Water Run

The groups of characters are put into a groups to go and find water. It is currently night time (best to keep cool) and the surface of the desert planet has hit below freezing. Since the crash (two days earlier) the ship's captain has decided to set up a small colony like structure in order to keep everyone alive. Soldiers have orders to keep the perimeter around the ship clear and also have orders to kill anything that moves. Thus radio contact is maditory for everyone who ventures outside the perimeter. Due to being cut of course the ship wasnt able to spare enough fuel to fuel the transport ships or even the gyrocopters. So transportation is kept around the ship to hull supplies from one section to another during the heat of the day. Basic systems function on the ship but are currently beginning to drain. Most of the power is being diverted to either weapons and defenses or just the sub-space emergency beacon.

Now onto the bad news. The ship is stuck. Food is planned to run out in ten years, but the water recycling systems are currently offline which leaves the ship with only a week of water. But with the heat that rate is slowly decaying. So resources and manpower are being currently used to get water and supplies to help repair the ship. Those here today are going to be looking for a possible water source that we may be able to tap into. So god speed and good luck.