Security Breach at Port Loren (revised)

An expanded revamp of the classic game whic was originally presented in the Basic Rulebook of the Star Frontiers/Alpha Dawn boxed set.

The game is located here.

"You have been contacted by PGC headquarters to investigate a breach in security at several top research centers. Someone has broken into these centers and destroyed valuable equipment. The raiders never set off any alarms and never were stopped by anti-intruder security systems. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out why the raids are taking place and to end them."

(This message will self destruct in five seconds...)


NPCs from the game will be listed here as you encounter them.

Beren Tiu

Character Name: Beren Tiu
PGC Liason

Race: Human
Sex: M
Handedness: Rt
Walking/Running/Hourly Speeds: (10/30/5)
height/weight: 1.8m/75kg
Hair: black (receding)
eyes: blue
Age: 45
Birth Planet: Gran Quivera, Prenglar

STR/STA: 40/45
DEX/RS:   50/50
INT/LOG:  65/65
PER/LDR:  55/55

Current STA: 45
Injuries: None
Racial Abilities: -n/a-

PSA: Technological
Computer 5
Technician 3
Beam Weapons 2
Melee Weapons 2
PsychoSocial 2


Civilian Skeinsuit
Albedo Screen w/power beltpack
Anti Shock implant

Sonic Stunner
2 spare 20SEU PowerClips

Chronocom, ID Card, Pocket Tool

TechKit (in skimmer)
Laser Rifle w/5 powerclips (in skimmer)

HoverCar: Pan Galactic Motors "Fusion", vivid red
Accel/Decel: 100/60 mpt Turn Speed: 90mpt
Top/Cruise Speed: 170/60kph
Cargo: 100kg/1 cubic meter Seating Capacity: 6 SP:120

Beren Tiu is the players' liason officer for the game. He is in charge of directing PGC security personnel and has been entrusted to discover the perpetrators of the recent outbreak of security raids at various Pan Galactic offices. The security center of Port Loren here in Gran Quivera is one of the few remaining targets that hasn't been hit, so it is imperitive that he discover the identity of these information thieves.

To that end, he has assembled several mercenaries under the employ of PGC to investigate this anamoly. These mercs have served him well in the past, and he is confident they will find out what is transpiring once more.

The Raiders


Race: Yazirian (male)
Handedness: left
Movement Rate: 10/30/4
Height: 2.1m
Weight: 50kg
Hair: tan
eyes: black
Age: 32
Birth Planet: Hakosoar, Scree Fron

STR/STA - 65/65
DEX/RS -- 40/40
INT/LOG - 45/45
PER/LDR - 50/50
IM - 4

Racial Abilities: Battle Rage ( 5% )

(PSA: Military)
Beam Weapons LVL:2
Thrown Weapons LVL:2
Melee Weapons LVL:1
Demolitions LVL:1

Skeinsuit (civilian)
Albedo Screen w/50SEU PowerBeltPack

Laser Pistol
20SEU Powerclips (x3)
Sonic Knife w/20SEU Powerclip
5 charges D-19
3 VT Detonators
Tangler Jelly*


(computer operator)

Race: Vrusk (male)
Handedness: ambi
Movement Rate: 15/35/6
Height: 1.5 x 1.5m
Weight: 75kg
Skin: blue-green
Eyes: black
Age: 35
Birth Planet: Zik-Kit, Kizk'-Kar

STR/STA - 40/40  
DEX/RS -- 55/55
INT/LOG - 50/60
PER/LDR - 45/45
IM - 6

Racial Abilities: Comprehension (15%)

(PSA: Tech)
Computer LVL:3
Technician LVL:1

Projectile Weapons LVL:1

Inertia Screen w/50SEU PowerBeltPack

Automatic Pistol
20R Bulletclips (x3)



Henry Geiger

Race: Human (male)
Handedness: right
Movement Rate: 10/30/5
Height: 1.9m
Weight: 65kg
Hair: reddish-brown
Eyes: green
Age: 28
Birth Planet: Gran Quivera, Prenglar

STR/STA - 55/55   
DEX/RS -- 50/50
INT/LOG - 45/45
PER/LDR - 45/45
IM - 5

Racial Abilities: -n/a-

(PSA: Tech)
Technician LVL:2

Beam Weapons LVL:2

Skeinsuit (civilian)
Albedo Screen w/50SEU PowerBeltPack

Laser Pistol
20SEU Powerclips (x3)



Race: Dralasite
Handedness: varies
Movement Rate: 5/20/3
Height: 1.3 x 1.0m
Weight: 68kg
Skin: dark grey
Eyes: black
Age: 30
Birth Planet: Groth, Fromeltar

STR/STA - 70/70  
DEX/RS -- 45/45
INT/LOG - 40/40
PER/LDR - 35/35
IM - 5

Racial Abilities: Lie Detection ( 5% )

(PSA: Military)
Gyrojet Weapons LVL:3
Melee Weapons LVL:1
Thrown Weapons LVL:1

Skeinsuit (civilian)
Inertia Screen w/50SEU PowerBeltPack

Gyrojet Pistol
12R Pistol Jetclips (x3)
Electric Sword
Doze Grenade
Tangler Grenade

Gas Mask


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PC played by Shadow Shack

Player Submissions

AD rules, AD Equipment. If you really want some KH goods then that's okay, but you won't need any of it.

This will be a twist on the Pan Galactic Security Breach "choose your own adventure" game from the Basic Rulebook in the purple SF/Alpha Dawn boxed set. Some of the stuff will be the same, some will be altered, but the overall flavor of that first game should still tantalize you.

Twist #1: semi-experienced characters, not unskilled/zero-level beings running around making ability checks for every action. So that means you get a 5,000Cr allowance to purchase gear with, anything your heart desires within that budget fromteh SF AD Expanded Rules book. You also get 25XP for skill/ability improvement, divied up as you see fit (according to PSA & non-PSA restrictions). This means your newly generated character will be a fair shake against whatever situations he/she/it gets thrown into. Straight expenditures, no "automatic starter skills" +25XP or anything like that, just spend the 25XP as you see fit for skills and ability adjustments.

Twist #2: more powerful bad guys. See Twist #1...

Twist #3: Well, let's just say things will start off in a familiar fashion and the plot will proceed in a similar manner. How it ends, well that's not entirely predetermined nor up to a roll of the dice either.

So copy/cut/paste the following character template sheet below and fill it in (roll your own dice for abilities, or create a PC here at and transfer the info to your sheet:

Character Format Sheet

Character Name:

Walking/Running/Hourly Speeds:

STR/STA:   /
DEX/RS:     /
INT/LOG:    /
PER/LDR:    /


Current STA:

Racial Abilities: as per AD rules, starter level
XP: 25
Credits: 5,000




(optional, up to the player)