In search of the sathar beyond known space

To find a way to defeat the Sathar's growing presence within Federation space, the UPF is seeking experienced crews to survey and map star systems adjacent to the Frontier in hopes of finding bases, operations, hits of Sathar presence or the Sathar home worlds themselves.

Under the guise of the Planetary Survey Administration, UPF Special Forces has captured an abandoned Satharian ship which has given the location to several stars systems beyond the borders of known Frontier space. The special forces unit was only able to recover three star system before the ship's databases became corrupted beyond repair by a self-destructing virus.

Could it be a trap...?

System 1
aka Alpha Star
bernetic saTHAR
PCs arrive and find "dead" ship orbiting one of the planets. If the ship is revived in anyway the Cythar come to life.

System 2
aka Delta Star
In this system there is an abandoned Satharian lab with left over databases (uncorrupted) and experiements. There is no trace as to where the experiments have been moved or are they missing?

System 3
aka Gamma Star

Old military garrison (not sathar) is under a Satharian expeditionary force with all of the bells and whistles.