Expanded Basic Equipment List/Descriptions

Revised Basic Equipment List Price/Mass**

Laser Pistol (4d10 damage per shot)   600Cr/1kg
Laser Rifle (6d10 damage per shot)     800Cr/3kg
StunGun (STA or be stunned, PB/S pistol range only)  500Cr/1kg
Laser Powerpack(20 charges)    20Cr/0.2kg

Gyrojet Pistol (4d10+5 per hit)   200Cr/1kg
Gyrojet Rifle (6d10+5 per hit)  300Cr/4kg
Grenade Rifle (per grenade)  700Cr/4kg
Jetclip (10 rounds, interchangeable)  15Cr/0.2kg
Grenade Bullet 3Cr/0.2kg

Automatic Pistol (2d10 per hit {2 shots/round} or 6d10 burst/5 targets)  200Cr/2kg
Automatic Rifle (3d10 per hit {2 shots/round} or 8d10 burst/5 targets)  300Cr/4kg
Light Machine Gun (10d10 burst/5 targets)  1000Cr/10kg***
Bulletclip (20 rounds, interchangeable) 10Cr/0.2kg
Machine Gun Belt (100 rounds)  25/2kg

Vibroknife (2d10, uses laser powerpack)  25Cr/1kg
Stunstick (3d10 or stun, uses laser powerpack)  75Cr/1kg

Electric Sword (4d10 or stun, uses laser powerpack)  150Cr/2kg

Doze Grenade  10Cr/0.2kg
Frag Grenade (8d10)  20Cr/0.2kg
Tangler Grenade  25Cr/0.2kg

Skeinsuit  (armor vs ballistic attacks, absorbs 1/2 damage for 20 hits) 300Cr/1kg
Albedo Suit (armor vs laser attacks, absorbs 10 hits) 500Cr/1kg
Inertia Screen (as skeinsuit, 50 hits, 1 hit/charge)  2000Cr/1kg
Albedo Screen (as suit, 25 hits, 1hit/2 charges)  2000Cr/1kg
Screen PowerBeltPack (50 charges)  50Cr/1kg
AntiShock Implant (defense vs electric stun attacks) 1000Cr/--

Miscellaneous Equipment
First Aid Pack refill 20Cr
Freeze Field  (preserves <0 STA person) 2000Cr/5kg
Gas Mask  5Cr
IR Goggles 300Cr
IR Jammer (uses powerbeltpack) 500Cr/1kg
Magnigoggles  200Cr
Rifle Scope (reduces range by one) 150Cr
Rope, 30m  2Cr
Solvaway (for tangler threads) 10Cr
SpaceSuit  1000Cr/20kg (does not apply in 0G)
   Anchor w/100m cable  50Cr
   Armor (half damage from all attacks)  1000Cr/10kg (does not apply in 0G)
   Emergency Life Support Refill  500Cr/5kg (does not apply in 0G)
   Emergency Patches (2)  50Cr/--  
   Magnetic Boots  100Cr/1kg    Emergency Life Support Refill  500Cr/5kg (does not apply in 0G)
   Emergency Patches (2)  50Cr/--  
   Rocket Pack (no fuel)  2000Cr/20kg (does not apply in 0G)
   Rocket Pack Fuel (50 bursts)  50Cr/5kg (does not apply in 0G)
Survival Rations 1Cr/Day
Tornadium D-19  (5d10) 50Cr/50g charge
Variable Timer/Detonator  5Cr
Water Pack  1Cr/Day  1kg/day

Med Kit (+10STA for healing, 20 uses)  500Cr/5kg
EnviroKit (+5 resolution)  500Cr/5kg
TechKit (+5 resolution)  500Cr/5kg
RobComKit (+5 resolution)  500Cr/5kg

Hospital Healing 1Cr/point
Monorail 1Cr/Day
Ground/HoverCar 4000Cr (Rental = 10Cr/Day)
Ground/Hovercycle 1000Cr (Rental = 5Cr/Day)

   * Laser & Gyrojet weapons may be fired once per turn. Automatic weapons may be fired twice per turn, or one ten-round burst per turn.
All pistol ranges are as follows: Point Blank:0-5m, Short:6-20m, Medium:21-50, Long: 51-100, Extreme:101-200.
All rifle ranges are  as follows: Point Blank:0-10m, Short:11-40m, Medium:41-100, Long: 101-200, Extreme:201-400.
Gyrojet Weapons do not employ a point blank modifier, consider any PB ranges as short range (i.e. a gyrojet pistol would have a short range of 0-20m)

** A character may carry his or her ½STR in mass (kg) without penalty. Going over results in half normal movement rates for up to full STR in mass (i.e. a STR:50 character can carry 25kg with no penalty, maximum 50kg).

*** Lt Machine Gun requires bipod mount (included), but can be hip-fired at -10 to hit if STR>45, -20 for STR<45