

Some of the buildings have holo-projectors that project images of ghostly townsfolk. An elderly man sits at a piano whipping up a diddy, suddenly he evaporates into thin air. The piano keeps playing.

Plot Hook Ideas

Silver Death Cult - With their hatred for robots (non-organics) they would not want people entertained by inferiors and must be stopped. Their motivation to cause trouble is simple but they can be ruled out quickly after they launch an attack on the park or its support infrastructure.

Rogue Mechanon(s) - Naturally they'll be suspected and Star Law of course tracks the movements of all mechanons in civilized space. However the ambassador should not be the culprit as ambassadors are not chosen out of a hat and the official stance of Mechano's government is a desire to join the UPF. 

However it would be more likely that one of his retinue could be rogue. It could be that the ambassador is a deep cover rogue and allowed the actual rogue (orthodox) to be in his retinue with full knowledge but still maintaining his plausible deniability. He cant actively support the rogue lest he blow his cover. Mechanon rogue is a likely suspect and could be the suspect but just as likely the rogue can be stopped but evidence shows he's not the cause 

Industrial espionage/ Sabotage by a competitor - Star Play doesn't want a new start up corporation gaining market share in the resort market where they enjoy virtual monopoly.

Disgruntaled VP who has been shouldered aside and credit for Cyber Gorge has gone to another who is now an EVP

Devolving AI

  • ENTERTAINMENT - This could simply be entertainment for the Player's.
  • OWNER MISSING - Jaccobe has been missing for several weeks, his son is worried and has contact the party to help find him. The main bad guy robot is upset that one of his henchmen was reprogrammed and has seized Jaccobe. He is now guarded in a cave on the property. The sheriff has been trying to round up a posse to find him but nobody in town is willing to risk their life, (the sheriff does not have any deputes). The sheriff deputizes the party to find Jaccobe. (Note: the robot should be treated as-if he was alive since you can't really tell that he isn't.)
  • HACKER - Someone has reprogrammed the bad guy robots to ride into town and take credit chips and valuables from the patrons. The patrons think this part of the "fun" of Cyber Gorge and typically go along with the "show". At the end of day the patrons expect their belongings back which of course does not happen. They are upset must be calmed or there will be a real riot in town. Some may even take up arms and form a posse of their own while the sheriff tries to restore order. 
  • AI GONE WILD - The bad guy robots were programmed a little to authentic and have hurt a few patrons. Jaccobe has deactivated them and stored them in their hideout until he can determine what to do. He has reprogrammed a few of the citizen robots to be "bad guys" but their not doing a realistic job. A freak electrical storm reactivates the bad guy robots and they are on a rampage, stealing vehicles and heading for the city. What can you do to stop them?
  • ROBOT GONE BAD - Cyber Gorge was an overnight success. People came from all over the frontier to experience a different kind of "frontier". A few months after the opening Jaccobe noticed the robots becoming less "stiff" and more "free-flowing", he didn't have to tweak them to make them more realistic. Each week they became almost sentient-like. Pleased with his work he experimented by wiping the memory unit of one of the bad guy bots and connected a robotic pattern recorder. 

    The gorge is running smoothly and is 99.9% robotic, from the ticket sellers to the robotic crowd control, the only organic is Jaccobe himself. 


Those Aren't Cattle
The cattle are real, in fact their transplants from [[Torrent: Dinosaur Planet]]. Enjoy throwing a herd of these at your players. 

Content of Star Frontiersman project

Armagor (Ceratops)


Armagor (Ceratops)

TYPE: Large Quadruped Herbivore
MOVE: Fast
IM/RS: 4/40
DAMAGE: 4d10 Gore, Trample
SPECIAL ATTACK: Charge at full speed
SPECIAL DEFENSE: Armor, Needler weapons do not penetrate hide
DESCRIPTION: An armagor is over 1 metric ton and a thick skin covers the armagor's body protecting it from all manner of attack. It has a single horn on its snout that it uses to gore anything it perceives to be a threat. Quick-tempered, the armagor can run around 60 kph and is exceptionally territorial. Only a mateable armagor can get in the vicinity.
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Theme Park Layout

These facilities are located several kilometers away from the theme parks main attractions. 

Automated Robotic Factory BC2

Controlled by an AI this small facility repairs, assembles and repairs robots. One robot can be assembled in an eight hour period. The AI is built into the computer system which runs independently of the parks main servComp located at Cyber Gorge Offices (basement of the sheriff's building)

A separate set of tracks leads from the main facility, robots are delivered by train. 

1.) AI, Moder-Tech
Holo-projectors are located throughout the building. XJC appears as a middle-age human male with dark black hair, some gray is streaked on the sides above the ear. He wears simple slacks, a black long sleeved turtleneck shirt and a white lab coat. He is polite, quiet and direct when spoken to.

2.) Comms Facility 
Dish allows 100km range, system is tied to planetary comms network. This facility also hosts the buildings intercom system and is the central communications hub for the area of the park.

3.) Factory Facility
This factory is able to manufacture the parks robots. 

4.) Garage
Adequate parking for the parks explorer or up to two cyclejets. (1 VC4 or two VC2 vehicles)
-- Access: n/a

5.) Office
Two medium offices take up a small portion of this building. One office has a deskComps, small library of ancient history and culture, fridge and easy chair. The other office has a desk and chair. Both have comms terminal connected to building comm system are located near the front of the facility. 

6.) Power Center
Located behind the building an attached shed houses a Type-1 generator used as backup power. 

7.) Robotics Lab
Part of the facility that repairs or upgrades the parks robots. There is enough room for one organic robotics technician although the lab's current roboticists is GD1N or GeeDeeWon. It keeps busing repairing the parks robots. 

8.) Robot Charging Bay
This bay allows up to four RC3 sized robots to charge, additionally a scanner system connected to the buildings computer system run diagnostics while robots are charging. It tracks damage and maintenance schedules. 

Warehouse BC2

This fairly large building contains parts for most of Cyber Gorge. Form train parts, furniture supplies, robotic parts, power systems, building hardware, electrical hardware, etc. this building hosts it all. A single robot keeps track of inventory and ordering of material from several vendors located on-planet.

1.) Comms Facility 
10km range, system is tied to robotic factory comms system. There are two intercoms in this building, the front door and docking area. 

2.) Lumbar Yard
A large yard hosts the parks wood used for repairing or craft new historical buildings.

3.) Robot Charging Bay
This bay allows up to two RC4 loaderbots to charge, additionally a scanner system connected to the comms facility reports diagnostic statistics to the AI in the robotic factory. 

4.) Robotic Staff
A few loaderbots unload material from the train and stack it inside the warehouse. 

5.) Warehouse
Up to ten cargo-units of material can be stored here. 

Wood workshop BC1

A small building used to craft and repair furniture. Behind the building is a lumbar yard, ----------------------------------------
Two robots work here, they are obviously robots but wear ancient clothing like all other Cyber Gorge robots. 

Mess Hall BC1

A small building contains kitchen facilities, privy, small entertainment area and a few scattered cots for organics to rest. Typically unused since organics are not needed in this part of the theme park. A single grouchy robot continually cleans the facility even if no body has used it in days or weeks. 

Clothing Factory BC1

This building is used to make the clothing for the theme park. Supplies are kept in the warehouse.

The main park facilities are located near the front of the property. Buildings that have modern functions are still made to look old fashioned. Beyond the wood doors lie security doors typical of the modern architecture. 

A replecant train that uses a mixture of parabatteries and steam for locomotion travels several kilometers from the Cyber Gorge boundry lines. It picks up patrons at the park entrance and delivers them to the main attraction, downtown Cyber Gorge. Patrons can ride the train around the park or take it to Sweet Hallow, a small city on the western end of the park.


Dry Goods

Sheriff Offices and Jail